Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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Xavier’s POV

I came to France because Mr. David Smith called me and asked me to come to his Mansion here in France as he had some important matters to talk about with me. I knew that if he wanted to meet me personally, then there had to be a serious reason.

Currently, I was sitting in my car and was looking out the window. I sighed when a certain pair of amber eyes again came into my mind. I couldn’t seem to forget her. Ever since I met her, she had been occupying my mind.

My private investigators could not find any information related to her. I didn’t know how that was even possible. I had hired best private investigators throughout the world and if they couldn’t find the information, then surely, there was something fishy about her.

I already knew that she was some important person. Her aura seemed too powerful and dangerous to ignore. She was elegant and beautiful, and her presence demanded attention without even trying. The way her sixteen bodyguards were on high alert and were guarding her told everyone that she was not just an average rich woman.

Just who are you, Angel? Why do you keep occupying my mind and heart?

My car reached the driveway of the Smith’s mansion, and I got out of the car. The mansion was on top of security. At least a hundred Guards were roaming around the mansion, protecting it. The mansion was no less than a palace. It was beautiful and classic with an air of serenity around it.

I saw Mr. Smith standing at the front of his mansion with his butler and caretaker, waiting for my arrival. We both shook hands and greeted each other formally.

David Smith was in his late fifties but looked as if he was in his late thirties. He was a nice man for those who didn’t cross him but was worse than death itself for those who tried to mess with him.

We both entered the mansion after chatting for some time near the entrance of the mansion. We entered the living room and the sight in front of me both shocked and enraged me.

There stood my Angel and Aiden Smith with the baby in her arms. They both were standing so close to each other while smiling and talking, that it made me want to go there and hold her tightly near me so that he got to know who she belonged to.

I was looking furiously at them while clenching my fists by my side. Then, I saw Mr. David Smith hugging Aiden and asking him the reason to visit him. I guess they both knew each other.

“I came here for some work, dad. I needed your help in something, but now the issue is solved,” he said while breaking their hug and turning to my angel to wink at her, smiling like a maniac.

She chuckled and shook her head at him. All this was getting on my nerves, so I cleared my throat to get their attention, waiting for everyone’s introduction.

In reality, I just wanted to know my Angel’s actual name and her to notice me.
Mr. Smith turned towards me, then at her and said, “Well, I guess you already know, who he is, Angelina.”

My Angel turned towards him and raised her eyebrow with a look on her face as if saying are you serious…..

He awkwardly smiled and said, “Well, I guess, I will have to introduce you both. He is Xavier Knight, the chairman and the CEO of the Knight Industrial Groups. And Xavier, she is Angelina Rossi, my best friend’s daughter. And the one standing beside her is my son, Aiden Smith, the heir of Smith Enterprises and 50% of daylight groups.”

So, my Angel’s name is Angelina. I guess her parents also named her after looking at her angelic face. I noticed how Mr. Smith said nothing about her work or anything but; I commented nothing on that. And Mr. Smith has a son? I didn’t know that but, I knew that this man valued his privacy the most, so, it’s no wonder that he hid his family from the world. Many people wanted to harm him, so I could understand on why he did so.

Then Aiden shook my hand firmly with an emotionless face, and so did my angel. But, much to my annoyance, she went and again stood near that man.

“Uncle, we should have breakfast now,” my angel said.

He nodded, and we all went to the breakfast table. Mr. Smith sat on the head of the table with Angel on his right side. Aiden sat beside her and me across her. Suddenly, Aiden leaned near my angel and whispered something in her ear. My angel looked at him and smiled. I clenched my fists under the table as it was getting hard for me to control myself from not beating the shit out of him and lock my angel away from such bastards.

I was gazing at them. Are they dating each other? Is he the father of my angel’s daughter? I knew that Aiden Smith was not involved in any scandals and was never seen with any women in public. So, is it possible that Angelina and Aiden are in a secret relationship keeping it away from the prying eyes of the media? All these thoughts were making me insane.

“Dad, me and Angelina will go out for dinner tonight with Scarlett, if that will be okay with you,” I suddenly heard Aiden saying that.

His dad beamed after hearing that and nodded enthusiastically. “Sure. Why will it not be okay with me? You both have fun,” he replied while smiling maniacally.

Whereas here I was fuming silently. That bastard wanted to take my angel on a date?

After breakfast, Angelina asked or more like ordered her uncle to meet her in the office. She had to be probably the first one who ordered the former Mafia King like that. And Mr. Smith also seemed to fear the tone which she used on him. I was amused by all this.

I was shown my room by the maids while Angelina and her Uncle went in his office to discuss whatever Angelina wanted to know.

After roaming here and there in the mansion, I went near the office room where my angel was. I was hoping to meet and talk to her. Right outside the office, I bumped into a soft, warm body. I looked down and saw my angel.

She looked so beautiful from such a close distance. She didn’t apply any makeup but still looked exceptional. I was busy checking her out when I noticed she was about to go. I hurriedly caught her wrist in order to stop her. But I didn’t expect her to yank her hand and fiercely glare at me as if she was disgusted by my touch. I was hurt.

Was she really that disgusted by my touch? She was so hard to read that I couldn’t know what she was thinking.

“I hate it when people touch me without my permission. So, never dare to do that again,” she said in an icy voice.

“I am sorry for that, Angel. I just wanted to talk to you because I never got a chance ever since I came here,” I apologized while putting my arms on my side. I didn’t really think earlier on what exactly I was going to ask or talk to her, but never mind.

“So, what is it you want to talk about Mr. Knight?” she asked while raising her perfect left eyebrow.

I stood there looking here and there while rubbing the back of my neck. This was a habit which I usually did when I was nervous. I couldn’t help it. What should I say now that she was willing to talk to me?

She rolled her eyes and said in a bored tone, “I don’t have an entire day, Mr. Knight. Say what you want to say or I will go now.” Okay, maybe not willing, rather forced to talk to me so that she didn’t come out as a rude person.

“Oh, um, I-I am sorry Angel and please call me Xavier. I-I, uh, just wanted to ask if Scarlett is YOUR daughter?” I asked nervously while not meeting her eyes.

Gosh! Did I just stutter? What is it with me apologizing to her so many times today? I never apologized to anyone in my entire life. But I really wish she calls me by my name.

Her eyes became colder after hearing my question. I didn’t know the reason for such reaction. I mean, wasn’t it a normal question? I stood there while holding my breath in anticipation of her answer.

“Yes, she is MY daughter. Why do you want to know this, Mr. Kni-Xavier?” she asked while also emphasizing on the word my.

“Oh,” I said in a daze, as I had nothing else to say. I felt many emotions at once, but I made sure to not display it on my face. I was also contemplating if I should ask her my next question or not, scared about how she would react. But I had to ask that question no matter what, to know if I even had a one percent chance with her.

“Ah… um…Who is her father? If you don’t mind me asking that,” I asked hurriedly after noticing that she was about to go.

She tensed after hearing that. “Why do you want to know that, Mr. Kni-Xavier?” She asked coldly.

“Um…. well…. I just wanted to know just because. Is… Is Aiden her dad?” I asked while looking in her eyes. I was afraid of her answer but, I really wanted to know about her daughter’s father. Just thinking about some other man touching and making love to her made my blood boil, but I calmed myself after thinking that I really didn’t have any right to behave like that. Never, ever in my life had I felt like this in my life.

She sighed and replied with, “No, Xavier. Aiden is not Scarlett’s dad. Her dad died while I was pregnant with her. But, I don’t know how this concerns you. And why would you think Aiden is her father?” She was saying all this with a poker face, so I couldn’t really know how she felt about all this.

I sighed in relief, and my tensed body visibly relaxed after hearing her. “At least, I wouldn’t have to beat that Aiden for touching what’s mine. I don’t know what I would have done if he was her baby’s father,” I mumbled under my breath, but I made sure that she did not hear that. I did not want my angel to hate me after all.

I then replied her question, “Nothing Angel. I am sorry that Scarlett’s dad is not alive anymore. And, uh, well, I thought Aiden was her dad because you seemed to be much close to him and Scarlett was also not uncomfortable while playing with him. You and he were talking and smiling at each other like couples and were standing so close while I came at the mansion. So, I assumed that. Are you dating him, angel?”

I knew she knew I wasn’t much sorry for her baby’s dad, but I couldn’t help myself. I was damn happy that no one was there in the way to stop me from making Angelina mine. But, yeah, I was really jealous of this Aiden guy. I would have to know about what’s going on between them and make sure that he stayed away from my angel. I was looking in her eyes, searching for an answer to see if she would lie to me or not. But I could tell that she was very good at masking her emotions and that it would not be easy to detect her lies.

“It’s none of your business Xavier about whom I am dating or not. You better mind your own business instead of prying into other people’s life. I am warning you, Xavier. STAY AWAY FROM ME AND SCARLETT AND DON’T YOU DARE TO INTERFERE IN OUR LIFE,” she warned in an eerily calm voice after having enough of my questions.

No one in my life had ever dared to talk to me like that, but what could I say? She was MY Angel, and she never failed to surprise me.

She went downstairs before I could say anything else. I needed to know everything about the relationship shared between my Angel and that Aiden. And I would find that at any cost and would throw Aiden away from my Angel’s life if he tried to come close to her.

I will make you mine Angel no matter what and will also give your daughter a loving dad. I will always be there for you and the little baby. I will share all your happiness, sadness, problems and responsibilities with you.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful except for me glaring at Aiden occasionally and he looking at me confused.

In the evening I was in the living room when I noticed my angel coming downstairs. She was looking really beautiful in her dress and I just wanted to hold her and keep her away from any other man’s lustful eyes. But, seeing that Aiden holding MY Angel’s hand, my anger level went high. I just wanted to break that man’s hand for touching her.

I broke the vase in order to gain their attention, but mostly to release some of my anger because I was going insane seeing them like that. I wanted to be the reason for my Angel’s smile, but it wasn’t the case. They noticed me, but my Angel just rolled her eyes and went outside the mansion with him by her side.

I took deep breaths to calm myself so that I didn’t go after them and kill that useless human and lock my angel with me forever. Although the idea didn’t sound bad; I had to control my urge as I wanted her to love me and be by my side willingly.

Soon, Angel, soon. You will be mine and only mine. I want to make you my queen as soon as possible. But, I guess for that I would have to do some hard work.

I sighed and went to my room early after having my dinner. I couldn’t sleep because somewhere deep down I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen.

If only I knew how much right I was, then I would have been able to stop that.

After much tossing and turning, I could finally sleep, not knowing that I would have to wake up soon but, only because of a very unexpected and heartbreaking reason that would not allow me to sleep for a much longer time.

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