Her Christmas Wolf

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It all started with two paper Christmas angels and the Company’s Christmas tree… These were Siel Camden’s only hope for her three-year-old twins to have a happy holiday. But when all her dreams fall apart because of a dreadful boss and an abusive ex-husband, someone else finds those paper angels and makes her children’s wishes come true. But is she ready to find out Vincent Reigel’s real reasons for fulfilling her kids’ Christmas wishes?

Romance / Fantasy
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“Will there be anything else, Sir?”

“No, Myron. Please lock the door on your way out.”

“Of course, Sir, and goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Myron. Don’t forget to bring Raquel over. It is that time of year.”

“Yes, Sir, and thank you. See you tomorrow.”

Vince nodded at his still smiling personal assistant while thinking about the other things that are left to be done on their daily to-do list. He knew Myron was completely capable of fulfilling all the duties and responsibilities that were expected of him, but he knew that the man was already performing almost like a butler, and that was unfair, to be honest.

After all, he was a loyal member of the pack and married, to boot. There were more things for him to take care of than just typing up letters, making appointments, and filing documents.

I really should look for additional help. Probably my own secretary…

He has heard the jokes made about him before by fellow businessmen. Whenever they had the time to meet up in conventions or special events, he could only laugh along with his business partners and contacts when talking about secretaries.

“Aw, poor V! Still without a secretary, huh? You will probably never find one who won’t find herself jumping you and even forcing you to marry her, eventually. Being rich and single… yeah, that’s a lethal combination!”

Yep, that has happened. Good thing V knew how to get out of those situations easily…

And it’s normally the woman who backed out the minute she found out what he truly was.

But yes, it can get kinda lonely since he just didn’t need sex or any woman for a wife…

He needed a mate.

“You still can’t find THE woman, Roth? Or are you just holding out on me and being idealistic?”

The deep voice inside his head huffed in mock amusement. Roth has heard a lot of jokes like this from him enough to be entertained instead of being insulted.

Do you want me to remind you of how finding a mate works, V? Or should I just give you a mental recording with the right amount of sarcasm?

“Well, bah humbug to you too, Roth. I just can’t believe this is the 32nd Christmas that we won’t be having anyone celebrating the holidays. Was hoping you’ve already made up your mind by now.”

When I find her scent, you will be the first to know. Meanwhile, it’s bah humbug to you too, Vince. So are you going to continue working as you usually do, or go home and rest, which I know you dislike at this time of year?

V whipped his classy leather executive chair around so he could see the full view of the city’s nightlife from the one-way glass wall behind him. It truly was a magnificent sight to see, especially since he was in one of the highest buildings for miles around.

Unfortunately, he suddenly felt the loneliness of having no one to share this beautiful sight with. He sighed before answering the voice in his head…

“I’ll work for a few more hours. Then I’ll probably go straight to bed.”

No dinner?

“Not hungry.”

Suit yourself. I will hunt for something if you insist on doing this to us continually.

“Be my guest.”

Well, I have to make sure we’re still alive when we finally meet her.

“To be honest, I’m already desperate enough to write that wish down on one of our Christmas Angels and hang it on the company Christmas tree.”

Roth’s laughter was full of mirth, I’d like to see you try.

“Is that a challenge, wolf?”

Yes, it is.

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