Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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Angelina threw all the items within her reach on the floor. The glass, the medicine tray, the comforter, pillows, her phone, the IV drop stand, and many other things. She detached the wires and tubes connected to her body. Blood was dripping from her hand and wrist because of the way the IV drop needles were detached by her and the broken glass pieces that entered her hand. But she didn’t care about that.

All she wanted was to release her anger, frustration, hurt and everything she felt for years because of that woman whom she once considered her mother. The woman who abandoned her, who gave her the first scar on her body when she was just a child, who tried to sell her off to some old perverts, who broke her, who made her hate herself, who made her a monster and who made her unable to trust and love someone ever in her life.

But nothing worked. The pain increased as every second passed, and as she remembered all her dark and painful memories. The anger and frustration was increasing as she realized that even after so many years, the level of pain was same. That even after so many years, she was not over everything that happened in past and could not let go.

After taking the walk, Xavier went back to the private floor of the hospital to check on his Angel. His Angel’s safety came above his possessiveness or anything in this world.

He entered the ward and was shocked to see the terrible condition of the room. He looked at his angel and saw her pulling the roots of her hair and crying like a baby. Her face held a broken and painful expression. Blood dripping from her hand to her face and the hospital gown.

He had always seen her elegant, confident, courageous and powerful. Seeing her like that made him feel pain deep inside his heart. Something big must have made her like that.

He hurriedly went to her side and held her hand, gently prying them away from her hair. “Angel? Angel, look at me. What happened, baby? Why are you crying? Did something happen? Did someone say anything to you? Tell me, baby. I will make everyone pay who made you cry. Don’t cry, baby. I am here for you,” Xavier said while holding and embracing Angelina securely so that she couldn’t hurt herself anymore.

Angelina struggled for some time in his hold but after some minutes, she gave up and hugged his waist tightly, afraid to lose the slight touch of reality he was giving her and going in a hysteria again.

“I hate her, Xavier. I really hate her. I hate her,” she mumbled repeatedly while crying.

“Who is it, baby? Who do you hate? Tell me her name and I will make sure that you will not see her ever again. I will kill her, no matter who she is,” Xavier said in a gentle voice while rubbing her head softly.

“I-I can’t tell you that, otherwise, you will also think that I am a bad person and will judge me. You will hate me,” Angelina said weakly while sniffing. She had stopped crying, but her eyes still leaked silent tears.

“I can never hate you, Angel, and I don’t care who that person is. I will also hate that person if you hate her. I know you will have a valid reason to hate someone. And even if you don’t have, then also I will never judge you. I will always be there with you,” Xavier said softly.

“Yo-You will? You will not judge me? You will not hate me? And Yo-You will never abandon me?” Angelina asked like a child needing reassurance from their parents that they will always support their child.

“Of course baby, I will never judge or hate you. You are my Angel and how can I abandon my Angel?” Xavier asked, still stroking her hair.

“I-I am not an Angel. I am a bad person, Xavier. You will only get hurt if you will be with me,” Angelina said with a heavy heart and a hiccup.

“Everyone has a good and a bad side. So, everyone is both a good and a bad person. No one is perfect. I don’t care about what you did or do. I just know that for me you are my Angel. And staying away from you will hurt me more than staying with you. So, I will never leave you, Angel. And that’s a promise,” Xavier said.

Who is she, Angel? Who can make you like this? I promise you, Angel, I will not leave whoever has hurt you so badly.

After making sure that Angelina has calmed down, Xavier slowly moved away. Sensing this, Angelina tightened her grip on him.

“Don’t go. Please don’t leave me,” Angelina said in a broken voice.

“I am not leaving you, Angel. I am just going to get the first aid box to treat your wounds,” Xavier said while trying not to trigger her again.

“I am fine. We don’t need a first aid box,” Angelina said stubbornly while hugging him more tightly. His warm embrace made her feel protected.

Xavier sighed and pressed the buzzer to call the nurse. The nurse came and was startled to see the condition of the room. Seeing that Angelina had no plan to let him go, he sat on the bed near her while embracing her gently and patiently convincing her to let the nurse treat the wounds on her hand.

After the wounds were taken care of, Xavier ordered the nurse to send someone to clean the room and prepare a sponge bath for Angelina. The entire time not even glancing at the nurse and looking just at his Angel.

In the next half an hour, the room was cleaned, and the sponge bath was made ready. Xavier persuaded Angelina for the bath and promised that he would wait just outside the room and would come inside as soon as her clothes were changed.

After the sponge bath, Angelina was again made to sleep on the bed and true to his words, Xavier came inside as soon as the nurse informed him. The needles and the machines were again attached to her body while Xavier took a shower and changed his clothes, which were covered in Angelina’s blood.

Once both Angelina and Xavier were again alone in the room, Angelina hugged him again and asked him to sleep beside her on the bed. The bed was king sized, so there wasn’t much problem with it.

Xavier kissed on Angelina’s forehead and hugged her, taking care of her wounds on her back. Angelina hid her face in Xavier’s chest with her head tugged under his chin. Both slept while hugging each other.

Even the strongest of everyone has a weak and vulnerable side of themselves. And they also need someone to rely on and to get assurance that they are not lonely in this cruel world. They also need someone who will embrace their every flaw and will always be there for them with open arms and a smile on the face.

Both Angelina and Xavier were woken up by the whispers and chatting around them. Angelina moved in Xavier’s arm sleepily while Xavier groaned and tightened his hold on her.

“Hey, don’t you dare to hurt my friend. Release your grip on her. Her back would will open again. Hey, wake up. Release her,” Aiden said while shaking Xavier frantically.

On hearing his voice, Xavier abruptly sat on the bed wide eyed looking at Aiden, then at David. He was shocked to see David’s expression. David was grinning widely while looking at both him and Angelina. Xavier had expected to be punched straight in his face for touching, let alone sleeping with Angelina on the same bed.

Aiden was looking at him sternly. “What were you doing sleeping with her on the same bed? Why were you holding her? Why are you sitting on her bed even now?” Aiden asked firmly.

Xavier was getting angrier with each additional question and was about to say something but was cut off by his Angel’s chuckle.

“Relax Aiden. He slept on the bed because I asked him to. I was suddenly having a nightmare and Xavier was helping me to calm down and fall back to sleep again. He didn’t hurt me. Don’t worry,” Angelina said, smiling gently.

“Is that why your eyes are puffy? Do you often have these nightmares?” Aiden asked worriedly.

Angelina tensed after hearing this question. She looked at her uncle to find him looking at her seriously. “Don’t worry, I am fine. This nightmare came again after many years. I will handle it.”

Aiden nodded but didn’t ask any further question, sensing her discomfort on the topic. In the meantime, Xavier went to the washroom to freshen up while David sent Aiden to buy some orange juice for Angelina.

“What happened, Angelina? I know, something is not right. As far as I know, you never cried in front of anyone except for the time when Maria died. So, tell me, what happened, sweetheart?” David asked once no one was in the room.

Angelina took David’s phone from him and logged in her email through it and opened the last file she was checking, on the phone. She then gave him his phone back and asked him to see the profile of the last person.

David checked the profile and looked sadly and sympathetically at Angelina. He could understand how she was feeling now. He was angry at that woman who had hurt her own daughter multiple times in her life and still continued to do so.

He sighed, “I am sorry, sweetheart, for all this. I regret not killing her last time. I never wanted you to live such a painful life because of her.”

Angelina shook her head and said, “It’s not your fault uncle. You don’t need to apologize for her. It’s just that my memories with her were recalled after seeing her picture again. But, don’t worry, I will not fall weak again. I will be fine.”

“It’s not about falling weak, Angelina. Everyone has a weak spot in their life. It’s about you trusting someone to rely on whenever you fall weak.”

“Don’t start with all this again, Uncle. I am fine by myself. And, what exactly are you planning, old man? Your reaction on finding Xavier beside me on the bed was not what I expected. First Aiden, now Xavier? Are you really that excited to give me away to someone else as soon as possible?” Angelina exclaimed, trying to lighten the tensed and gloomy atmosphere.

David just smiled sheepishly and shrugged and was about to say something but said nothing when he noticed Aiden coming back. Aiden gave the juice to Angelina and started talking about how Scarlett was doing and that he should bring her sometime to see her.

Xavier went outside to attend a call. After an hour, David had to go to his office for an important meeting and Aiden went to take care of Scarlett when the babysitter called him to inform that she was crying continuously and wasn’t calming down.

Xavier entered the ward once both father and son were gone. Angelina averted her eyes away from his when she noticed he was staring at her. She started playing with her fingers.

“I-I am sorry for being weak and clingy at that moment, and for creating a scene like that. I-I didn’t do it intentionally. I am sorry for making you see all that and for ruining your clothes with my blood. I will compensate for your losses. I know that time is money and I will pay for wasting your time in all this-” Angelina said but was cut off by a loud bang.

Xavier couldn’t help but punch the door in anger. She looked blankly at Xavier in shock. He strode towards her and put his hands on her both sides leaning his face closer to hers. “You are sorry for being weak at that moment? Everyone falls weak at a point in their life. No one should be sorry for that. And you are sorry for ruining my clothes and for wasting my time? You will pay for my losses? Am I that cheap in your eyes that I would ask for compensation when I should be there for you and support you, at least for humanity? Am I inhumane or an opportunist for you?” Xavier asked angrily and sadly.

Angelina couldn’t say anything for some moments. She didn’t mean it that way. Ever since childhood, she didn’t want any favor of someone on her. She just wanted to pay for the favor Xavier has done for her as much as she could. She didn’t think that Xavier would misinterpret her intentions.

“I-I. It’s not like that. I-I was just,” she took a deep breath and continued, “I am sorry for hurting your feelings. Of course, you are not an opportunist or an inhumane person for me. I am grateful for you helping me to calm down and being there for me. I was just trying to pay for the losses and the favor you did on me today. This is the least I could do.”

Xavier closed his eyes and sighed, “I didn’t do any favor for you today, Angel. I don’t know how to explain all this to you. You don’t need to pay for any loss or anything. The only thing you can do for me is to take care of yourself and recover quickly.”

Xavier leaned away and went to sit on the sofa. “If only, I could have explained why I helped you. It’s because I love you, Angel. But, I guess I would have to work more on letting my feelings reach your heart. You are so smart Angel but, why can’t you understand my love for you?” Xavier mumbled under his breath.

Angelina didn’t know how to respond. No one except her dad and uncle had been selfless for her or not expected anything from her in return.

Are you really different, Xavier? Or are you pretending to be different? What do you want from me, Xavier?

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