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Forsaken Love

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They never knew how different they are brings them closer together. Violet BlackHeart was fine until her father got into her life and have her married someone she knew that someone was wrong about hi

Romance / Thriller
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Cruel Fate

A young, human, man was fighting against the owner for his freedom then to be a servant to any vampire around town. He looked straight at Violet, well known around town, looking at her with an angry glare upon his face. Right there he felt like killing her just like he wants to do with the other vampires that were holding him back. Violet flip her long silky wavy hair as she saw the whole thing as she went to get a good look at him. Her eyes pale blue eyes looks up and down him while he was being detain down, tying his hands and arms down and whipped his back showing scars from beating they did to him for trying to attack. From the human’s eyes he looked at her with anger that he’s a property of someone that he is going to be soon and if he was owned he might kill them like the last master he had killed him when it was morning and not a sound he made when he turn into dust by the sunlight.

“Excuse me,” Violet said. “I would like to purchase him as my servant.”

“This guy needs to be broken. He’s much to wild. He will try to kill you,” The shopkeeper said “Since that human has been with a few vampire owners and are dead because of him trying to escape.”

“I won’t let anything like that to happen with me. Besides I have top cage for him to be at so he won’t get out at all or to be able to try and kill me. I’m always careful if any danger occurring.”

“Well then I guess it will be ok then but watch out he’s very vicious. Come to the front and we’ll get you started on the pay with this runt. Hardly anyone has taken him since he killed our kind about three weeks ago. You must be careful with this one or you might be ended up like the others that have him.”

“Don’t worried I’ll be fine to take care of him and use him well with the following tasks I’ll be giving him.”

Violet went up to go pay and take the guy who was wild with her home in her thoughts she wonders why all vampires want to treat humans not the same any more since the war have started. She didn’t like it one bit how most humans are dead from blood or to make them slaves for them to do house work. This was going to be a long night for her to get her slave to know her and his new home that he’s going to be from now on so he can do everything she has told him to do. She soon finish paying and takes her slave home with her that wasn’t far away from the slave marketplace.

“Now I know that you are mad right now, but you’ll like it on where I live ,” she said to him. “By the way what is your name? Mine is Violet, Violet BrokenkHeart,”

“It’s none of your damn business and I won’t like living with a spoiled vampire like you,” he said. “I hate your kind for what they’ve done to us, all of us humans. I’ll kill you while you’re sleeping so sleep with one eye open. You sicken me for what you and others like you are doing to us. You should rot into your own grave right now,”

“I’m not who you think I am. I’m much different then any vampire around town and who you have serve with. Go and try to kill me right now, but you may not see me sleeping because I’m too fast for you to try to kill me at all.”

He servant was giving her a hard time since he’s so stubborn. Eventually, will grow out of it eventually as he gets use to it of living with her. They reached up towards a limo and went in as they drove towards her house. It was like a huge masion, dark black like paint it had, old windows, creepy graveyard she had in the back, and that it was very old where she lived. She walked in with him inside as they reached towards the house. It was very big inside and not so roomy and it was alright to be at for a vampire to live in. Violet showed him where he would sleep at and stay for the rest of his life. He’s not going to like it one bit once he works for her for today or tomorrow.

“Well I guess you can sleep now but don’t bother me for the rest of the night. Only if you need to ask me something just calls me,” she said and smiled a bit then it became a frown. “Good night then,”

Violet walked out of the room and into the hallway. Her phone ranged as it was her father calling. She quickly picks up the phone to answer it.

“Why hello father it’s good to talk to you again. Has it been ten years since we’ve talked?”

“Yes it has been almost ten years since we’ve talked. I’m calling because I you to see a good friend of mine. His name is Lord Sunjuku and he would like to meet you,” he said. “I would want you to meet him tomorrow night at my house. He will be there with me,”

“Father, I don’t think you should try to hook me up with a man I don’t know. I don’t feel comfortable to go on a date with someone. It’s too soon for me after the last man I was with eight months ago. I don’t think it’s a good idea,”

“Listen to me he’s a great friend of mine and he would wants to take your hand in marriage. Please, at least listen to him when you’re over here. Trust me on this daughter, if you maybe joining us. He’s wealthy man and a gentleman,”

“In marriage?”

“Yes in marriage. He is interested to be in the family and ask me to take your hand in marriage,”

“I don’t even know this man and nor do I really want to meet him.”

“Please I insist you come over. You might like this one. Please if you will, come over for dinner and you will not regret it,”

“Fine,” She sighs. “I’ll do it but I won’t like it. I’ll be bringing my servant along with me, ”

“You got another one?”

“I just got him today and they told me he is wild but I have everything under control,”

Sam was listening to Violet’s conversation for a while now in his room since he couldn’t sleep at all from her conversation listening. He was going to attack her when she wasn’t looking or maybe when she gotten off the phone. It wasn’t right that he have to be treated,as such, like a animal on a leash here but Violet haven’t treated him in any way, not just yet. Sam came out as he listens to her speaking some more.

“You are dealing with a man’s job to tame a weakling sap of a human,” Her father said.

“I know how to handle it. He seems pretty harmless to me if I say so, myself. He will be helping your cooks in the kitchen,”

“As soon as he makes trouble then I have no choice but to punish him myself,”

“Yeah, well I’ll see you tomorrow for dinner then. Bye father,” Violet hangs up.

Violet didn’t want some stranger to sweep her off her feet and to marry her. Who does her father think he is by telling her to get married with a stranger. She was very upset about this and tomorrow night she would have to deal with it. She sits in a chair in the living room pouring herself some scotch in a glass and drinks it. Everyone lives are not the same because they all have one thing in common is they lived through hell. If only things were different then everyone can be able to get along with each other.

“I really don’t want to do this,” Violet said to herself. “I try to be nice with humans and they think I’m a bad guy. Not all of us are bad deep down we are just as human as they are,”

The male just listen as he was hiding behind the wall and would wait until he can strike at her. He couldn’t be here any longer and this would be his chance for him to escape and never get caught.

“I know you are there,” She sips on her glass. “I’m not that stupid,”

“I didn’t say you were but not that you mention it you are for letting me coming out of my room,” he said

“Watch your tongue at me. show a little bit of respect,”

“I don’t need to respect you, ever,”

“Unless if you don’t want to push me further. I suggest that you should or else I will have to require punishment for you,”

“You are not going to do anything to me,”

“I show you my kindness and nothing will go wrong but if you don’t take it then I can always use you as a blood pack until you dried up and died,” Violet stands up and sighs in disappointment. “Now go and sleep. You need your rest before the morning to clean around and rest a bit before tomorrow night,”

“Don’t tell me what to do,”

“You think I’m like everyone else here? Well I’m not. I’m much different than they are. I never ever in my life has hurt a human. If you think that I’m like them fine but don’t even push my limits as long as you are living here,” Her eyes glow red a little hot headed but quickly calms down until she can collect herself.

Later, at Mr. Brokenheart’s house he was talking with Sunjuku about the plan when Violet comes over to the house tomorrow night. They were drinking bloody Mary with a small amount of animal and human blood in it. They sat down on a chair in the living room to discuss on how Sunjuku should greet Violet when he sees her tomorrow during dinner time.

“As you see Sunjuku my daughter, Violet, will be the one who would be a happier women with you,” he said. “I want you to make her fallen in love with you. You have to reel her in and everything will come out as planed,”

“You know that I won’t let you down. I will get into my arms and her hand will be in marriage soon enough. I won’t let you down for that I promise you she’ll be woo to me soon enough since I’m the only guy that is her last hope in life since no one else has come to claimed her as their love to be with,” Sunjuku said with a smile.

Violet’s father and Sunjuku were talking about Violet to be in marriage with him. This was the last guy for Violet to be with unless if someone else would come along and stop everything and married her then him the whole plan can change but no one has stand up for it. The plans were just only the beginning for a wild adventure that Violet and her servant would be in as they try to get along with each other or not even close at it. Sunjuku’s dark brown eyes look at him as he drinks and flip his breaded, blond hair back.

“I can count on you, Sunjuku. She will become a happier woman to be with you if no other man wants to stand up to her. Just don’t make her feel like she should be with someone who isn’t a vampire like you are and royalty too. If anyone would try to take her away then hell is to be pay.”

“You can count on what I will do to make her feel safe and want to be with someone who’s rich and can make a girl sing on her knees from a man who pleases her like a rose. I’ll guarantee you that she’ll be able to fall for me when I see her tomorrow, my good sir. I won’t let any race to woo her as I do to make her love me always.”

“That’s what I’m talking about you keep her spirit up and she’ll be all over you just like her mother was with me what a tiger she was when I first been with her, but now she’s in a better place. Poor thing when she has died after she was ill, but no matter because I’ve every woman in my command as a companion for my needs.”

A humor sex joke they both have a bit back and forth for the rest of the night. This long night is all over and that Violet will see tomorrow of Sunjuku will try to woo her into his arms or on to his bed for a fact. Where will our two lovers meet the right person to be with for the rest of their lives? I guess we’ll find out for ourselves as Violet and her servant, Sam, will find out on how they would find love they have been missing for a very long time....

Violet didn’t have time for games and would needed to rest herself too. She quickly need to act fast to have him back in his room so she can rest without any problems with him, reasoning to not let this situation get out of hand. It looks like this one was stubborn more than the others she have here before him.

“Alright then how about this,” Violet said. “If you like I will give you your freedom if you do as I say for a few months. I keep my words always and if I break them then you know not to trust me ever,”

He thinks for a moment or two before speaking to her. “Grrr, fine. If you break your promise I have no choice but to kill you,”

“Affirmative, I swear on my own life,” Violet smiles warmly at him since she never breaks a promise ever.

“It’s Sam by the way. Not like I’ll be here that long anyways for you to remember that,” He said before turning away and head towards his room

Violet let him leave after he finally told her his name. She went to go and take a long hot shower so she can feel fresh. Even though it makes her seem normal like other humans and didn’t want to smell bad at all. She hated this feud between vampires and humans since they were not so different at all from the way they look. She felt bad for having a human to serve her but at least she have help many to escape and it’s not like they’ll remember her at all once they were far away from this town. The water hits her naked body while all these thoughts were in her head. She gets out to dry herself off and wrap the towel around her before coming out and into her big room with a queen size bed, purple and perrywinkle sheets, curtains that covered her room while lights were on and the windows were tinted so no light would bother her is she gets up in the day to walk around and maybe get some blood to drink.

Sam despise all vampires since they killed his family and most of his friends. His family was killed including two of his brothers that he grew up closely to. On his bed he sat there wide awake making sure she doesn’t come in for “a late night snack” on him. After a while he went to sleep there resting peacefully better than in that cramp up cage he has been in for about a week or two. His past haunts him even when sleeping he sees the horror of his family being rip to spreads as he escapes before being captured to be train as someone’s pet. He wakes up around five in the morning, catching his breathe and wiping the sweat from his forehead to realize where he was at,

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