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Blood In the Night Series: Book 3 Edge & Rain

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I never thought that I would ever find another man I would have feelings for. Not until I met Edge. He has a humor and doesn’t take shit from anyone. He is very protective of me and claims my child as his. We were informed that the mother chapter wanted him to go there for a big meeting. I am worried about Edge and why they want to see him. There is talk about Savage becoming more aggressive and making threats to take me from Edge. My sister Linda & Psycho also said that Wolf (our father) is not doing well, and church has been called. Being the eldest I am in line to become the first woman president. I don’t want it. I was ordered to attend church with Edge. I hate my father. He has more secrets and now I have a brother that has come out of the woodwork. Who is he, is he evil or just wanting revenge for father giving us up?

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Chapter 1: Edge Tells His News

I am a happy man. I am going to claim Rain. I will be the father of her child. I called Stone and told him to call church in an hour and it is mandatory that everyone be there. No exceptions.

I kissed Rain as she got up to take a shower. I will be at the cabin if you need me. She kissed me before heading out the door.

"Rain, you are going to let me claim you, aren’t you?"

"Of course, I am."

" I just need to go home and change my clothes. I will be keeping some of my clothes here. You will have to move into the cabin with me and the baby. And we will use this room for when we are here and do not want to drive home, I said grinning at him."

I let the breath out I was holding.

"I called for church and I am going to tell the members about the claiming."

"I will order your property cut half-pint" I said.

"Half-pint" she asked.

"Yes, since you are really short. We will have a family BBQ next Saturday and I will claim you and make you mine. Forever Rain. I will never let you go. Not now when I found you. You have been the one I longed to find since I was 16 years old."

"I am not the type of man that cheats. I have always wanted a woman of my own, kids, and grandkids. That is what we will have together. I also will never put my hands on you even when I am angry. I also want you to talk to me when something is bothering you. And I will not keep anything important from you."

"We are a team, and yes, I may be the president of this club and will fight for them. But you will be my woman, my wife, the mother of my children. I will never lie to you. And I will always believe what you tell me. Even when one of my biker brothers tells me something different. Or, one of the club whores says something different."

I smiled at Edge and threw myself into his arms. I

" will always trust what you say Edge. And believe you over a whore. I will be back around 2:00."

I walked out of his bedroom and down the hall to the door.

I heard “who the hell are you bitch”?

I turned and saw a man standing there. He was handsome but not as handsome as Edge. He looked like him.

"My name is Rain."

" What are you doing here?"

" I was with my boyfriend Edge."

I looked at him as he laughed.

"Edge, you were with Edge, and he is your boyfriend?"

" That’s a good one. My brother doesn’t have a girlfriend."

" She is Edge’s girlfriend."

I saw Death turn his head and look at me his mouth hanging open.

"You are serious he" said looking at Stone.

"As a heart attack."

" I will be damned. I never thought he would ever have a girlfriend."

" Well, he does."

" Where are you going Rain?"

" Home to change. I will be back at 2:00."

I turned and walked out the door getting into my car and driving out of the compound and headed home.

"Who was that woman three club members asked?"

" That’s Edge’s girlfriend."

" Yah right. Edge doesn’t have a girlfriend. Let alone one that is pregnant."

" Well, he does, and her name is Rain."

" She is cute" one of the members said.

"She looks like a little kid."

" You should see her standing next to Edge."

"She barely stands past his waist."

We continued to walk into the club.

"So, Edge really has a girlfriend" they all said looking at Stone.

"I think you saw her leaving."

" Who would have thought that Edge would find his woman?"

" I walked out to the bar and yelled. Church now."

I walked to the meeting room and waited for everyone to sit down.

"Good to see you back home Death."

" Good to be home."

"I have an announcement to make. Stone, you need to order a property patch for Rain. Her road name will be half-pint."

" Make that two Stone said. I am claiming Storm. She will keep her name as her road name."

" Well then. We will claim them next weekend."

"We need to have the Valkyrie start cooking we will have a family BBQ."

I looked at Death.

"Do you have a question Death?"

" Is that kid yours?"

" No, but I am claiming it as mine. You all might as well know. That baby belongs to Savage."

I saw Death set up straight.

"I heard he went back to his old self and hit his woman. Treated her like shit before she left him."

"I take it Rain was his woman."

" She was, now she is mine. Do you have a problem with that?"

" Nope. I am happy for you. Savage should never have hit her."

" She was not in the best shape when she arrived here a few months ago. Rain was also in the hands of the Butcher from age 17 to 20. Savage was his VP then."

"I bet she doesn’t know he was the Butchers VP."

" That is why he signed the divorce papers. He didn’t want it to come out."

" Word is he wants her back. He is not going to let anything get in his way to do it."

" He is not getting her back. She is mine. Looks like if he tries, we go to war."

" Yes, we will."

" I have waited a long time to get my revenge on Savage. Looks like my patience is paying off."

"Sure, does" Edge said.

"Any other questions or business to discuss?"

" Only that we have been asked to take two women in until they can be escorted to their families. They will be here for two days."

"Fine, get two bedrooms ready."

" Church dismissed."

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