Journey Of The REINE

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She is the mysterious mafia queen who rules the underworld and the business world. A women with a dark past and an even more horrible present. FUTURE? She don’t know because she can die anytime and anywhere. She is….. ANGELINA ROSSI. She has everything that anyone can ask for. Money, success, power, beauty, intelligence, and the most important HER DAD. But, no one will ever desire to live the type of life she lives if they know how it is. Surrounded by lies, betrayals, greedy and power hungry people; she has no one whom she can trust or lean on. She became a living killing machine and is often compared to THE DEVIL. XAVIER KNIGHT He is the Mafia King, a multibillionaire and is the world’s richest man. He is ruthless and cold and is called the DEVIL. Every girl and woman wants him but he only has eyes for his ANGEL. AIDEN SMITH A sweet and a gentle man. He is a multibillionaire with a calm and composed nature. But, he also has a secret and a mystery which he himself is not aware of. What can it be? What will happen when friends become enemies and enemies become friends? What will happen when the one whom she trusts very much betray her? Will she ever find anyone whom she will be able to trust and love? Is she even capable of loving someone? Whom will she choose? Xavier or Aiden? Is there a past which connects the three of them?

Romance / Action
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"REINE", every person available in the room bowed their head out of respect and fear for their boss. (Queen)

A lady in her mid-twenties stood at the entrance of the living room of the huge mansion. She was as beautiful as a goddess. Her body had beautiful curves at all the right places. She had a height of 5'8". Her skin was flawlessly fair. Her snow white skin looked as smooth as a cotton.

The lady had beautiful amber eyes with rings of red color surrounding her irises. Her long eyelashes touching her cheek bones whenever she blinks. Her small pointed nose followed by those rosy red soft natural plump lips. Her cheeks chubby with baby fat. Her natural long and soft fiery red hair were let down at her back with soft curls reaching her waist. She emitted an elegant yet powerful and dangerous aura.

She elegantly and graciously walked from the foyer into the living room of the mansion. A set of 10 servants lined up at each side of the entrance of the mansion for her welcome. At the end of the line, stood her butler and caretaker, Mr. William. He was an old man of around 54 years old. He was with her since she started her career. He gave her the reports of everything that happened in the mansion while she was gone on her business trip.

Her mansion was large and royal like a palace. It was a three storeyed building. The mansion had black, red and golden theme. There was a grand staircase in the middle of the large living room leading to the upper floors. There were 20 luxurious rooms, 3 living rooms, a large ballroom, a theatre, an indoor swimming pool, a gym, two big libraries, 5 offices and two helipads on the top terrace of the mansion. It was a dream house of every living person in the world.

Oh well, she is ANGELINA ROSSI, 24 years old. She is the owner of the Rossi Empire, one of the biggest empires of the world. Her empire managed many hotels chains, construction, technological, manufacturing, event managing and various other sectors of business. She is the CEO as well as the the chairwoman and the largest shareholder of her company with 74% shares.

She has an IQ of 190 and has photographic memory. She has great fighting skills and is the world's most sought after assassin. She is the REINE, the queen of the underworld. She has kept her identity as the owner of Rossi Empire and her identity in underworld a secret. She is the mystery woman everyone is searching for. Only few of her trusted people know her both identities. And no one dares to betray her or go against her.

"How is he, uncle William?", Angelina asked in a cold voice. Her eyes emotionless and cold. Everyone shivers after hearing her voice after so many days.
"My lady, he is fine and his health is also in a good state nowadays", her butler said in a calm and soothing voice with a warm smile. He loved her dearly as his own daughter.
"Did he take his medicines on time?", Angelina asked her butler whom she had come to see as another father figure in her life.
"Yes, my lady, he did. He is waiting since the early morning to meet you. He ordered the chefs to prepare your favourite food and made every servant to clean the whole mansion at least 5 times for your arrival. He was so excited that he went to his yoga classes early in the morning and was skipping in the whole mansion the whole day to make sure everything is fine. He even made everyone to see and learn his dance moves", replied Uncle William, completing the last sentence with a chuckle.
Angelina shook her head after listening to this. She knew that the person would have surely done this in his excitement. He forgets everything in his excitement and behaves like a 5 year old on a sugar rush.
"Then, where is he now? Why didn't he come to see me till now, Uncle William?", asked Angelina raising her left eyebrow. She expected him to see her before everyone else in the mansion.
"My lady, he was so excited the whole day that he slept at last due to exhaustion", replied Uncle William. Everyone knew that how much that person meant to her.
"Hmm, Ok, I will go see him in his room then", said Angelina in her usual cold voice, but anyone can detect her love and fondness in her voice while talking about that person.

Angelina went upstairs to that person's room. She silently opened the door and went inside the room. There she saw him sleeping on his bed like a baby. Angelina's eyes softened after seeing him. She went near the bed and sat on its edge. She kissed his forehead and gently said in a voice as sweet as honey, a voice only reserved for him,"Dad".

Her dad opened his eyes and adjusted his eyes to the light of the room. As soon as he saw his daughter, he sat upright and gave her a toothy grin and hugged her tightly. Angelina also hugged him tightly. After all, the person infront of her is her only family and the most important person of her life. She loved him more than anything in this world and can do anything for him.

"Angelina, how are you, my baby?", her father asked in a loving and smooth voice. He missed her very much.
"I am fine dad. How are you?", Angelina said softly.
"I missed you, my baby. I am sorry, I slept, I wanted to see you before everyone else", her dad said sadly.
Angelina chuckled, "it's fine dad. What matters the most is that I met you." Her dad often behaved like a child. "Let's have dinner now, shall we?"
"Yes, you go freshen up, I will meet you downstairs", her dad said.

While she was turning around to go, she saw her father hiding a thing under his pillow. Angelina eyes turned cold after seeing that thing but she didn't respond and left the room.
"Why don't you let go of that thing away from you, dad?" Angelina sighed as she went inside her room.

Her room had black and red theme. Her room was beautiful yet cold, just like her. She entered her walk-in closet. At the end of the closet wall, hung a huge portrait of a black rose with red blood dripping from it. Angelina sat on the sofa in front of the portrait and pressed a button on the remote that she she was holding.

The portrait moved in 180 degrees from left to right and was replaced now by a portrait of a beautiful couple with a girl around the age of 5-6 years old between them. They all were smiling happily in the portrait. Angelina stared at the portrait with melancholic eyes for at least 10 minutes. Then, a drop of tear slid down her cheek which she immediately wiped away and her eyes again turned into cold and emotionless ones.
"Somethings can never be erased from our lives. Why can't we let go of somethings easily?", Angelina asked herself and sighed deeply.

Angelina went downstairs after freshening up. She ate the dinner with her dad and laughed while listening to his silly jokes. Her laugh was like a music which everyone wants to hear but was reserved only for her dad. All the servants and maids in the mansion stared at her in awe after listening to her laugh and angelic smooth voice she uses when she talks to her dad.

After the dinner, her dad excused himself to go to his room to sleep. While she entered her room, Angelina got a call after listening to which her eyes turned as cold as ice and her aura became more dangerous.

"Send me the reports first thing in the morning at my office", Angelina said in a cold chilling voice which send shivers down the spine of the person on the other side of the phone call.

She hung up and went to sleep with planning the things she had to do the another day.

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