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Challenging the CEO

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Chapter 2

Ok, now I am sure I won't get this job, but I won't go back, I will just go there, answer the questions unfazed and leave. That moron won't make me cry.
-Your turn now" Says the lady that told me to wait before, and she has an evil grin on her eyes. I walk towards the door confidently because I won't let them know how anxious I am. My heart is not just beating, it is thundering but I swear I will not show it. Just answer the questions and leave proud Dea, I say to myself. I have now reached the doors and knock two times and wait.
-Come in" I hear a deep and angry voice say. Ok, moron here we go, and I open the door and go inside. And I am shocked! In front of me behind a large black desk is a man standing or should I say a man tower because he is that tall, above six feet for sure, with his arms behind his back, looking intensively at me. He is wearing a dark gray suit but it does not hide the fact that he is very muscular, He has dark black hair short on the edges, and his face must be craved by God, thick dark eyebrows, black eyes, straight nose, full big lips and a sharp jaw. Damm it! He is so hot, so sexy! A beautiful muscle tower. And those eyes dark as a moonless night, is like he got out of my perfect man fantasy. But he looks dangerous and intimidating and the girl before me was crying so he is far from perfect, so I decide to ignore his look and act unfazed, so I start to walk towards him to the desk, but a few inches before the desk is a document on the floor so instinctively I pick it up. I mean it must not be in its place there, right? And finally, I speak to him
-Good morning Sir, I am Dea Pojani, and I am here for a PA job interview, I found this document on the floor, do you need it?" I say looking straight at his eyes and as calmly as I could.
-Did I ask you to pick it up" he says angrily and glares at me. Oh, well moron, I have dealt with worse kind of persons so you can't intimidate me. And seeing him so rude, makes me hate him and gives me more courage. And to his surprise, I smile and say
-I don't think it is its place to be on the floor so either you tell me you need it so I can put it on your desk or I throw it away" I say to him with confidence and smiling and I aspect him to yell get out, but he tilts his head to the right and looks intensively at me from head to toe but so damm slowly which makes me nervous and I swallow hard to suppress my anxiety. I am anxious as hell but I am not going to show it, instead, I keep looking straight at his eyes. I mean I might have taken a glimpse of his broad chest and abdomen muscles which are so visible even through his white shirt, but just a glimpse. And he finally says
-Put the paper on the desk and Sit down!" With a harsh tone and an intimidating look. So I sit down and wait. He keeps glaring at me with his dark eyes witch seem like are ready to swallow me, and my heartbeat accelerates furiously. I really think that if I wouldn't have big boobs it would be visible right through my dress. Ok, Dea ignore it, don't let this arrogant and rude sexy tower intimidate you, and forget that he is hot, what is wrong with you.
He is hot, you are not blind you know. My self conscious slams the truth to my face. His glare turns to an intense gaze and roams down to my body again. Again. Ok, that is weird, I am uncomfortable. I know that he is a womanizer but also he dates supermodels and I am no match to them, plus he for sure does not involve himself with poor women, I guess at least. He sits down on his comfortable black chair without taking his eyes off me. But I do not lower my eyes either. He does not know me, I am not afraid from an intense gaze or glares, Oh I can handle much more you moron. And sure I know that he will not hire me so I will just wait for this interview to finish as soon as possible. Just answer shortly and don't get affected by his rude behavior.
- Miss Pojani, I have seen your resume and you do not have any experience, so why are you wasting my time here?"

Oh, he finally spoke, but of course rude as hell. Well, I don't care about your rudeness.
- I do not have the experience, but I am a hard-working and energetic person, I have good communication skills and I seek for results. Also, I learn fast and I like new challenges.
Ha, take that! He annoyed me to no end but I just smile at him. I have this habit that I always smile to hide my feelings especially embarrassment, annoyance, or when I feel like I want to cry. I mean even when I am watching a sad movie and I feel my eyes tear up, I smile and it is very effective because the tears just go away.
Back to the present, I see him rising slightly his eyebrows and he says:
-Is that so?" his eyes looking at me more intensively than ever. I could be lost in those black eyes. It is a sin that he is so handsome, he definitely does not deserve it.
- Yes, Sir!" I say quickly with confidence.
-And how do you work under pressure?"
- I work very well under pressure. Usually, I have control over situations and turn pressure into encouragement to work faster and more efficiently. I have good planning skills and I do tasks by prioritizing them first."
And now tell me to go away and stop staring at me with those eyes. I have an obsession with black eyes and dark hair. This is not fair. The man that has them is a jerk. And I would love to see those muscles, those abs.
Oh my God, No. Stop it!
We keep staring at each other for a few seconds I guess, but it seemed like long minutes. He lowers his gaze again at my body from head to toe. I am sitting straight with my breasts slightly pushed forward and hands on my lap. I do not understand why he keeps lowering his gaze on my body and I am so embarrassed. And what do I do when I am embarrassed? I smile!
So yes, I do just that. I smile slightly and when his eyes meet mine again I turn serious. I mean is like I say silently: do you have a problem?! His gaze is intense, he looks so damm intimidating, almost forcing me to lower my eyes. Almost, keyword Almost. I am not going to do that. Stay strong Dea. For the sake of that girl who got out of here crying stay strong. I can't understand anything by his facial expression though, but I bet he can't understand anything from mine too. At least not how anxious and embarrassed I am feeling.
-And when are you willing to start working?
-Anytime, Sir!" Duh, I am jobless.
To my big surprise, he tilts his head to the left and says:
-Your desk is over there.
Is he serious, or he is just having fun with me? I can't understand anything. But lets play along.
-Okay!" I say, I won't let him see how surprised I am, so I just say that and wait for more instructions. And I hope he won't say did you really believe that?
-You will start today, I will inform HR to prepare your contract so you can sign it in a few moments. And now go to your desk, start the computer and wait for me to come to explain your job." He says in a harsh tone.
-Yes, Sir" is all I can say and stand up to go toward the desk. I now look to my surroundings, because before I was too focused on him to look around. This office is huge, and apparently, I will be in the same office with him. I thought that PA stayed outside the office but of course not in his company. Behind his desk are large windows, a big meeting table is between his desk and mine. My desk is an U shape with a computer in the middle, a printer on the right side, many notes supplys on the left and has many drawers beneath it. A spinning comfortable chair is in the middle of it. On the right side of the desk is a big bar with different drinks and glasses while behind and on the left side is surrounded by large bookshelves which contain many files. Everything in the room is dark and gray though, well, just like him I thought. I but my bag in an empty open drawer and I sit down and start the computer. Now just wait for him.


Who is this woman? I look at her as she goes toward her desk. Fuck what a nice big ass. My hand are itching to grab it. When she first entered I couldn't get my eyes off her and sure as hell I couldn't help but study her body from head to toe. She is undeniably beautiful with chestnut curly hair with big locks that fall perfectly behind her shoulders, full lips, small nouse, eyebrows with a perfect ankle, and those eyes. Fuck they are big and so captivating. Their color is brown but with a special sparkle that makes her look so innocent. Unashamedly I roam my eyes to her body. Fuck Fuck Fuck. I want that body beneath me. So perfect, so fucking hot. Lean arms, big breasts, tiny waist and wide hips. Long legs and full thighs. She would be perfect to touch, I would love to roam my hand through her body, to see her writhing beneath me. And from that fucking tight dress that she is wearing she looks like she does not have a single fat on her body, and her abs look toned. What sound would she make if I lick them?
She walked towards me with confidence, but all I can see is her sensuality. But she is here for work and I do not mess with my employees, I am more than rough and rude to them to make sure they are afraid of me and do their job properly. And she passes my first test, she picks the document from the floor, none of the candidates have done that. I keep staring at her to see her next move. When she spoke her voice was so smooth, so sweet and calm, she seemed confident. My first thought was Oh sweet girl you have no idea whom you are dealing with. But she handled me just fine. And I was pissed, How dare she? Let me show you, sweetie, how I am. I glare at her and I am rude to her but she seems unfazed, she is not intimidated by me, and she even has the courage to see straight to my eyes and fucking smile at me. I purposely look through her body but she is so unfazed and I for the first time can't read her expression. Her answers are short and precise and she does not even shutters. Everyone fears me, has a hard time speaking to me, and she is so calm. I am so pissed off, I should show this girl who she is dealing with.
Yeah maybe bend her over your desk and spank her, tear her panties and fuck her rough.
No, I do not mess with my employees, is not just because of work ethic but also to avoid any scandal or sue for sexual harassment. That would bring unwanted problems to me. Anyway she intrigues me and she seems capable for the job, so I decide to hire her. I want to surprise and shock her, by showing her the desk she would be working on, but she wides her eyes for some mere second and says so fucking calmly okay. Okay?! Okay?! Just that, no surprised reaction, so I can say something rude, just okay? Well, we will see how you will handle me starting today. I tell her to walk to her desk and wait for my instructions, I can walk with her but I should calm myself because I am so pissed of with her.
And because you want to see her ass.
I swear if I had the opportunity I would strangle my self conscious.
Just stating facts!
Fuck! Truth to be told I can't get my eyes off her, I can't even blink. Her hair is so beautiful, shiny and healthy, her lock fall till above her ass. And her ass... Fuck! I would take her from behind in this second, and I feel my cock twitch in my pants. Her sensual slow walk does not help either. Her hips sway naturally and I am so fucking hard now, just want to run to her and slam her body to mine, having her bottom pressed hard to my groin. Why should she wear such a tight dress that shows everything perfectly? I rub my hand to my face, I am so pissed off and horny. She is not afraid of me, handles me with ease and I am so attracted to her, but she didn't even check me out, no woman has been able to do that, I always caught them staring at me but not her, she looks just straight to my eyes just like I am some random guy.
She is here for a couple of minutes and made your head a mess.
True, fuck! But she will be intimidated by me, that is for sure! Just for this performance of her, I will make her work or better say life a living hell! Okay, time to show her her place. I stand and walk to her, go behind her chair and lean over and grab the mouse with my right hand, so my chest is almost touching her and my lips are close to her hair above her ear. She stays still. Hmm, let's test this even further, I put my left hand on the other side on the table so I have her caged in, but she does not react. Damm it. And to make things even worse she smells so good, so deliciously. I fight the urge to move her right side of the hair which is partly over her breast, behind her shoulder and taste her skin. Just the thought of it is driving me nuts. But maybe I can move her hair so she can hear me better. Right? Nothing wrong with that. So I do just that! Fuck Fuck Fuck It is so smooth, I want to caress it forever, to have it wrapped to my fist while I take her from behind on this desk. Nope, get a grip! Back to rude Brenton!

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