Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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Xavier’s POV:

I was really worried about Angelina. At one point, it felt like I would go insane with worry, anxiousness and rage flowing through me. I wanted to kill everyone who contributed in harming her.

But I was happy when my angel came into consciousness. I would admit it was a bit embarrassing when she pointed out that I was crying. But it was fine for me, even if she saw my vulnerable side.

She was the only person in this entire universe who could see my vulnerable side.

I didn’t want to go away from my angel, so I just called Louis, my secretary, to deliver all my clothes at the hospital while Angel was sleeping. I freshened up and changed my clothes in the adjoining bathroom of Angelina’s ward.

I still couldn’t believe how much David Smith loved her, as if she was his own daughter. She even had a private ward on her name on the VIP floor, and no one except her could use that room. She really was like a family to Mr. David.

Just as I exited the bathroom, Mr. Smith and his son came into the ward. I told them I had freshened up and that I would go to meeting directly from here.

Okay, I would have to admit that I was just stalling the time. There was no such meeting. I had called Louis yesterday to tell him to cancel all the meetings for some days until further notice.

Mr. Smith asked or more like ordered me to follow him to the outside of the ward. I was nervous to be honest because I knew he had become suspicious about my strange behavior after the accident. It also might or might not have to do something with him being my Angel’s Uncle. I saw how they both were so close to each other and I really didn’t want to offend him as it would surely make my angel upset. I couldn’t afford that at all.

I sighed and followed Mr. Smith outside. I knew that both Angel and Aiden were curious as to why Mr. Smith suddenly ordered me to go outside with him.

I shut the door softly behind me and noticed Mr. Smith looking at me with a hard gaze. I also kept my emotionless and cold face in front of him. This matter was serious.

“Do you love her?” he asked bluntly.

I was caught off-guard with that question. Okay.... I didn’t expect that question at all. I thought he would threaten me or something.

But now the real question was, did I love her? I never knew the meaning of love. I didn’t believe in love. Was there even an exact definition of love?

I breathed deeply and replied seriously and honestly, “To be honest Mr. Smith, I don’t know what love is. I never ever believed in love and never saw myself falling in love with someone in my entire lifetime.” Mr. Smith listened to me but didn’t say anything in return. He was not one of those people who react before listening to everything the person in front of him had to say.

I continued, “But if I ask myself that, do I like her? Then, certainly yes, I like her more than anything in this world. Do I want to make her happy? Yes, I do, I want to make her the happiest person in this world. Do I want to protect her and keep her safe all the time? Yes, I want to kill every person who even think of harming her, no matter whom.

Do I feel pain when she is hurt? Yes, I do, I felt an extreme pain in my heart when she was lying in the operation theatre lifelessly and not showing her cold and emotionless eyes, which still says many things but is just waiting for someone to see through them.

Do I feel possessive about her when she talks to any other man? Yes, I feel jealous, especially when she talks and laughs with Aiden. I know he is your son, but I can’t help myself in wanting to kill him for being near her.

Can I do anything for her? Yes, I can. Even if I have to give up everything I ever earned in my life or have to give up my life for her safety and life, I will do so in a heartbeat. Do I want to know her deepest and darkest secrets? Yes, I want her to trust me and share about all her feelings and pain with me. I want to know her.

Do I promise to never leave her? Yes, I promise to never leave her, no matter what and always be by her side. Do I want her to share all her sadness or problems with me? Yes, I want to change her sadness into happiness and solve all her problems.

If all this means that I love her, then I love her. I love her with everything in me.”

Wow, that was long. I never talked so much to anyone and that too, especially with a person like David Smith. For a moment, I thought I was reciting my wedding vows instead of answering a simple question. Well, that question wasn’t that simple. But look at me talking as if I was a master in love matters.

Mr. Smith smiled gently and happily at me. I knew he was impressed by me. This was the first time that he showed any emotions to any person other than Aiden and Angel in front of me. I mentally sighed in relief. At least, I knew I would not have to fight for my angel with her uncle to gain his permission for our relationship like in movies.

“I am impressed by you, Xavier. I already liked you earlier, because I knew you were a strong and fearless man but now, I like you because I know you are a great man and a great lover also who would always love and cherish his women,” he said while smiling.

“That’s an honor for me, Mr. Smith, to be liked and praised by you,” I said while grinning.

“Oh, David is fine. I am happy that Angelina has finally got someone who loves her so much. She has suffered a lot, and she deserves someone who would care for her and be with her for her lifetime. But, I must warn you, Xavier. No matter who you are, I will kill you mercilessly if you ever hurt Angelina. She is like my daughter and I will never tolerate anyone hurting my daughter. So, you better love and worship her throughout your life,” he said in a serious tone to make sure that his words are fully understood and made a note of.

I also nodded my head and looked at him with a sincere expression. “I know you would not leave me if I ever hurt Angelina. But don’t worry David, I would kill myself before even thinking of hurting Angelina. She is my angel”

He raised his eyebrows when he heard me calling her my angel and something flashed in his eyes, but it was gone as soon as it came. I couldn’t read it, mock? Taunt?

What is it with both Angelina and her uncle reacting in such a way to the name given by me?

David cleared his throat and again started talking, “Anyway, Xavier, I appreciate your honesty but please do not kill my son and don’t worry about him and Angelina falling in love with each other. You don’t know it yet, but Angelina is a lioness who can only be tamed by a lion. Aiden is a rabbit who cannot handle or love a lioness, no matter how much he wants.

Even if he is a successful businessperson, his intelligence and experience are only in the business and not in the worldly experience. Angelina needs a strong and fearless man who can accept her every side and can understand her without fearing or judging her. But, I will not stop Aiden if he wants to pursue her. You both have my permission and would be given equal chances to make her yours. Just show her who is better than whom.”

Saying that, he patted my shoulder and again went inside the ward. Whereas, here I was left absorbing everything David said today.

Now, the only thing left was to approach my angel and make her mine and only mine.

I re-entered the room and saw David talking to his son and asking him to go back home with him and that he had something to talk to him privately, while in the meantime I would be here to take care of Angelina as my ‘meeting’ was canceled.

I thanked David in my heart and knew exactly why he had said that to Aiden. I could get more time to spend with my angel.

I could say that Aiden was unwilling to leave her in my care, but with having no choice, he left with his dad.

Humph, good for him

I went near my angel and kissed her on the forehead. Later, I did some work while sitting on the couch. Soon, my second in command called to tell me about the attack.

“Sir, the attack was planned by the UBEL mafia gang and as per the information gained by our hackers, the attack was specifically for Ms. Angelina Rossi. It was planned to either kidnap or kill her. But, what we don’t know is that why they are after Ms. Rossi or how she is connected to them. But, yeah, it is said that UBEL gang has recently formed an alliance with the IPOS gang whose leader is Chris Jones. So, it is possible that both the gangs together organized such a big attack.”

My eyes turned cold after hearing this. I knew these two gangs. They both were known for their dirty works in the underworld. And Chris Jones…. I hated this bastard. He was a rapist. But, since their gangs never stepped in my way, I never bothered with them. But, if they wanted to harm my angel, then I would mercilessly destroy them.

But what did my angel do to set such a big target on her back? How did she offend these two gangs that they had to plan such a big attack only for her? I knew my angel was not an ordinary girl but; I didn’t think that she was such an enormous threat to such powerful gangs. As far as I knew, only one woman could be a threat to such gangs and she was…

My train of thoughts was broken by, “Sir? Sir? Are you there?”

“Hmm, yeah, yeah, I am. Did you get any information on where Angelina works? Or anything about her family?” I asked while focusing on the current phone call.

“Actually sir, all our best hackers and private investigators tried their best to gain any information about Ms. Rossi. But, they didn’t get any. All her information is being hidden by someone powerful and most probably by someone who has a powerful presence in the underworld. The only thing we know is that her name is Ms. Angelina Rossi and nothing else, as if she doesn’t even exist in this world.”

I hummed and hung up the call. Maybe David had a hand in hiding all her information. Because he was the only one I could think of who was close to her and had a powerful presence in the underworld. But the question was why she needed to hide her information? Why so much secrecy?

Wasn’t my angel only a woman who had a strong and fearless personality and who was just the goddaughter of David Smith? I thought she was just a hard-headed woman but, wasn’t much dangerous and was an innocent and a sweet woman under all this cold personality. Did I read all this wrong?

Impossible! I was best at reading people. I was never wrong in judging a person and never would be. I knew my angel was innocent. I think those people wanted to hurt her only because she was the beloved goddaughter of David Smith. Yes, that should be it.

Oh, only if I knew how wrong I was!

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