Eyes Cold Like Winter

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Blood Lust

Full moon night. An evening when a vampire’s thirst for blood drastically increases. Elise wondered how could she have forgotten this warning. Perhaps she was too concerned about Lucius’ wellbeing to pay attention to her own. After all, she had been taken in by supernatural beings.

“I didn’t come here to get my blood sucked!” she protested, “I came to see if you were alright since you didn’t show up for dinner!”

“You’re so kind Elise…” replied Lucius. “And STUPID!”

As he said this, he violently pinned Elise down onto the top of the balusters. She squinted in pain as his hands gripped her wrists tightly.

“I’m a vampire. I don’t need to be checked up by some measly human,” said Lucius as his amber eyes continued glowing red. “Though… if you truly are concerned for me, how about you comfort me with both your blood and your body?”

Elise felt her cheeks flushing red as Lucius tore apart the outfit she was wearing, revealing the upper part of her body. She had grown accustomed to having her chest and shoulders exposed whenever Lucius drank her blood, but for him to see the rest of her upper body was embarrassing.

“Your lingerie looks dull, but at least you’ve got a decent figure,” sighed Lucius as he licked his lips.

Catching sight of the hickey on Elise’s neck from earlier, Lucius reached up and stroked her neck. Chills ran down her spine as her heart began pounding loudly in her ears.

“One flower isn’t enough,” said Lucius. “How about I make more flowers bloom all over your body? That’ll show everyone that you’re mine!”

Elise pursed her lips tightly as Lucius created another hickey on her collarbone, before moving down to create a third one on her chest.

“Why are you hiding your excitement?” asked Lucius, “Your beating heart says it all. I’ve bitten and touched you all this time, so you should be used to it by now!”

Lucius then moved up, and used his tongue to lick the softer part of Elise’s chest. It was just as he had said. She should be used to his touch, and yet why was her mind putting up so much resistance? Her trail of thought was quickly interrupted when she felt fangs penetrating her chest.

Unlike the times Lucius had drank her blood, Elise felt her blood being drained faster than normal. Her mind was gradually becoming hazy, her body becoming hotter against his cool hands as Lucius thrusts his fangs deeper into her flesh. Pulling them out, he watched as Elise’s warm blood trickled down from her fresh wound.

“Now that I think about it,” said Lucius suddenly. “You’re still a virgin, am I right?”

“What?” exclaimed Elise.

“No matter how many times I’ve touched you, you still respond as though it’s your first time,” he told her. “Since you’ve been so generous with your blood until now, how about I reward you by making you mine right here and right now!?”

Elise shuddered when she heard this. Is he like this because of feelings of attachment? She quietly wondered to herself. Or is he only doing this because of the full moon tonight? Due to the amount of blood she had lost, Elise could not think straight. She could only wonder. Lucius then roughly sank his fangs into the curve of her neck to drain more of her blood as he ran his hand up her leg and towards her thigh.

“Lucius!” shouted Mr. Courbet’s voice, “ENOUGH!”

Lucius seemed to have been brought back to his senses when he heard his father’s voice. However, what happened next was something he had not anticipated. The moment he loosened his grip on Elise, she easily slid out of his hands and over the stone balusters.

Elise hardly knew what was happening to her as she fell off the balusters and towards who knows where. Normally, she would scream in a situation like this, but she was unable to as she gradually lost all of her consciousness from the blood loss.

“ELISE!!” screamed Lucius as she fell.

It was the last thing she had heard as everything around her went into complete blackness.

Elise woke up to find herself back in her bedroom. She had also been changed out of her clothes and into her night dress. How did I get back here? she quietly wondered to herself. She could have sworn that she was on the balcony outside the conservatory last night with… Lucius.

“That’s right,” she quietly exclaimed. “He drank my blood.”

Elise then made an effort to get up, but her body strangely felt heavy and weak. A sudden surge of pain shot through her chest and right up to her neck as she collapsed back onto her bed. Her hand naturally made it’s way to her neck, finding it firmly bandaged. She clutched her chest in agony when her heart pounded, making her chest hurt.

“It was as if he was a completely different person,” said Elise as she recalled what Lucius had said to her that night.

“No matter how many times I’ve touched you as of late, you still respond as though it’s your first time. Since you’ve been so generous with your blood until now, how about I reward you by making you mine right here and right now!?”

“Did he really mean what he intended to do to me?” she wondered out loud.

Mustering some strength, Elise clambered out of her bed. However, the moment her feet touched the floor, she fell to the ground with a loud thud before she could even take a first step. At that moment, the doors of her room burst open, and in rushed the person she did not expect to see. Lucius.

“Elise!” he exclaimed as he rushed over to her, “Since when did you wake up?! Why are you out of bed!?”

Lucius knelt down before Elise and supported her by slipping one arm around her waist as he wrung her arm around his shoulders.

“Lucius, why are you- Ah!” Elise cried out in surprise.

She felt herself being swept into his arms, carrying her like a princess as he stood up. He walked over to her bed and carefully laid her back down onto the mattress. Instead of pulling back, he remained looming over her.

“You should be resting,” Lucius finally spoke. “Why did you get up?”

“I wanted to find you,” said Elise. “I wanted to ask you about last ni-”

“You were unconscious for two days,” Lucius interrupted. “Two nights ago, there was a full moon. On a full moon night, my craving for human blood drastically increases. My father is unaffected since he is better at controlling his thirst than I am.”

Analysing Lucius’s appearance, Elise noticed that he was in the clothes he had worn the last time she had seen him. His silver grey hair was dishevelled, and there were dark circles under his amber eyes. Don’t tell me..! Thought Elise to herself. Had Lucius been outside her room for the past two days until now?!

“How are you feeling?” asked Lucius, breaking her train of thought.

“I’m fine,” murmured Elise. “But I my chest sometimes hurts whenever my heart beats and all of a sudden… I’m feeling rather sleepy again.”

“I thought so,” said Lucius as he felt her forehead. “Get some rest. You need more time to fully recover.”

He then got up to leave, but stopped when he felt Elise weakly grab at the end of his sleeves.

“Elise?!” he quietly exclaimed.

“Please don’t go!” she timidly protested, “Can you stay by my side until I fall asleep?”

Lucius sighed and returned to sit on the side of her bed. His hand suddenly caught hold of Elise’s hand that had been tugging at his sleeves. Their fingers entwined and interlocked with one another into a firm, but gentle grip as Elise drifted off back to sleep.

Several hours later, Elise woke up to find Lucius still by her bedside. He was fast asleep, still holding onto her hand. Elise flushed when she saw this, but she did not dare to free her hand from his. Using her free hand, Elise gently stroked Lucius’ silver grey hair.

“It’s surprisingly soft, just like a kitten!” she quietly exclaimed. “It feels nice…”

Just as she said this, Lucius opened one eye. This caused Elise to retract her hand in embarrassment as he yawned.

“I must’ve fallen asleep,” he groaned. “Sorry for being a bother.”

He released Elise’s hand as he sat up. Elise noticed a sad expression on his face as he gave a deep sigh. Judging by his tone, she could tell that he was about to say something that might upset her.

“You know,” said Lucius quietly. “Before I nodded off, I’ve thought about this long and hard. And I have come to a decision.”

“What are you saying?” asked Elise nervously.

“Because of what happened that time,” he continued. “I’ve realised that it’s dangerous for you to be around me. I almost would have killed you if father hadn’t brought me back to my senses. So that’s why… I’ve decided that I won’t drink your blood anymore.”

“Why?!” shouted Elise. “Isn’t my blood the only thing that will satisfy your cravings?!”

“Haven’t you noticed the difference with yourself lately?” he retorted back, “You barely had any asthma attack! The signs are beginning to show… that you’re losing your humanness.”

Elise froze when she heard this. Now that he had mentioned it, when was the last time she had suffered an asthma attack? She could not remember.

“Also,” said Lucius. “I don’t want history to repeat itself. For I might end up losing you, like how I lost her…”

He then stood up and left her room, closing the door behind him. After hearing the door shut with a click, Elise felt tears welling up in her eyes.

“Why?” she quietly exclaimed, “What is going on?”

Her chest began to tighten, and it was not because of the deep bite mark. It was the feeling of a broken heart. This was just enough for Elise to realise that she had fallen for him. And now, those feelings would never be reciprocated…

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