Desire of The Heart: Beginnings

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When they got back to the house, Judith checked the answering machine. Sierra had received calls from both Travis and Grant. ‘You need to call your brothers back. They both left you a message while we were gone. If I were you I would go ahead and call now while you are thinking about it,’ she said.

Sierra called Grant first. ‘Hey, I got your message, what’s up?’ she said as Grant answered his phone. ‘Oh, Alisa wanted me to call and see if you had plans for tonight. She wanted to go to a movie or something. She’s planning on having an early supper and then heading to the theater if you want to come,’ he said. ‘I actually don’t have any plans for tonight. I was going to go by and see Presley, Rachael’s baby, but I can always go by there on Monday. What time are you going to eat?’ she inquired. ‘Probably at around five-thirty, most of the movies start at around seven o’clock, so that will give us time to get there and get tickets beforehand,’ he answered. ‘Yeah, that sounds great. I will be there sometime after five o’clock. You need me to bring anything?’ she asked. ‘No, I think we just about have it all together. Just bring yourself,’ he said cordially. ‘Sounds like a plan, I will see you soon. Bye.’

Sierra hung up the phone and thought she would change out of those interview clothes before she called Travis. It had been a while since they had talked, so she knew it would be a long conversation. ‘I think I will just wear my LSU sweats,’ Sierra thought. ‘I am just going to be with Grant and Alisa, who do I have to impress?’ she thought as she gathered her sweat-suit and socks and headed to the bathroom. ‘I think I might even just throw my cap on too. Why not? I have been dressed up all day long, I want to be comfortable.’ She thought.

‘Mom, I am going to call Travis. After that I am headed over to Grant and Alisa’s house for dinner. I think we are going to see a movie too,’ Sierra yelled through the door of Judith’s bedroom. ‘Okay honey, but if it gets too late, why don’t you just stay over at their place tonight. I hate for you to be on the road by yourself that late,’ Judith said sincerely. ‘I’ll see. Grayson is supposed to be here to pick me up at ten o’clock in the morning, so I would have to get up and come this way since I don’t have a bag packed,’ she said. ‘Well why don’t you go in there and pack yourself a bag real quick just to be on the safe side? That way if you decide to stay you won’t have to worry about coming back to get ready, you can just get ready there,’ she suggested. ‘Okay – you’re right – as usual. I will get a bag ready. We are just going to a carwash tomorrow, so I don’t have to wear anything fancy,’ she implied.

Sierra threw a few things in an overnight bag and went to the living room to call Travis. ‘Hey stranger, how are you?’ She said when he picked up on the other end of the line. “Boy, you are one hard fish to catch these days aren’t you? Travis said with a laugh. ‘You haven’t been home but a little over a week and you’ve already burned the roads up,’ he continued. ‘I have been trying to call you every day and you are either gone, asleep, or gone,’ he chided. ‘Okay, okay – I get the point,’ Sierra interjected. ‘So, how have you been? I heard your base has been doing exercises this week. Are they over now?’ she asked in an effort to change the subject.

’Yes, we finished up today. I am glad too. It is always more stressful during exercises on the base. You know how that is, everyone is ready to rest when they are over. So, how does it feel to be back in La Maison?’ he asked. Well, I thought it was going to be a difficult transition after being away from here for so long, but as it turns out, God meant for me to be here, so it has been overwhelmingly perfect.

‘Perfect; man, that’s a pretty strong word what is going on?’ ’I will not bore you with the long version, but I will tell you what is going on in a nutshell. I came home last week, mother asked me to go to church with her on Sunday to sing. She really wanted me to meet their Associate Pastor, but she arranged for me to sing so that it wouldn’t be so obvious that I was there just to meet him. Well, to make a long story short, since the initial encounter with him my life has changed forever. I broke up with PJ on the day he called to finally say he loved me. I broke my cigarettes in half and threw them in the garbage when I heard God speak audibly to me in my car telling me to ‘clean my glove box out.’ I have no desire for the party life. I think he is the guy I am supposed to marry.

‘Whoa! Wait a minute! The guy you are supposed to marry, what is wrong with you, Sierra, you can’t know you are going to marry someone that you have not even known for a week. Snap out of it.’ He said very directly. ‘Well, until Sunday that is what I always thought too, but I am telling you this is different. God is all over it, and he is pulling me to Grayson like an electromagnet. Everyone who has been around us can feel it. Mom, Brother Allen, and Sabrina all are just as sure as I am that this is a God thing,’ she explained in a desperate attempt to make him understand that she is not losing her mind.

His name is Grayson Raines. Dad calls him Grainey. I spent time with him in New Orleans with Rachael and Trish earlier in the week. They saw it too. If you could be here to meet him, I promise your doubt would fly away. Anyway, I went to church on Wednesday night after we got back from the hospital. Andrea is doing better, by the way. She is supposed to go home in the morning if everything goes as planned. She is probably just going to have to take it easy for the rest of the pregnancy.

Anyway, I went to dinner at the Pastor’s house. Then after church I went back over to play games and stuff. We had a chance to talk and he invited me to go to Tennessee with him next week to his cousin’s wedding. He wants me to meet his parents. Now that is a flip of the coin from PJ is it not!’ she exclaimed.

‘Yes, it is, but it is so fast. I worry about you getting yourself caught up in a relationship that you won’t know how to get out of,’ he explained. ‘I am telling you; that has already happened. I am hooked, and I wasn’t even trying. God did this, it is as if he played Cupid and shot me right in the heart, but the funny thing is, he shot Grayson too. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it is too real to deny,’ she tried to explain but she could picture Travis sitting on the phone shaking his head at her.

‘And, I got a job today,’ she said. ‘Well that’s good, is it at the bank where you went yesterday?’ ‘Actually, they just called me yesterday. I went for the interview this morning in downtown Baton Rouge near the Capital building. It will start off as a temporary job. Then, if I impress them with my skills, they will hire me permanently with benefits, so I start in a week,’ she filled him in on the details.

‘I am going to Grant and Alisa’s house tonight. We are going to eat and then go see a movie. I don’t even know what’s playing, but we will pick something out when we get there.’ I wish you could go with us.’ She told him. ‘When will you get to come home?’ she asked, knowing the answer would be different than what she wanted to hear. ‘Well the truth is, before long. Don’t tell mom yet, but I just got orders to Germany. I leave in about three months. I will get to come home for a week or so sometime between now and then, but I am not ready to tell mom and dad yet, so keep that under your hat. I want to make sure I have all of my ducks in a row before I get the twenty-one questions from Stan-the-Man. Right now I just have basic information, so I want to know more before I say anything,’ he explained with nervous excitement.

‘Oh man, Germany, I am going to hate you being that far away. That’s like the very news I needed to end an almost perfect week,’ she said sarcastically. ‘Oh, now don’t feel that way. I am excited about it. One of the reasons I wanted to be in the Air Force to begin with was to see the world. This will be my first real chance to do that. Be happy for me!’ he exacted.

‘I am. I am happy for you, just not so happy for me,’ she admitted with a saddened heart. ‘I promise I won’t say anything to mom and dad. Is it okay if I tell Alisa and Grant tonight while I am with them?’ she asked. He answered with hesitancy, but said if they promised to keep it between us until he was ready to let mom and dad know, that would be fine. ‘I am sure that won’t be a problem. Thank you for telling me, even though it isn’t exactly what I wanted to hear!’ she reverberated.

‘Well, it is getting close to five o’clock and Alisa said they wanted to eat an early dinner at around five-thirty. I had better get going or I am going to be late. It was really nice to talk to you. I will keep you posted on the whole Grayson thing, and I will keep all of that other stuff under my hat!’ she said. ‘Ok, well it was good to talk to you too,’ he said. ‘I love you,’ she concluded.

‘I love you too,’ he said as he hung up the phone. ‘Okay mom and dad, I am going to go to Grant’s now. I guess I will plan to stay there with them tonight so I don’t have to drive late at night and worry you. I will be back before Grayson gets here in the morning. I love you,’ she said as she grabbed her bag and scurried out the door.

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