Eyes Cold Like Winter

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Elise stood outside the bathroom door in her night dress while clutching her bath towel and toiletries. Even though she had spent most of today resting in bed, it was a big deal for Elise to not take a bath. Her body felt slightly sweaty from being under the covers, while her ash blonde hair was tangled from resting her head on the pillow.

Knocking on the door again, Elise repeated. “Are you done in there?”

The door suddenly opened and Lucius’ hand reached out to grab her. She gave a small gasp in surprise as he pulled her into the bathroom, causing her to drop her towel and toiletries. He slammed the door behind them afterwards.

Elise found herself being crushed in Lucius’ strong embrace. His face was buried in her shoulder as he made laboured breaths.

“Lucius?” Elise quietly asked, “Are you alright?”

“I… don’t want… to… hurt… you…” growled Lucius as his fingers gripped Elise’s night dress. “… But… I want… your… blood… so badly…!”

His hand then reached up to shift Elise’s night dress off her shoulders. Elise flushed with embarrassment to have her skin exposed like that. Her heart began to pound loudly when she felt Lucius using his lips to massage the bite marks on her neck from last night. It felt as though he was kissing her neck.

“Why… aren’t… you… resisting…?” asked Lucius as he shakily pulled away from Elise to stare into her crystal blue eyes.

Elise stared back at Lucius’ amber eyes that were now glowing red. She noticed the twisted expression on his face; the scars from biting his lower lip, and the despair in his burning eyes. The sight of him caused Elise’s heart to be laden with sympathy. She could not bear to see him suffer like that. As if by impulse, Elise slipped her arms around Lucius’ neck and embraced him.

“Elise…?” he quietly exclaimed.

“Please…” said Elise, “Drink my blood!”

“Are you out of your mind?!” yelled Lucius as he pulled away from her, “You saw how I attacked you last night! Shouldn’t you be scared?!”

“I was scared back then…” Elise cried out. “But I can’t bear to see you suffer like that. So please, drink my blood. If no other blood can satisfy your hunger, then please drink my blood if that will help you feel better.”

Hearing this, Lucius’ eyes widened in shock and his heart pounded as he recalled a memory from his past.

“Then please drink my blood!” cried Genevieve, “I do not care what becomes of me, but I am willing to allow myself to be consumed by your darkness!”

Lucius gritted his teeth upon remembering this. It’s just like that time. He thought to himself. His hands trembled as he returned Elise’s embrace, gripping the folds of her night dress. Burying his face into her chest, he heard her heart beating faster than his own.

“You’re… going to… regret… this…” he growled. “I… might… end up… killing… you…”

“I won’t,” replied Elise. “It is my decision to do this. I don’t care what happens to me, so long as I can help you.”

Elise felt her heartbeat accelerating when she heard Lucius opening his mouth with a loud hiss. She gave a small gasp in pain as he sank his fangs into the soft part of her chest. The sound of her beating heart was soon replaced by Lucius’ loud gulps as he consumed her blood. A blush bloomed across Elise’s cheeks as pleasure overwhelmed her senses.

Gradually, the fire in her chest extinguished into numbness. Elise’s legs lost their strength to remain standing, causing her knees to slowly give out. She felt Lucius hugging her tighter as he sank down with her to kneel on the bathroom floor.

A while later, Lucius pulled away from Elise, his mouth dripping with her blood. He gave a few breaths before resting his head against her shoulder.

“Thank you,” he whispered. “This is enough for now.”

“You’re done?” asked Elise.

“If I’m unable to control the amount of blood I drink,” said Lucius. “I might end up killing you, or even worse…” but he broke off.

“Even worse…?” questioned Elise with a confused expression.

“Nothing!” replied Lucius quickly as he wiped his mouth using the back of his hand, “You’re too innocent to know. I’d rather you remain as you are right now, so don’t think about these things.”

He then stood up, helping Elise to her feet. Due to blood loss, she felt a bit dizzy causing her stumble a bit. Lucius caught her in his arms.

“It can’t be helped...” he sighed.

Elise squealed in surprise when Lucius suddenly slipped his arm around her waist, before reaching down to grab her legs to sweep her up into a princess carry.

“Lucius?!” she exclaimed, “I was going to take a bath!”

“It’s not a big deal if you miss a bath,” he replied. “Besides, it’s not safe if you take one right now with the amount of blood you lost. What happens if you suddenly pass out and end up drowning in the bathtub?”

Lucius then opened the door while being careful not to drop her. As he headed in the direction to her room, Elise gazed up at him. With Lucius this close, there were a lot of things she had not noticed about his appearance other than his eyes and silver grey hair. His broad shoulders, long neck with his protruding Adam’s apple, and the angular structure of his jaw line. For some reason, she felt safe being in his arms. When Lucius glanced down at Elise, she blushed and quickly turned away with embarrassment.

“Don’t misunderstand,” he spoke. “I’m not doing this out of kindness, it’s just that you won’t be able to get back to your room in your current state.”

Even though he denies doing this out of kindness, it doesn’t change the fact that he really is a gentleman. Thought Elise to herself. She recalled how he took her out last weekend to get her familiarised in Whitby, escorted her around the school, and even defend her from a group of jealous female students.

They eventually reached Elise’s room. Lucius opened the door and carried her inside. He carefully laid her down onto her bed. His touch was engraved into her body, and the thought of this caused her skin to tingle with excitement.

“Should I attack you again?” Lucius asked suddenly.

“What?!” shouted Elise in shock.

“It’s inevitable when a man is in your room,” said Lucius. “Did you think I was going to leave immediately after bringing you here?”

Lucius suddenly leaned towards her face, causing Elise to squeeze her eyes shut. It was then when Elise felt Lucius’ lips brush against her forehead, causing her eyes to open in surprise.

“Just joking,” he told her as he got up. “However, you should be more careful when you’re around men. Your reaction just now shows that you’re full of openings. Anyway, little girls should get some rest, so good night.”

Elise pouted to be called a ‘little girl’ as she watched Lucius turn and head for the door. Just as he opened the door and was about to leave, he paused.

“Thank you for helping me,” he added. “Thanks to your blood, I feel a bit better.”

Without thinking, Elise responded, “It’s not a problem! If you ever feel parched, please come to me anytime!”

Lucius froze in shock when he heard this, and Elise covered her mouth in mortification when she realised what she had just said. Just then, she heard Lucius snickering before bursting into laughter.

“You’re too kind Elise!” he chortled, “Are you inviting me on purpose?”

“No- I- uh…” began Elise, but she was too embarrassed to retort back at Lucius’ suggestion.

“No matter,” said Lucius as he turned to leave. “Good night.”

After he left, Elise flopped back onto her bed, her head resting on the pillow. What is wrong with me? She thought. Why did she suggest something so ludicrous to Lucius? Elise then recalled Mr. Courbet’s pep talk earlier that day.

“Pain not only tortures them, it also brings pleasure. The moment you experience this kind of pain, your body will unconsciously remember the sensation and pleasure of being bitten.”

Elise stroked the bite marks on her chest. The slightest touch of the wounds caused her to wince in pain, but her body shivered in delight. Was this the pleasure Mr. Courbet was referring to? She then reached up to touch her forehead, caressing the area where Lucius had kissed her.

“This was the first time I saw him laugh like that…” she sighed as a flush appeared on her cheeks.

Meanwhile, Lucius flopped onto his bed in his room. He gazed at the back of his hand, which was still smeared with remnants of Elise’s blood. However, no convulsions followed. Did I really feel better only after drinking her blood? He thought to himself. After he attacked Elise last night, he tried to find someone else, whose blood would satisfy his thirst other than Elise’s. When he drank the blood from his most recent victims, nothing had appeased him.

“There’s another reason why I have to limit myself,” muttered Lucius. “I might do something terrible to Elise that is even worse than killing her, or turning her into a vampire…”

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