Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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The three men reached the hospital in ten minutes instead of the usual thirty minutes’ ride. But even those ten minutes were hell for them.

All the staffs and patients in the hospital were shocked when they saw the three most influential and powerful men at the entrance of the hospital. It’s not every day when you see the three richest people of the world in a hospital at the same time.

The three entered the hospital and went directly to where Angelina was being operated with the director of the hospital guiding their way, not sparing anyone a glance. The hospital was owned by David Smith, and the director knew how much Angelina meant to him.

That’s why as soon as he got to know about the situation, he hurriedly went to the entrance of the hospital to receive them. He was sweating heavily despite the air conditioner working perfectly well.

The director felt suffocated because of the overly intimidating aura of these men but, he couldn’t afford to offend the chairperson of the hospital. So, he had no other option other than to keep quiet and to make sure that all three did not find any fault in the services being provided by the hospital.

They went to the private floor on the hospital, which was especially made only for the owner of the hospital and his family. The floor was lavish. The chairs outside the operation theatre and in the waiting room were very expensive and comfortable with soft covering materials on them, unlike the metal ones usually present at hospitals.

There was a spa for patients who were admitted there for some days. The private wards on the floor had all the luxuries that a room could possibly afford. It didn’t look like a hospital room. One would think that it was a seven star hotel room unless they noticed the faint disinfectant smell.

Most of the female doctors and nurses on the floor were drooling over the sight of the three attractive men but, no one dared to go anywhere near them because of their unapproachable personality and icy demeanor.

The director informed them that Angelina’s surgery was being done by the head of surgery department and the country’s best doctors. David sat on the chair outside the operation theatre, keeping his head on his palms while Aiden was leaning on the wall, rubbing his face with his hands once in a while.

Whereas, Xavier was furiously pacing just outside the door of the room, occasionally peeping inside through the small glass window on the door. He was cursing himself for not taking action right away, when he learnt his angel was in danger.

After three long painful excruciating hours, the head surgeon came out of the room. The three men rushed to him to know about Angelina’s current condition. The doctor, being Smith’s family doctor and also a part of the underworld, knew everything about David, the former mafia king and Angelina, the mafia queen. He had treated many of Angelina’s wounds earlier, too.

He told them that she suffered from tremendous blood loss because of the two bullet wounds, and it didn’t help that Angelina had left the wound to bleed for about an hour. He informed that the bullet in her back was coated with batrachotoxin chemical drug which had terrible effects on her health and she could have died, had it not been for her great metabolism. The doctors were surprised when they saw the drug had little effect on her except for her irregular heartbeat and some breathing problems but, not any life threating problem.

“She is out of danger. All that she needs now is a proper rest until the wounds are totally healed. There will also be some changes in her usual diet which the nutritionist will tell the nurse. Make sure that no physical activity is done for at least two weeks as her body is weak because of the chemical and can cause heart failure if not taken care. She will now be taken to the ward where you can see her, but remember not to wake her up,” saying that the doctor went away.

Soon, Angelina was transferred to her private ward. David, Aiden and Xavier went inside the room to see her. Angelina was there on the bed with her long hair spread on the pillow. One would think that she was sleeping peacefully and was totally fine if not for the machines and IV drops attached to her.

David sat on the chair placed near the bed and held her hand. Angelina was like his daughter, which he never had. He loved both her and Aiden the same. It pained him to know that she was in this condition because she was involved in the underworld. David didn’t want to lose another one of his loved ones but he also knew that Angelina was stubborn and would never leave the mafia as she was not a coward who was afraid of such things.

Angelina joined the mafia to fight against sex trafficking. She knew she could not fight against it in the legal way, as everywhere there were some people who were corrupted and were more interested in money than humanity. She knew they would only try to create a hindrance in her work and would kill her for their selfish needs. So, she chose the illegal way.

Government and police knew whatever she did, but the ones who were honest did not have any problem and even supported her or worked under her while the corrupted ones did not have enough courage to speak against her.

The only mission of Angelina’s life was to eradicate all the human traffickers from the face of earth. She despised them with her entire existence.

David knew he couldn’t do anything to keep her away from the mafia, so the only thing he could do was to sit there in the chair and gaze at her while she was sleeping on the hospital bed.

Aiden went to the other side of the bed and took her other hand and sat beside her on the bed. Tears slipped from his eyes as he saw his friend lying motionless on the bed. She was his first female friend and was very special to him. He could sense that there was an unknown powerful bond between them but, he didn’t know what.

If only I was more strong and fearless to protect you. If only I could have been able to fight alongside you when those men attacked you. If only I wasn’t so weak, pathetic and useless. If only….. If only…..

There were so many ‘if only’ which were rotating in his mind. But with no potential solution. After some minutes of silence, he wiped his tears with the back of his hand. He did not want to be weak. He wanted to be strong so that he could become capable of becoming her friend.

“I am sorry for leaving you there, I am sorry for not being strong enough to protect you, I am sorry, I am really sorry,” he whispered and apologized again and again.

Xavier sat on the sofa in the far corner of the room with his elbows on his knees and face in the palms of his hands. He was observing everything happening inside the room with his eyes cold and emotionless.

It wasn’t like he didn’t care anymore. He cared about his angel the most but, he didn’t want to show any kind of emotions to anyone. He didn’t want anyone to see his weakness and vulnerability. So, he just kept quiet and focused on his angel, waiting for the room to be empty so that he could be near his angel.

It was early morning now and everyone was tired because of the stress. Xavier made an excuse that he would have an important meeting in the afternoon so, the other two could go to the mansion and freshen up while he would be there for Angelina and once, they come back, he would go to the mansion and freshen up, then attend the meeting in afternoon.

He said that they shouldn’t leave Angelina alone when she was not well and her body was weak as someone could try to take advantage of the situation and harm her.

David agreed as he also didn’t want to leave Angelina alone. Although, there was a top security all around the hospital and the floor, having someone much more familiar around her gave him more assurance.

Also, it wasn’t like he didn’t know what Xavier was trying to do but; he commented nothing on that. He had noticed how Xavier became worried the instance when he heard about Angelina being in danger, how he never sat down until he saw her alive himself, how he was peeping inside the window of the door of the operation theatre worriedly and desperately as if his life depended on it, how so much sadness and agony was displaying in his eyes even when he tried to hide his emotions as much as he could while hearing about her wounds, how he was looking miserable as a child who was lost and how his eyes held so much love for her.

David had noticed everything with his experienced and observant eyes. He was the former mafia king for a reason. Nothing could pass through his keen eyes.

He wanted Angelina to have someone in her life who would love her more than anything else in this world. If Xavier was that person, then so be it. He smirked and left the ward, dragging Aiden along with him.

Aiden was reluctant to leave, but he left when his dad told him they needed to freshen up and then come back. He could not dare to defy his dad.

Once the door was closed and there were only Xavier and Angelina in the room, he finally let loose of himself. A drop of tear slid down his eyes, followed by another, then another, and then the dam burst.

He hugged Angelina on the bed and cried like a baby. He couldn’t express in words how much he was scared to death when he thought he could lose her forever and never see her again. He didn’t let her go, as if afraid that she would disappear once he let her go.

And that was how Angelina woke up confused with him hugging her like a koala and bawling his eyes out.

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