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I wanted to make a name for myself, I wanted to be someone but I made a mistake. I thought I was unlucky but I was far from that my soul was cursed. My name is Lazarus Harris Smith I had a dream when I was just a young boy, I wanted become a famous archeologist but my parents thought otherwise. In order to prove them wrong I went on am impossible journey, in search of The Tomb of Cecilia, a witch in the old days who was buried alive but her body remained the same. I didn't know that not all mysteries where meant to be uncovered. If I had known I would have forsaken my dreams. Death is a better punishment than this, I prayed for death but she thought otherwise I was cursed for eternity. This is my first book please be nice 💖💖💖

Romance / Adventure
Fu N Mi
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His Dreams

London, The City of Westminster
New Years Eve, In a certain apartment in Mayfair. 21:50pm

I have said it once and I would not repeat myself, I don't want your money nor your assets, I yelled at my parents. My father looked at me with a rigid face full of annoyance and my Mother took my hands. Son you have to inherit the business, it's your right and responsibility.

Responsibilities, don't you dare approach me and lecture me on responsibilities, I know too well that you two are everything but responsible, I was cut short by my Father's voice. Lazarus stop this war of folly and sign the documents he roared. No father, I would not be made a laughing stock I would fulfill my dreams and prove to you that when I say No I mean NO, with that I took my bags and let the cottage.

Earlier that day by 7:30am
Dinner table in The Smith's Manor

I stood up from my sit staring at my parents with my siblings. I have an announcement to make I said. What more do you have to say boy? My father asked, every time you have something important to say you cause an uproar.

Ignoring him I went on with my announcement. You know I've always wanted to pursue my dreams as an archaeologists but was never given the resources to do so, but now I can boldly announce to you that I have been given an opportunity to prove everyone wrong. Tonight I leave to Egypt in search of 'The tomb of Cecilia'

The room suddenly became silent giving me the avenue to continue, so I did,

I do not know when I will be back, it may be years, months or even days, but I can assure you I will come back victorious and if I don't find it I promise on my grandfathers grave that I will willingly accept anything you require of me. That was when hell broke loose.

He has finally gone mad, father roared, Vivian speak to your child he looked at my mother gesturing with his hands to me. He was pacing round the room, probably shocked from my announcement.

My mother walked slowly to me, obviously afraid of my fathers fury. She held my hands like it was the softest thing in the world. Harris don't do this, you might loose your life or worst, just inherit the family business and marry a good wife, do you want me to be called names in the society.

At least think about me and your sisters, you are all we have. I always knew my mother had an effect on me, she made succumb to her bidding, she was always soft, gentle like a delicate flower that sometimes I was afraid she would break but this time I didn't let her play with my mind.

So with so much difficulty I set aside her hands and stood up. I shall not ask for you permission, I will embark on my journey without your consent, with that I walked out. My father who was pacing round the room roared.

LAZARUS HARRIS SMITH, don't you dare walk out on us we are your family, you will regret this, he screamed on the top of his lungs.

Recent time 23:15pm

Am on my way to board the quickest plane to Egypt. I need to prove them wrong. They do not have the right to dictate what I do and what I do not do. The plane ride was long, anticipation got the best of me, I found myself thinking, imaging how I could rub my glory on my parents.

You may wonder why I was so sure I could make this work. It all started last week on a certain Monday morning. I was walking down the street, all my hopes and dreams of becoming an archaeologists went down the drain and i had already accepted my fate. Until I heard a couple talking about The tomb of Cecilia and it reminded me about the story that was known amongst my fellow archeologist and the mystery that every man wants to uncover. It a story of a young maiden who in her early age discovered that she was a witch.

She cultivated her magic and hide herself in the far end of the Giza.

The Pyramid of Giza was know as a place were the past Pharaoh's where buried and was known to hold powers that where so strong that if consumed by the weak it could kill a man.

She absorbed the remains of their bones and cultivated it to her own. Her skin was the fairest amongst the people and her eyes held colors that wasn't known to man, which made it easy to locate her amongst commoner's. To conceal her identity she went as far as making a potion that reduced her beauty when ever she leaves her cave.

She refused to behave like her kind and used her sorcery to her others secretly. Legend tells it that she fell in love with a young man and believed her beloved loved her so dearly that she disclosed her secret to him not knowing that it was all a game to him.

So when she opened up to him that she was a witch he disclosed her location and secrets to the town head.

She was caught but before they got to her she preserved her soul to ensure that even though she was killed her skin which she love so dearly and part of her soul would remain the same.

The town people tried to burn her alive but her body refused to burn. So they took her to her home and buried her alive, in the process they broke her home into shreds. Her dwelling was underground so even if she escaped from her Bound's she would never find her way out.

The enticing part of the Legend was that before she was buried alive, six men where asked to stab her, in her heart and stomach. That was done to cage her soul from escaping and only when those blades where removed she would be free. Her beloved was one of those me who stabbed her. As he stabbed her she said to him.

Θα πληρώσεις για ό, τι έκανες σε μένα αγαπητέ μου, θα υποστείς αφόρητο πόνο για αιωνιότητα. Θα σε κάνω να νιώσεις πόνο που είναι άγνωστο στον άνθρωπο και δεν θα τελειώσει ποτέ. Θα νιώσετε κενό και πόνο όπως νιώθω τώρα. (You will pay for what you have done to me my dear, you will suffer unbearable pain for eternity. I will make you feeling pain that is unknown to man and it will never end. You will feel emptiness and pain just like I feel now.)

The next day I did my research and for over a month I've searched for clues upon clues and on a lucky day unknown source provided me with a map of the in and out of the secret chambers in the pyramid and I knew that was my chance so I took it, but not without a deal. The person refused to reveal their identity but who am I to complain I grabbed the opportunity while it still lasts.

I did my research and there was 76% chance that it was true and I knew this was my chance. I had to at least try in order to prevent future regrets.

A certain feeling in me kept pushing me to go in search of that cursed tomb. I couldn't pin point why, but I took it as a good sign, so now I made up my mind that I must be the one to uncover that secret, even if it's the last thing I do.


Finally I have arrive to strive and conquer. I will not go back until I fulfill my destiny. I have this feeling in my bones of bones that I was closer to achieve my reason for being born and I must fulfill that goal.

Lazarus didn't know that what he was going to uncover, would cause more harm than good.

A/N. How was this chapter I hope you enjoyed it.
I just have a good felling about this book.

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