Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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Angelina woke up after some hours and saw Xavier sleeping on the couch. She looked at him for some minutes, ruminating. Something flashed in her eyes when she saw him sleeping uncomfortably on the couch, but still there to take care of her. But it wasn’t love, care or affection.

It was suspicion and doubt. She was suspicious as to why he was so keen on coming closer to her or taking care of her.

Of course, she was not an ordinary woman who could consider these gestures caring or loving. Having so many enemies and greedy people around her who either wanted to harm her or take advantage of her, she couldn’t use only her heart in such situations as an ordinary person.

After knowing about the attack, he would have surely known that I am not an ordinary girl and that I can kill people without even blinking. He would have known that I am not an ‘angel’.

Then why is he so interested in me? Does he really don’t know my identity? Or is he pretending to not know me? He shouldn’t be that dumb to think that only my bodyguards fought in the attack and could save me and that I am innocent, right? What is he up to?

She pressed the buzzer, and a nurse in her twenties immediately came into the ward. She bowed her head, “Ms. Rossi.”

Angelina nodded her head and said in an authoritative tone, “Adjust my bed in a sitting position and pass me my laptop and mobile phone from the nightstand.”

The nurse nodded her head and did as ordered. She then again stood at the foot of the bed, waiting for further orders.

Angelina looked at the sleeping Xavier and sighed. “Um… cover him by a blanket or something and keep a pillow under his head,” she mumbled.

The nurse took an extra blanket and a pillow from a cabinet in the room and went near Xavier. She blushed while looking at his handsome face.

As soon as the nurse touched his head and tried to place the pillow under his head, Xavier woke up and stood from the couch clutching the nurse’s neck in a tight grip. The nurse’s eyes widened in surprise and fear. She scratched his hand while gasping for air.

“Who are you? How dare you touch me?” Xavier asked in an icy voice while glaring at her with his steel-gray eyes.

“Uh… si-sir… I-I… Ms. Angel-Angelina,” the nurse stuttered. She could not form any sentence because of Xavier’s tight grip.

Angelina was shocked to see Xavier like that. On one side, she was impressed upon seeing Xavier’s fast reflex and his alertness even while sleeping deeply. But she was worried about the nurse dying just because she followed Angelina’s order. She was not one to see an innocent being killed while sitting silently.

“Xavier, calm down. Leave her. She is not your enemy. Look at me. She only followed my orders. She didn’t want to harm you.” Angelina’s soft voice reached Xavier’s ear.

On listening to his Angel’s voice, he unexpectedly calmed down and released his grip. He was still in a state of daze but, seeing his angel sitting on the bed while calmly looking at him cleared his muddled up head.

The nurse fell on the ground with a thud sound, taking big gulps of air. Her face red due to lack of air.

Xavier again looked at the nurse, then at Angelina. He didn’t know what to do or what his angel would think of him. He decided to first deal with the nurse and then with his Angel.

“Never dare to touch me again or you have known the consequences. Now, get the hell out of here,” he said in a threatening and commanding tone.

He had never apologized to anyone in his life except his Angel and wanted to keep it that way forever. He cared little about the nurse or any other woman except his Angel. He wasn’t called merciless and a devil for nothing.

The nurse bolted out of the room, tripping several times on her way to the outside of the door.

Then Xavier slowly looked at Angelina, dreading the moment of explaining his behavior just now. He slowly walked to the chair beside Angelina’s bed, looking at the floor like a child going to be scolded by his mother for committing a mistake. It was as if his entire personality changed in seconds while looking and talking to his Angel.

He sat down and looked at Angelina sheepishly and rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “I-I am sorry,” he squeaked in a high pitch tone.

Angelina looked at him, amused while raising her eyebrows. She didn’t expect such a reaction from him. She was finding everything about this situation funny.

Xavier embarrassingly cleared his throat and again spoke, “Uh… um…. actually, I didn’t do all of that in my conscious state, Angel. It was just a reflex. And, I thought she wanted to touch me or harm me.”

Angelina rolled her eyes. “And how will you explain your behavior after loosening your grip on her neck, Xavier? When instead of apologizing, you so nicely and politely asked her to leave the room?” Her last few words of the sentence dripping with sarcasm.

“Um, I-I never apologized to anyone in my life except one person. And, I really didn’t know how to react or what to say to her. So, I reacted the way I am best at,” Xavier said while looking here and there but not meeting Angelina’s eyes.

Angelina remembered the several times Xavier apologized to her and quickly put two and two together. “And if I am not wrong, that one person is me, right?” She asked while pointing at herself.

Xavier eyes snapped to hers and he nodded while looking in her eyes. Angelina was baffled for a moment, she wanted to think that he was lying to her but she could clearly see the honesty in his eyes.

She didn’t know what exactly to say and hence, looked away. Suddenly, Angelina’s phone started ringing and both of their attention snapped to it.

Angelina answered the phone. “Speak,” she spoke coldly. All the amusement was gone from her face and was replaced with an expressionless face.

“Reine, we hacked the main server of UBEL mafia for some minutes and transferred some of their files containing information about their employers, supporters, allies and individuals who help them gather information about their past, present or future victims, before they could have been alerted about us hacking their server,” Arianna informed her.

Listening to that, Angelina smirked and said, “Very good. I was waiting for this only. Transfer those files to my email. I want to check it myself.”

That was a tremendous success in the process of elimination of that gang. Gaining information about UBEL gang backers would make it easy for them to know who to approach and bribe for destroying the gang. It would also make the gang weak once the main backers and supporters are killed.

“Ok Reine. The files will be transferred within ten minutes……” Arianna trailed off, wanting to say something else also but hesitating.

“Say what you want to say. You know you can tell me anything, right? Not only as your Rei-boss, but also as your friend,” Angelina said in a slightly soft voice.

While Xavier was confused about the one sided conversion, he could listen, but still a little jealous when he heard his Angel calling someone her friend and that too, in a soft voice. He didn’t like the change in her voice, not knowing whether the person is a male or a female.

Am I really being too petty by being jealous of someone whom I don’t even know? But I hope that whoever she is talking to is a woman only.

Arianna sighed and said sympathetically, “Angelina, take care of yourself. Your body is weak now, and you don’t need to stress so much. We can handle the company’s and the gang’s matters till you recover. And whatever is there in the file, please do not get upset or angry over its content. Now, I will hang up so you can check the files.”

Angelina raised her eyebrows confusingly but hummed and hung up the phone. She looked at Xavier, who was looking at her expectedly. “What? Do you want to say anything?” she asked, confused.

“Who was it on the phone?” Xavier asked while looking at her seriously.

“My assistant. But, I don’t see how it concerns you, Xavier,” Angelina replied.

“Uh… no… I-I was just asking. But, I have one more question. Can I ask?” he asked meekly.

“You know you are asking a question now also, right?” Angelina asked sarcastically.

Why can’t she ever talk nicely to me? He thought while sighing.

He then cleared his throat and asked hesitantly, “Uh, your assistant is a male or a female?”

Angelina was taken off-guard with his question. She stared blankly at Xavier for some minutes to see if he was serious. “Actually, he is a male. But, yeah, I will admit that he is hot and handsome. I mean, one would think that he is a model and not a simple assistant. All the office girls have a huge crush on him but, somewhere I heard rumors he loves someone with whom he works every day. I also remember someone saying that they are even very close friends. I wonder who that lucky girl is.” Angelina said while pretending to think. Suddenly her face burst with excitement, “Oh, yeah! Now, that I think of it, we also work with each other every day and are also very ‘close’ friends. Could that girl be m-“

Xavier stood up with a jerk making the chair fall on the ground while clenching his hands on both sides and went out of the ward slamming the door before Angelina could complete her sentence.

Xavier was fuming outside the ward. His knuckles turned white because of clenching his hands so hard. He went outside the ward because he didn’t want to lose control and do something which he would regret later. Of course, he would never harm his angel but, it didn’t mean he would not like to kiss the hell out of her and show her who she belonged to. But he knew his angel would not appreciate it at all.

He went to the park located beside the hospital for a walk to calm himself down. He wanted to calm down before going near his angel again.

Does my Angel really like her assistant? Does she love him also? No, No, it can’t happen. She is mine and only mine. I will make sure that she will only love me and no one else.

Once Xavier was gone from the room, Angelina dropped her excited expression. She smirked and chuckled lightly.

“Stupid! Does he think I am dumb and not know what he is trying to do? Does he think I will answer all his questions like a dumb little wife? How did he even persuade that old man to stay at the hospital? Anyway, this should give me enough time to check all the files without him hovering over my head all the time. I will deal with this man later.” Angelina thought, not knowing that she had awakened a more possessive side of the said man.

She opened the files on her laptop one by one, memorizing all the information in them easily because of her photographic memory. Angelina knew many people who were on the list of powerful backers, investors and supporters. She opened the last file and continued the process to remember every person’s details. She was tired of remembering so many names, but continued.

But the last person’s name on the file shocked her. She stared at the photo of that person for minutes without even blinking her eyes and with an expressionless face.

Some memories buried deep inside her mind surfaced again. It was as if she was in a trance, feeling numb and hopeless, unable to come out of those once forgotten memories. Darkness surrounding her mind and heart, making her remember all her sleepless and tear filled nights.

After some minutes, she came out of the trance but; it didn’t relieve her. Instead, it made her feel her emotions more clearly, her pain, her heartbreak, everything to an intense level. She wasn’t feeling numb anymore.

Angelina was feeling an excruciating pain in her heart. She rubbed her chest to sooth the pain but; it wasn’t useful. Instead, it made everything real. She wasn’t dreaming; she didn’t imagine. Her eyes turned red. She didn’t know whether because of hurt, betrayal or anger. But she didn’t cry. She didn’t cry for the person on the list. She would not allow that person to make her weak and helpless again.

Name: Daisy Miller

Age: 48

Position: Manager of Account and Finance Department, Hacking Department and Business Dealing Department

Primary Work: gaining information about organizations working against UBEL, helping in planning and managing attacks on enemies, managing the funds of the gang, dealing with the powerful clients and providing them their desired goods.

Side work: Providing the gang at least ten girls a week for business and managing the cleaning team to hide bodies.

Specialty: good at planning, managing business deals, luring people into the business.

Family: No detailed information

Marital status: Married

Extra Information: Wife of THE BOSS.

“Why did you do this? Is this work really worth doing in your eyes? You left everything behind to do this? Wasn’t one betrayal enough?” Angelina spoke in a low and broken voice.

“WHY? WHY? WHY?” She screamed in frustration, anger and hurt.

She threw the laptop on the floor with using the last bit of energy left in her, breaking it into several pieces.

The pain was unbearable and the tears finally escaped, flowing like a river, not stopping even if she wanted.




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