His Son

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Loving and fighting Accusing, denying I can't imagine a world with you gone So hold onto me Cause I'm a little unsteady Without you.... If you want love, romance and all kinds of obstacles denying two people to be together then add this to your reading list....

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I was so late for my job. I had assured my boss that I would be really early but it seemed like I had over slept. I got a cub to the hospital and quickly changed into my uniform. We were quite many nurses. Our supervisor, Rodrick, called me to him. I was really late. It had been one hour from the time I was meant to be at the hospital.

"Good morning, sir," I tried to cover it all up with a nervous smile and greetings.

He wasn't smiling. He was serious.

"You are really late Mildred. What happened?"

"I kind of over slept."

"You have to keep time. This is a hospital. We can't afford to get disorganised just because one of us is late. For that reason, I am punishing you so that you keep it in mind next time that you should be early."

Punishment? But it was just my first time. As in?

"But sir-"

"You are going to go to Mr. Schneider's house and take care of him today. Make a mistake and you are fired."

Mr. Schneider? Oh God. That old man was hell itself. He would keep on complaining about his nurses and once they annoyed him, he would make sure they are fired. Sending you to him was the same thing as you getting fired. No one stayed with their job once they were sent to Schneider. I was doomed. This was all rumor but still. It could be true. I sighed.

"Okay sir."

"Good. You are to be picked up in fifteen minutes. Get prepared."

I nodded as he walked away. Rodrick was a friendly guy during training but once you got the job, he would just become serious. I was now going for this stubborn old man. He had no wife but a son who was not in the country. Their family company was ran by his nephew. He was known as Drade. Schneider's son was known as Trip. He was a stubborn guy but not a people person. He only loved jungling girl's hearts. My best friend, Ry, was once his girlfriend. They were both in Florida then. Now, Ry was back and was a librarian. She had let go of men. Drade was her friend though just to try and make her not hate Trip that much. I was not into the chapter that much. Trip didn't know me and I only heard about him and saw his pictures. All I knew he liked teasing girls. He was a player I guess. Anyway, I spoke with Drade a little but not that much. We were not so close.

I was now going to take care of his uncle. I hope things were smooth for me. I got ready to head for their house anyway. I texted Ry on my way.

Hey Ry. I was late and now I have to take care of Schneider.

No way. You are in for it. Though, he's an interesting old guy. It's just that his son is a piece of shit.

C'mon. What if I get fired?

That's just rumor. Schneider is just hard to understand but he's ok.

I hope.

Good luck babe.


I sighed and got out of the car to go begin my new section of work.

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