Desire of The Heart: Beginnings

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‘Let’s go shopping! I need something to wear tomorrow night!’ Sierra said with zeal.

‘Sounds like a plan to me,’ Trish said as she grabbed her purse.

The girls went into the River Walk Mall and shopped until they were beat. They had so much fun trying on expensive clothes that they would never have a place to wear. Mardi Gras masks and ball gowns, costumes and coats, it was truly a girl’s day out. In the midst of it all, Sierra even managed to find a new outfit that would not be too dressy, yet would look nice for Wednesday night’s meeting with Grayson. She found a pair of white jeans and a red sweater that had little braided flowers for buttons. It was perfect. She then found a pair of red shoes that matched it perfectly. She went home from New Orleans feeling more ready than ever for the next encounter with Grayson.

‘It has been great spending the day with both of you. I can’t wait to do it again. I will come by this week and see Presley,’ Sierra said as she got out of the car at her parent’s house after the trip home from New Orleans. ‘We love you, have a good night,’ Trish yelled out the window as Rachael drove out of the driveway.

Sierra laughed inside as she thought about everything that the day had accomplished. She couldn’t help but think that when Rachael woke her up with that annoying little jingle, she would never have dreamed it would be the start of spending the day with Grayson in New Orleans. She was beginning to feel like a puppet on the end of a string that God was controlling. ‘I guess that is how you want it to be,’ she said out loud as she looked up toward heaven.

‘Sooooo, tell me all about it,’ Judith said as soon as Sierra walked through the door. ‘Yeah, tell us about Grainey, Stan interjected from the other room,’ her dad had always spouting off little mocking statements with regard to guys she liked. Sierra remembered one time when she was in about tenth grade and had just started to go on dates, Justin came by to pick her up to go to the movie. He walked in the living room wearing knee length shorts. Sierra was wearing a knee length skirt with leggings. Stan said, ‘Well it’s interesting to see that you will both be wearing a skirt to the movies tonight.’ So, she was used to it.

‘It went really well,’ she began. ’When we got to the fountain, Grayson was already standing there waiting on me. We walked around behind him so we didn’t seem to notice him, and sat down across the way. He finally saw me, came over and met Rachael and Trish. Then, we went to get beignets. He only had about an hour to spend with us because he had a class at four o’clock, but I sure learned a lot in that hour.

Rachael and Trish kept asking him personal questions about how he got so buff, where he went to school, and why he didn’t have a girlfriend. He was so nice about it – and answered every question they asked, she said, giving them an overview of the visit.

‘Well...what did he say,’ Judith could hardly stand to wait any longer. He said that he was a competitive power lifter and almost won the National championships last year, but he hurt his back and came in fourth. He was invited to go to the Olympics, and had a girlfriend that he broke up with before he came to New Orleans,’ just to give you the details. ‘Oh, and he said that he really didn’t want to be in New Orleans, but God basically spoke to him and told him this was where he needed to be. And, get this, the day he came to your church in view of a call, another guy was supposed to be there instead of him. His friend got sick the night before and asked Grayson to go in his place.’

‘Well, it sounds like Grainey is right where he belongs, that’s really good,’ Stan said with a cynical, yet lighthearted tone. ‘That sounds like something you would see in a movie,’ Judith suggested. She analyzed the situation realizing that Sierra was not supposed to be out of the service, Grayson was not supposed to be out of competition, and Flowing Creek should never have called him to be their Associate Pastor, but all of the above had taken place because of God’s orchestrating their lives like a jigsaw puzzle being pieced perfectly together.

‘If she only knew the half of it,’ Sierra thought as she listened to her Mother’s reasoning. Sierra knew that not only was God piecing together the geographical puzzle for her and Grayson, He was also piecing together the spiritual and emotional pieces.

It was almost overwhelming for Sierra to realize that in much the same way that the Lord had been doing a miraculous work in her life, he was also working miracles in Grayson’s life. God had turned her away from PJ, and protected her from marrying him. He had done the same for Grayson with his girlfriend. He had turned her away from things that were displeasing to Him through speaking to her in an audible voice. He had done the same thing for Grayson. He had directed her path away from where she wanted it to go and led her to Flowing Creek Church this week. He had done the exact same thing for Grayson. Even a few months ago neither of them would have believed they would be here today, but God saw to it that they were. This was a surreal revelation for Sierra.

‘No one called me today about a job did they,’ Sierra inquired. ‘No, not that I know of,’ Judith responded. ‘Well, the lady at the job office said that I should hear something by the end of the week, so if anyone calls, please let me know.’ Sierra pleaded.

‘Goodnight honey, we are going to go to bed, it is getting late.’ Judith said as she and Stan scampered off to their bedroom. ‘Okay, goodnight – I love you,’ she responded lovingly.

Sierra plopped herself down in the recliner and reflected on the dreamlike circumstances her life had revolved around for the past few days, and even before that without her realizing it. It was more than she could really grasp, but she knew it was reality. It was comforting for her to realize that Grayson was also in a state of awe with how God was directing his steps. She remembered another Bible Drill verse that applied to that perfectly, “Psalm 119: 105, Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Psalm 119: 105.” She was overwhelmed with the idea that God really does direct our lives in the way He wants them to go, and we make a choice to follow that way. All of those verses she learned reluctantly as a kid were making more sense to her now. She was realizing for the first time that all of those words are not just words, they are actually alive. ‘God breathes through them, He really does,’ she reiterated.

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