Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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Angelina’s POV:

While going outside the office room, I bumped into a hard chest of a man. Yeah, I am not one of those girls who compare a man’s chest with a wall, because let’s be real, both have an enormous difference between them. I have been slammed into a wall more times than anyone could count. Not like the way you all are thinking.

I mean…….. While fighting with men who are twice my size. And trust me when I say that it hurts like hell. So, bumping into a man is not the same as bumping into a wall, at least not for me. But I would have to admit that this man surely has a…. very HARD chest.

Anyways, back to the situation…… I looked up to see the said man. And, not much to my surprise, it was Xavier. No one in this place has the courage to even come near five feet radius to me except HIM. I breathed deeply and stepped away from him. I got a whiff of his cologne while moving away and I hate to admit but it was manly and addicting. His musky smell with a hint of ocean’s fragrance was a delightful combination.

I noticed him checking me out and rolled my eyes and walked past him. Seeing me moving past him, he caught my wrist and turned me around to face him. I yanked my hand out of his hold and glared at him. How dare he to touch me without my permission? But, if felt nice when he held my hand. I didn’t feel repulsed or disgusted like I usually feel when any other man touches me.

No, no, Angelina. Don’t think like that. He is not different from other men out there. You should feel repulsed by his touch…

“I hate it when people touch me without my permission. So, never dare to do that again,” I said in an icy voice.

“I am sorry for that, Angel. I just wanted to talk to you because I never got a chance ever since I came here,” he said in a deep yet gentle voice while putting his arms on his side.

“So, what is it you want to talk about Mr. Knight?” I asked while raising my left eyebrow.

He stood there while looking here and there while rubbing the back of his neck. I could tell that he was nervous for whatever he wanted to say.

I rolled my eyes and said in a bored tone, “I don’t have an entire day, Mr. Knight. Say what you want to say or else I will go now.”

“Oh, um, I-I am sorry Angel and please call me Xavier. I-I, uh, just wanted to ask if Scarlett is YOUR daughter?” he asked nervously while not meeting my eyes.

My eyes became colder after hearing his question. I didn’t know why he wanted to know that after all. I couldn’t risk my secret with anyone.

“Yes, she is MY daughter. Why do you want to know this, Mr. Kni-Xavier?” I asked while emphasizing on the word my.

“Oh,” he said in a daze, as if he didn’t have any word to say something else. His eyes flashed with some emotion, but it disappeared as quickly as it came. Hurt? Sadness? I could not read it.

Whatever, I thought and was about to turn around when I saw a look of contemplation on his face as if he wanted to ask another question but was not sure if he should or not. I didn’t want to answer any of his questions related to Scarlett.

I could not trust him with my baby. I didn’t know who exactly he was. He could be one of my enemies in the underworld for all I know. What if he hurt my baby? Although a small part of me told me he would never harm me, I ignored it without giving it much thought. I barely know that man.

“Ah… um…Who is her father? If you don’t mind me asking that,” he asked hurriedly after seeing that I was about to go.

I tensed after hearing that. “Why do you want to know that, Mr. Kni-Xavier?” I asked coldly. I didn’t know why he was so interested in Scarlett.

“Um…. well…. I just wanted to know just because. Is… Is Aiden her dad?” he asked while looking in my eyes with an expression as if he was afraid to hear my answer.

I also noticed how anger flashed in his eyes while mentioning Aiden, but I commented nothing on that. I was confused because of his behavior and of why he thought Aiden was her father. But what could I say? This man is really hard to read.

I sighed and replied with my already made-up story, “No, Xavier. Aiden is not Scarlett’s dad. Her dad died while I was pregnant with her. But, I don’t see how this concerns you. And why would you think Aiden is her father?” I kept my best poker face while saying all these things.

Xavier sighed in relief, and his tensed body visibly relaxed after hearing me. He mumbled something incoherent under his breath, which I could not hear. “Nothing, Angel. I am sorry that Scarlett’s dad is not alive anymore. And, uh, well, I thought Aiden was her dad because you seemed to be much close to him and Scarlett also was not uncomfortable while playing with him. You and he were talking and smiling at each other like couples and were standing so close while I came at the mansion. So, I assumed that. Are you dating him?”

I could tell he wasn’t much sorry for Scarlett’s hypothetical dad. And did I hear a tinge of jealousy in his voice while he was talking about Aiden? Many emotions were swirling in his eyes, which I could not detect.

He was looking in my eyes, searching for an answer as if he could tell if I was lying to him or not. Ha… as if he ever could. No one could tell if I ever lie to them. One thing I learned while training to become the queen of underworld was how to mask my emotions and to manipulate other people to believe me and my lies.

“It’s none of your business Xavier about whom I am dating or not. You better mind your own business instead of prying into other people’s life. I am warning you, Xavier. STAY AWAY FROM ME AND SCARLETT AND DON’T YOU DARE TO INTERFERE IN OUR LIFE,” I warned in an eerily calm voice after having enough of his questions.

I turned around and went downstairs to the living room to go to my daughter before he could say anything else. I thought he never cared about anything or anyone else ever in his life. But, I guess, I was wrong.

What’s going on in his mind and why is he so interested in me and my daughter’s life suddenly?

I came out of my thoughts when I saw Aiden playing with Scarlett when I entered the living room. My baby girl was giggling while pulling Aiden’s cheeks. A warm smile took place on my face while looking at them. I went and sat beside them. Upon seeing me, Scarlett raised her little arms as if to come near me. I took her in my arms and rocked her gently. She was babbling something while gripping my hair in her tiny fists and playing with them.

“So, did you have a pleasant talk with my dad? I didn’t know that you both were familiar to each other or else I would have met you much earlier but, never mind. What matters the most is that I had the chance to make an amazing friend like you,” Aiden said while smiling gently at me.

It felt nice when someone considered you a friend and didn’t not always fear from you. I looked at Aiden in his forest green eyes, thinking about what I got to know about him in the office. He is a nice yet a naïve person, and I didn’t want him to know anything about the darkness present in this world. I hoped he remained like that forever.

Little did I know that how everyone will change in the coming future without knowing whether it’s for good or for the worst. About how a secret will open paths for many other secrets and will hamper everyone’s life.

“Angelina? Angelina? Hey…. are you ok?” I was broken out of my thoughts when I heard Aiden and saw him moving his hand in front of my face.

“Uh, yeah, I am absolutely fine,” I replied.

“I was calling you for the past two minutes and you were staring off in the space for so long with a troubled expression on your face. Are you sure that you are okay?” he asked while looking at me in concern.

“Yeah, Aiden, I am okay. It’s just that I was thinking about some problems which I was facing in my office. You don’t worry. It’s nothing,” I lied and smiled reassuringly to convince him.

He seemed to buy it and nodded his head.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful except for Xavier glaring at Aiden occasionally and Aiden looking at him confused. I still didn’t know why he had come at the mansion and what was so important about him that uncle wanted me to meet him. That old man was just saying that he would tell me later on. So, I gave up on asking him about Xavier and went on with my day.

In the evening, I got ready into a lacy purple body fitting gown which had a slit till the knee on the side of my left leg and had a crisscross design on its back. I paired it with black-colored ankle strap heels and tied my hair in a high ponytail with some strands of hair framing my face. I wore a black wrist watch, a pair of diamond earrings and a pair of black gloves. I applied only lipstick and left the rest of my face makeup free. Then I changed Scarlett into a rose pink onesie.

Before going outside the room I put a gun in my purse and also in my thigh holster, a dagger in the other holster, small pocket knives in the backside of my gloves and some blades tugged safely in-between the rubber bands used to tie my hair. I also wore my ear piece which connected it to my other bodyguards.

One could never know that what lies where.

Then, I went downstairs with Scarlett and saw Aiden waiting downstairs in a royal blue tuxedo suit. His hair was left messily on his head with some strands of hair falling on his forehead, but it looked perfect on him. I had to admit that he looked handsome.

Upon seeing me on the last step of the stairs, he smiled gently and bowed with one hand behind his back and other outstretched for me to hold. “My lady,” he said while grinning widely.

I chuckled and shook my head. I put my hand in his hand and walked forward. “Why thank you, gentleman,” I said while smiling warmly at him.

A crash sound was heard, and we both looked at the source of the sound. There stood Xavier with a broken vase in front of his feet. He was looking at our joined hands and was clenching his fists by his sides. His body was tensed and shoulders stiff. I rolled my eyes and looked away from him and left the mansion with Aiden by my side.

We arrived at an expensive, nice, cozy restaurant and went inside. My sixteen bodyguards who are usually with me waited outside the restaurant guarding the area. The whole restaurant was empty, and I looked at Aiden while raising my eyebrows.

He grinned and said, “I booked the whole restaurant so that there would be no chance that someone could hear what we would be discussing. I know you don’t want anyone to hear anything about Scarlett, so, I thought we shouldn’t take any chance. One could never know that what lies where. So, here we are.”

I smiled at his thoughtfulness. We sat down at the table and ordered our drinks and food. I had already fed Scarlett while leaving the mansion, so; she was sleeping peacefully now.

We chatted about random stuffs while eating our food and enjoyed the evening in peace. After having dinner, it was time to discuss the major reason we were here.

I took a deep breath and asked him, “Aiden, before anything else, I want to know that how much you know about Samuel and Maria’s death. Do you know why they died?”

His face was serious as he replied with, “Well, Angelina, they had once told me vaguely that they were involved in some gangs or mafia like stuff and that their lives were always in danger because of those things but they never told me anything else and always avoided questions related to that. So, I left that matter and never talked about that ever again. While searching for Scarlett, I hired some private investigators to find the exact cause of their death but they couldn’t find anything.”

I sighed and nodded my head. Although, for everyone I am a heartless person, it was really hard for me to talk about their death, especially since I was the reason for their death. I was contemplating on how much I should tell Aiden about the mafia world.

After a lot of internal battle, I thought about telling him in bits and pieces. “Okay, Aiden, now listen carefully about whatever I am going to tell you now. I also do the same work which Samuel and Maria used to do. I can’t tell you about those works because I need some time to fully open up to you….. But, Samuel and Maria died in a… mission, you could say,” I gulped the lump that was forming in my throat and continued, “In that mission, Maria died because of me. She died while trying to save me. Her last wish was… that I become the mother of Scarlett and give her my name. So, after all that, here I am…. with Scarlett.” I took a deep breath to calm myself down and looked at him for any kind of reaction.

I could say that he was shocked after hearing that and sat in a daze for some minutes, thinking deeply and digesting everything I said. After coming out of his shock, he looked at me and smiled sadly, “I know you blame yourself Angelina for everything that had happened. I know little about that mission but, you are not the reason for her death. Maria would never want you to blame yourself. Whatever happened was not in your hands, so, don’t feel bad about that. And, I am happy that you took Scarlett as your own daughter because I can see that you love and care deeply about her. Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

I widened my eyes in surprise because I expected him to blame me for the death of his friends, whereas here he was, smiling reassuringly and comforting me. How he knew I blamed myself for their death was also unexpected, as I had kept my best emotionless face while explaining those things. Some other person at his place would have thought that I didn’t care at all.

That was the moment I got to know that this person would be really special in my life and that no matter what, he would always be by my side.

Before I could say anything else, a loud gunshot was heard, and I looked down to see that I had been SHOT. My eyes widened, and I looked at Aiden with many emotions swirling in my eyes, and I was sure that those were displayed on my face as well.

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