Challenging the CEO

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Dea is a foreing girl in the USA, she is hurt but she is a strong and confident woman. She also is very sweet and kind, and hides her feeling and smiles no matter what. She crosses path with an arrogant ruthless man but she refuses to appear weak in front of him. He is intrigued and attracted like never before to this girl, wants to have her but she is too hard to get. He is challenged!

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

My name is Dea. I am far away from my county, miles away alone here in the USA, California. It has been two years since I won the lottery to come here, I loved America, I had always dreamed to win that damm lottery and I was beyond happy when it happened, but during these two damm years a terrible thing has happened to me that hurt me more than I could ever think but somehow with a little luck and help managed to make me stronger and more badass girl but I look sweet and kind. Well, I am kinda sweet and I am a very kind person but that is as long as you do not cross my boundaries.
Anyways I quited my last job as a waitress in a pastry shop because my boss was a 42-year-old jerk who harassed sexually his employees, so I and my best American friend Loren decided to quit. It was ugly how a married man at his age asked sexual favors from 25 years old girls. Just the thought makes me throw up. Stupid, disgusting jerk.
So it has been two weeks since I am jobless but today Loren has managed to secure both of us interviews in a huge company, as she says because I have no idea. Well, I am foreing, don't judge. Apparently, this Rouge Enterprise Company needed two personal assistants, so here we go. All I know from Loren is that it deals with accounting, marketing and management but also real estate, so it has many companies everywhere but the CEO of this company is a self-made billionaire but how he managed to become rich is a little bit of mystery.
I have my apartment which is a gift from a friend (don't ask me how for now), It is a nice, might I say a very nice place with 2 bedrooms, a living room and a nice kitchen, I love it. I have made one room my bedroom which has a walk-in closet and a king-sized bed, a big Tv, and a big mirror with furniture around it for my toiletries and self-care products. While the other room is my passion room, I have sewing machines there and a lot of fabrics. I know how to sew because I have made a certified course back in my country, and hopping for an office job I have made for myself a lot of classic suits and dresses. I hope today is my lucky day to finally start to work in an office.
So here we go today. I am ready. I am wearing a dark green dress which is tight especially around the waist and hugs perfectly my big curves, it has a V neck but does not show my cleavage and reaches below my knees, with black heels and a black purse. My chestnut color hair is let loose with big curls that reach to my waist. I love my hair, it is my obsession, I take care so much of it, and it is so healthy and shiny. I have applied light makeup with dark brown lipstick on my small but full lips. My eyes are like my hair, they are nothing special according to me but I have been told that they are big and captivating, and also have a kind of very special sparkling. I am also tall but not too much.
I take my key, get out of my apartment closing the door, and to my car. It is 7 am and I have to meet Loren and then follow her to our interview because I don't know where to go. As soon as I go to my car Loren calls. Oh boy, I have a bad feeling, she is going to say it's canceled, couldn't she have sad before I got ready, all these set up for nothing urgh... Wait, I have to answer first...
-Hello Loren, what is it?" Please don't say is canceled, please, please.
-hey girl, you look hottt
-huh, what, where are you?
-Right behind you in my car, wait for me to pass you and then follow me, okay?
-Oh God I thought the worst, I thought you were going to say it is canceled.
-No No girl trust me okay, I did apply for both of us so nothing can be bad, I have skills.
-yeah skills to apply... right. You did apply for PA right, I won't have any surprise, right?
-oh shut up, come on.
And we hit the road to the company. We parked at the parking lot and when we go out of the car I was able to see what she was wearing, a sexy red dress with a V-neck which showed a little bit of her cleavage, it reached her knees and had a slit starting from her mid-thigh.
-Well Hello sexy lady, don't you think that your dress is a little bit revealing?
-Oh Dea are you serious? We have got to impress, and you may think that you look like a serious lady but you can't hide your curves, Quite the opposite actually you have enhanced them And you look smoking hot. Don't you try to fool me with that Tight dress that you are wearing.
-Well is that a sin that I want to look serious but also good?
-You mean hot..?!
-whatever... Now you care to tell me for whom do we apply to be PA for?
-Well actually I ... Umm I... You know... I didn't pay attention to it, it didn't say actually so I just applied...
-Oh come on, does it really matter for whom?.. But I put you for the first position and myself for the second, see I am good.
-Let's go.
The building was huge and beautiful. I hope that I get the job, but it seems difficult. Well, let's try. We already have the negative, maybe it can be changed. Anyway as we entered the Lobby we were astonished. Wow, everything luxury, a huge reception desk, and wooden chairs and tables in front of it. Damm it, we cant win here.
-Lorel I don't think we have a chance, well I mean I, because you have some experience but I don't.
-Oh Dea don't be a pessimist. You have to try. You want to get your degree, don't you? A little bit of experience like this could help for your future jobs.
-Yeah it would but it seems impossible...
-Let's go to the lady over there to present ourselves, she must be the receptionist.
The lady was I guess in her mid-30s and seems very kind.
-Hello, we are here for the PAs Interview- says Lorel
-Hello, your names please.
-Lorel Johnson
-Dea Pojani
-Ok let me check" and she searches in her computer, and then to my surprise she says:
-Lorel you go to the 21st floor to the law department while Dea you go to the 22nd to the management floor, you can go to the elevator now, your appointments are about to start.
-Thank you- we both say and head to the elevator, once inside I see that the 22nd floor is the last one.
-Umm Lorel isn't the last floor usually Where CEO is? " Suddenly I was more anxious.
-Oh my god yes, You will be on the same floor with the CEO, you know he is so damm hot, but a bad boy, he is very arrogant and too serious. Although he changes womans like his shirts. But also many are afraid of him, he is like a no-bullshit person and rumors say he is very dangerous like he destroys everyone that crosses him.
-Whattt? and you are sending me there?!
-Well you will not apply for his PA I guess...
-You guess??
-Well it would be clarified if it was for the CEO you know, it can't be left out of the description... I just saw the department actually, and since you have a degree back home in BA, a Master degree might I add, I thought it would be perfect for you.
-Yeah it would be good but my degree is not known here unfortunately
-Don't worry you will be able to convert it here with some tests I guess.
-I hope so." I say but as the elevator goes up I am feeling more and more anxious.
The elevator doors open and Lorel is ready to go. I wish her good luck and she wished me back. I am alone in the elevator and then anxiety is getting the best of me. When the doors open I get out and see a lady in front of me. She's dressed very classically and she looks too good. She looks at me from head to toe and she has a disapproving look, like she does not like me at all. Damm it, a good start I thought.
-Hello" I say to her -I am Dea Pojani and I am here for the PA interview.
-Of Course, Sit on the chair over there And wait until the lady inside gets out and then You can go Go to the CEO.
-CEO?" I ask shocked. Oh my God, This cannot be good I am not qualified to be a CEO's PA.
-Yes you are applying for the job, aren't you?" She says with irony. But I gather myself and I will not allow her to see that I am terrified.
-Yes of course" I say with confidence. At that moment a girl gets out of the big wooden doors crying. Oh my God!

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