Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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Angelina saw her arm bleeding because she was shot there. She did not feel any pain as she had been through worse and getting shot wasn’t a big deal for her. But, for the first time in her life, she was afraid of the situation. NO…. she wasn’t scared for herself but for the two people sitting beside her whom she cared for… very much.

If she would have been alone, then she would have felt excited as she always craved for adventure and fun. These types of situations were the definition of fun for her. But this time, it was different. She had someone to protect, to make sure that nothing happened to them and to escort them to safety as soon as possible.

She looked at Aiden with different emotions swirling in her eyes. Fear, Panic, Horror, Anger and Frustration.

Fear and panic for the safety of her daughter and her friend. Horror after thinking how in the morning itself she promised her uncle to keep Aiden out of such situations. Anger at those bastards who threatened the safety of her loved ones and frustration about the whole situation in which she was stuck.

But, she had to do something quickly otherwise, two promises would be broken in one night itself. One that was made with Maria and other that was made with her Uncle. She could not afford that. One thing Angelina valued the most were her words. Once she promised something, then she would go to any length to keep her words.

Aiden was as pale as a ghost after seeing the gun wound. He was frozen on his seat, not moving and with his mind blank. It looked as if he was sick. He did not know what was happening or what he should do.

Angelina sighed and threw water in her glass on his face to make him come to reality. She did not have time to comfort him or describe him the situation.

He came out of his shock and looked at Angelina wide eyed and was about to say something when Angelina cut him off and said, “Okay Aiden, listen carefully to whatever I am going to say now. Take Scarlett and go to the secret back door of the restaurant with some of my bodyguards. They would come here at any moment now and would safely escort you outside the restaurant. There would be a black SUV waiting there, so, you just have to sit in the car’s backseat with Scarlett and go to the mansion. Jack and Daniel will be there with you in the car to ensure that nothing will happen to you both in the way back. DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT COME OUT OF THE CAR IN ANY SITUATION UNTIL YOU REACH INSIDE THE MAIN GATE OF THE UNCLE’S MANSION. Once you reach there, just tell uncle I said mission BON and he will understand what to do. Take care of Scarlett and yourself. NOW GO!!!”

As soon as she completed telling Aiden what to do, six bodyguards came rushing inside the restaurant to ensure the safety of their queen. Her other ten bodyguards were fighting with the people who attacked the place; outside the restaurant.

Angelina put Scarlett in Aiden’s arm and pushed him in the direction where her bodyguards were standing.

“B-But, wh-what about y-you? Are yo-you not com-coming with us?” Aiden asked stuttering.

“Don’t ask questions, Aiden. We have little time. We all will die if we waste any more time. I will explain everything to you later on. You can just help me by reaching the mansion safely with Scarlett. Do not worry about me. I will be fine,” Angelina replied in an urgent yet confident voice.

Aiden was naïve, but not a dumb person. He knew he couldn’t do anything to help the situation, so, it was better to follow whatever Angelina was saying as she seemed to be very familiar with such situations. He just nodded and followed whatever she said.

Angelina nodded at Jack and Daniel, and they got to know what they had to do. They were trained to know and read signals of whatever their lady boss gave them, and they knew exactly what to do. So, they surrounded Aiden and Scarlett together with other two bodyguards and went towards the direction of the secret back door of the restaurant.

This place was owned by Angelina and she had constructed secret passages and doors for going outside the place in almost every hotels, restaurants, office buildings and other places she owned for situations like this. She was not the queen of the underworld for no reason.

Almost every hotel, restaurants, diners and café present in that city of France was owned by her or her uncle. That’s why she already knew where Aiden would choose to go for dinner and was not worried much about wherever they would go.

But she did not expect such a situation also and so; she came here only with her usual sixteen bodyguards and did not have a backup. Although, she knew she did not have to worry much as her bodyguards were world’s best trained people who could easily take out at least 50-60 people at once.

She looked at her bleeding arm and sighed. She tied her handkerchief around it to stop the bleeding. Although it didn’t pain her much as she had gotten used to having gun wounds often; she was still a human and could faint from excessive blood loss, which she could not afford at such a time. Angelina took out her gun from her purse and got ready to fight.


Angelina went outside the mansion and starting fighting. There were many dead bodies lying on the ground. She quickly scanned the area and estimated around fifty living bodies attacking at the front of the restaurant. Her two bodyguards went with Aiden and Scarlett, four were fighting at the back of the restaurant and two were severely injured. So, that left only eight bodyguards fighting alongside her.

She shot one person in his eye who came to attack her and turned around and swiftly stabbed her dagger in the heart of another who stood behind her and was about to attack her. She shot other people but could not kill them all.

She pressed the trigger, but no bullet came out of her gun. She took out her other gun from her thigh holster and again started fighting.

Suddenly, she felt pain in her back and touched her back and brought her hand in the front to see blood. She was shot there.

Great, one more scar in the treasure collection, she thought sarcastically.

She looked at the terrace of the restaurant and saw a man with a sniper gun there. She looked around and saw four more men with their sniper guns there on the terrace or at other buildings around the restaurant with only one target; which was her. She also noticed more people coming in groups at the restaurant to attack her.

They were outnumbered!!! But Angelina was calm and collected as if she wasn’t just shot and outnumbered.

She started moving elegantly from one place to another in a non-pattern way, making it difficult for those snipers to hit her as they couldn’t target her properly. She ran inside the restaurant at a lighting speed, only to come back within half a minute but with her DXL-5 havoc sniper this time.

She stood behind a pillar and started targeting and shooting those men on the terrace. Within five minutes, all were dead. Then, she started shooting other men who were there at the front of that place. One, two, three…….. Thirteen, fourteen and fifteen…… those were out within less than ten minutes.

Her wound on the back was bleeding heavily, but she ignored that. It was not like she did not feel any pain; it was just that her brain had learnt to ignore all the pain signals which her body sent whenever she wanted. She had trained herself like that so that she could fight with no interruption, even when she was heavily injured.

Angelina looked around and noticed that only four more of her men could fight. She had to do something. She again ran inside the restaurant to her private VIP room, only to come outside with a MAC-10 this time.

“Everyone, standing on the restaurant’s front, BE READY. I am going to shoot with M-10, so start going backwards, so that I don’t shoot any of you by mistake,” Angelina said in her earpiece to her bodyguards.

They understood and started doing as she said without looking suspicious. Once set in position, and after pressing the trigger of that submachine gun, it becomes really hard for a person to shoot each person separately and leave some desired people alive in the group.

The gun would kill everyone who comes within its range until the thirty-two bullets round will be over. So, she had to make sure that she did not kill her own people by mistake. Angelina was not one of those people who did not care about the people working under her, especially when they were risking their lives to save her.

She started shooting the bullets once her guards were out of coast. After one round was over, only some enemies were left. She put aside the M-10 and started shooting with her handgun because she had to make sure not everyone was dead; so that she could use some of them to know about the person who sent them.

They were all well-trained people and were in large number, so; she was sure that it was not the work of a small gang or mafia. Whoever was behind this attack was a well-organized and a large group.

Her bodyguards along with her could take down the left over people easily.


“Reine, we have killed all the people at the backside except two people who are left injured. We didn’t kill them, so, we are coming at the front side with them,” one of her bodyguard who was fighting at the back side of the restaurant reported to their queen.

“Hmm,” Angelina replied.

She was feeling dizzy now that the adrenaline amount lessened in her body and also because of her heavily bleeding wounds. She was covered in sweat because of fighting, and her breathing was also abnormal.

But something was wrong. Something didn’t feel right because of how her condition was worsening. She had endured much more bullet wounds in her past but, this time it was different. It was not because of her wounds, but because of the bullets.

The bullet in her back was coated with Batrachotoxin chemical. The contact with batrachotoxin causes numbness in human tissue. Upon entering the body, this toxin causes muscle contraction, nerve depolarization, irregular heartbeat, shortening of breath and can even lead to heart failure.

Angelina soon lost her consciousness. She tried to keep her eyes open but; it became an immense challenge for her. Slowly and slowly, she lost her consciousness.

Meanwhile, Aiden reached the mansion safely with Scarlett and ran into the living room, panting. “DAD, DAD…… WHERE ARE YOU? PLEASE COME HERE QUICKLY. DAAAD.”

Upon hearing his son shouting so loudly, David Smith ran downstairs to know what had happened. He was worried about his son and Angelina. Xavier also came downstairs to see what all this commotion was about.

“What happened, son? Why are you shouting so loudly?”

“Dad…-she…-she….Ang-Angelina… she,” Aiden stuttered, not able to form any sentence.

Upon hearing Angelina’s name, David grew more worried, but he was confident that whatever the situation would be, she could handle it. Whereas, Xavier grew tensed and anxious after hearing her name. He did not want her to get hurt. With each passing second, he was getting more worried.

“Calm down son... hand over Scarlett to me and sit down on the sofa,” David took Scarlett and gave her to a maid and ordered her to feed her and make her sleep. He then made Aiden to sit on the sofa and gave him a glass of water to drink. “Now, tell me. What happened?”

Aiden took deep breaths to calm himself and said in a shaky tone, “Angelina got sh-shot in her arm. She sent me and Scarlett here with Jack and Daniel hurriedly and told me to tell you she said mission BON. She said that you will understand what she meant. Dad, there were many people who were attacking her. I could not understand that what was happening. Please, save her dad. Nothing should happen to her.” He was clutching and tugging at his hair in frustration and worry; with his teary eyes.

Xavier tensed and his eyes grew colder when he heard she was shot. No one could even touch a strand of her hair, let alone to shoot her. He would make everyone pay for daring to harm his angel.

David nodded his head and called someone immediately. He knew what she meant by that. BON meant Backup-Out Numbered. He immediately sent the backup at the location.

“Mr. Smith, I want to go there. Angel…ina is in danger. We should save her,” Xavier said. He was getting restless.

David Smith smirked. Although he was also worried as he got to know that she was outnumbered, but, he knew she was more than capable to handle herself.

“You don’t know her. One bullet wound is not enough to harm her. It is nothing for her. The one who should be worried should be the people who attacked her. Don’t worry. She will be fine”

But this was not enough to make Xavier less worried. This time, he got to know that she was not a normal rich woman. She was surely involved in something and had many enemies. He couldn’t help but be worried about her.

After about an hour, Xavier was still pacing the living room, Aiden was holding his face in his hands looking at the floor and David was also worried but he just sat there holding his forehead.

Suddenly, David got a call from the backup team he sent. But what he didn’t expect, was to hear that Angelina’s health was in a poor condition and that she was fighting for her life in the hospital.

The two men became restless when they saw David Smith’s tensed expression. David told them that Angelina was admitted to the hospital because she was hurt and that they needed to reach the hospital as soon as possible.

The three men rushed to the hospital without caring about the traffic rules. But the most worried among them was Xavier. He did not want to lose his Angel at any cost. He didn’t know why he was so protective of her but, what he knew was that he was feeling immense pain in his stony heart after thinking about his Angel’s pain.

Please, Angel. Be safe. You can’t leave me when I just came to know that how much I like you and care for you. When I finally found you. You are very special to me, Angel. Just don’t leave me, ever.

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