Eyes Cold Like Winter

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Point of No Return

Elise shuddered as she stared up at Lucius. He was towering over her like a predator who had just pounced on his prey. As much as she wanted to resist, Elise found herself unable to. It was not because of the inhuman strength Lucius was exerting onto her body. Although her wrists were trapped in his iron grip and her legs pinned beneath his legs, she saw the same despair she noticed in his eyes when they first met.

“Your body looks so soft…” sighed Lucius as he released one of Elise’s wrists and stroked her cheek. “And you smell wonderful… I wonder how delicious your blood is…”

His hand left her cheek, but his fingers remained on her skin. Elise felt Lucius using his fingers to trace her cheek towards her chin, then to her neck before resting his hand at her shoulder. It’s embarrassing, she thought when she felt herself flushing slightly, but why am I not resisting? This was the first time Elise had been touched so intimately, and her body seemed to enjoy it against her will. A cry of surprise left her lips when Lucius buried his face into the curve of her neck, before gliding his tongue across it.

“I’m only tasting you and you’re turned on just by that?” whispered Lucius.

“No… it’s not that!” Elise whispered back.

The warmth of Lucius’ tongue had been engraved into her body. Goosebumps appeared on her skin and her heart was pounding loudly in her ears. It was as if her body knew what was going to happen next.

“Your skin is very pretty,” groaned Lucius as though he had been consumed by lust. “There’s not a single mark, so you must have been raised carefully. Makes me want to mess you up so badly!”

Elise then felt Lucius’s hot breath on her neck as he opened his mouth with a hiss. A sharp pain followed, as though her neck had just been pierced by a pair of staplers. She bit her lip as she listened to the sound of Lucius hungrily gulping down her blood.

Just like the dream, the pain Elise had felt gradually diminished into numbness. She could not move both her arms and legs. Her heart accelerated and her body was getting hotter and hotter. It hurts, but it feels so good… thought Elise to herself. The pleasure was overwhelming her senses.

Lucius suddenly pulled away from her neck. Despite her vision being hazy, Elise noticed the corners of his lips stained with… her blood.

“What’s this?” he quietly exclaimed, “It tastes exactly like hers!”

Elise weakly flinched when she felt Lucius lapping up the remaining blood from the puncture marks on her neck.

“This isn’t enough!” he huffed, “I need more! I don’t care if I end up sucking you dry if that will satisfy my hunger.”

A strained moan came from Elise’s mouth when Lucius sank his fangs into her neck again, into the very same puncture marks he had created. He thrusts his fangs deeper into her flesh as if to make her experience more pleasurable. Elise felt her eyelids getting heavier and darkness creeping into her vision.

“Lucius!” exclaimed Mr. Courbet’s voice, “Get off Elise at once!”

From the corner of her eyes, Elise noticed the blurred figure of Mr. Courbet rushing over to her and Lucius before passing out. The last thing she felt was her body being released from Lucius’s grip, causing her to sink into the cushions of the rattan sofa.

“How much blood did you drink from her?” Mr. Courbet asked Lucius.

“I don’t know,” Lucius muttered back as he used the back of his hand to wipe his mouth.

Mr. Courbet knelt down to examine Elise. Blood had spilled from the puncture marks left on her neck, and some had gotten onto the cushions. He carefully tilted her head to examine the bite marks before checking her pulse.

“Thankfully,” said Mr. Courbet. “you did not kill her. However, now that you have savoured the taste of human blood, you have to learn how to control your cravings. I also advise you to cease making those tablets or even attempting to modify them.”

“But-” began Lucius.

“No buts, it’s an order,” said Mr. Courbet as he lifted Elise’s body off the rattan sofa. “Now go and cleanup. You look a mess.”

Lucius watched his father exit the conservatory with Elise in his arms. After hearing the door close with a click, he sank onto the rattan sofa with a sigh. Glancing at the back of his hand, he licked the remnants of Elise’s blood.

“Her blood tasted exactly like Genevieve’s…” he quietly whispered. “Could it be- No! That’s impossible, there’s no way it could ever happen.”

Meanwhile, Elise woke up to find herself back in her room. How did I get back here? She quietly thought to herself, I could have sworn that I was in the conservatory last night. Just as she made an effort to sit up in bed, she winced in pain when she tilted her neck slightly.

“You finally woke up,” said Mr. Courbet who had been sitting by her bedside. “Do be careful, or otherwise the wounds might open up again.”

“Mr. Courbet!” exclaimed Elise, “Why are you here? And, how did I get back to my room?”

Mr. Courbet sighed. “Last night,” he explained. “Lucius attacked you. I caught the scent of your blood and was able to stop him before he could devour you any further. I brought you back to your room and have been watching you all night.”

“Lucius already told me that you and him are vampires,” said Elise. “Since he bit me, does this mean there’s a chance that you might bite me as well?”

“Of course not!” exclaimed Mr. Courbet, “I have no intentions of attacking you, as I am already surviving on human blood... in my own way. This is also because I already consider you a member of this family. You are like a daughter to me.”

Hearing this, Elise felt her heart flutter with happiness. This was the first time she had felt accepted into a group, but in her case, a family. Back at St. Jerome-Emiliani, none of the orphans would invite her to join any of their group activities for school work or for leisure.

“However,” continued Mr. Courbet. “You need to be careful from now onwards.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Once a person gets bitten by a vampire, they become less human,” explained Mr. Courbet. “Pain not only tortures them, it also brings pleasure. Human emotions truly are complicated.”

“Lucius did tell me that if a human is continuously bitten by a vampire, they will eventually become a vampire themselves.” said Elise.

“That is correct,” replied Mr. Courbet. “Which is why I am warning you now. You are fifteen-years-old, and your womanhood is just around the corner. The moment you experience this kind of pain, your body will unconsciously remember the sensation and pleasure of being bitten. If you allow yourself to succumb to such masochist desires, you will eventually lose your humanness and become a vampire. That is why I always made sure to erase the memories of any women who have offered their blood to me to prevent this from happening.”

“So, I’m past the point of no return?” asked Elise quietly.

“I am afraid so,” said Mr. Courbet. “The same things happen when your body first gets exposed to any carnal passion. Once you experience it, you will want to feel it again.”

“Thank you, Mr. Courbet,” said Elise. “Though if I may ask, how is Lucius?”

“Lucius is fine,” replied Mr. Courbet. “He is currently at school. This morning, he looked more rejuvenated compared to when he was still taking his medication.”

That’s a relief, thought Elise to herself, at least he won’t be in pain for a while. The wounds in her neck stung a bit when she recalled how Lucius penetrated her skin with his fangs. For some reason, the thought of this caused her body to shiver with excitement.

“Anyway,” said Mr. Courbet as he got up from the chair he had been sitting on. “I advise you to take the rest of this week off from school. Your wounds from last night are still tender and they need time to fully recovery.”

“If I’m absent for this long, wouldn’t it be troublesome?” exclaimed Elise.

“Do not worry,” replied Mr. Courbet. “I have already emailed the school explaining your absence today and that you will be absent for the rest of the week.”

Mr. Courbet then went over to the table and brought over a bed tray with a plate of cinnamon toast and a glass of orange juice.

“I had Esmé prepare this breakfast for you,” said Mr. Courbet. “Case studies have shown that cinnamon increases the blood flow in our bodies and relaxes the blood vessel. Citrus fruits like oranges also helps as well. For lunch, Esmé will prepare you a salmon steak along with some vegetables to bring to your room.”

“Thank you, Mr. Courbet,” said Elise. “I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness.”

“You are always welcome, Elise,” replied Mr. Courbet. “Now, I would like you to focus on getting better.”

Once Mr. Courbet left the room, Elise began to eat her breakfast. The cinnamon on toast was very sweet and the citric-taste of the orange juice balanced out the sweet and sourness in her palate. Deciding to check the news, Elise picked up the remote control by her bedside table and turned on the TV to the BBC news channel.

“Earlier this morning, several bodies of young woman were discovered in the Whitby area. The first body was found in Pannett Park, the second at St. Mary’s Churchyard, and a third body was found in the ruins of Whitby Abbey. Police are currently investigating the incidents and have concluded that these attacks are the works of a serial killer. Autopsies reveal that these unfortunate young woman died of blood loss. All their necks had two puncture marks as though they had been bitten by a vampire…”

Elise froze when she heard this. Surely this could not be Mr. Courbet’s doing. He was already surviving on human blood by inviting women back to his mansion and feasting on their blood until he was satisfied. Could it be… she wondered.

She felt a sense of dread when she thought of Lucius. Was he not satisfied with the amount of blood he drank from her last night? Had to be the case. He had not consumed actual human blood for centuries. However, instead of feeling scared, Elise found herself feeling rather irritated.

“What is wrong with me?” she quietly muttered to herself, “I should be scared…”

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