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Next morning, Aiden came to meet Angelina with Scarlett. Angelina hugged Scarlett and kissed her on her forehead.

“I missed you, my baby girl. I hope you were doing well these days and were also missing me very much. Hmm?” Angelina asked in a baby voice.

Aiden raised his eyebrows and chuckled, “I heard no mother asking her child to miss her very much. I always heard ‘hope you didn’t miss me much.’” Putting the last sentence in finger brackets.

“Why would I hope my daughter would not miss me when I am away? I want her to miss me so that she would love me forever,” Angelina said while looking at her daughter and grinning.

Aiden smiled fondly at Angelina when he saw how much Angelina loved her daughter and how her aura changed to a motherly and a gentle aura when she was with her. “Oh yeah, your assistant gave me this bag at the entrance of the hospital. There is your laptop, mobile phones, some chocolates and some other useful items in this. Your assistant really cares about you. But, I have to say that you have got a very dedicated and attractive assistant. At first, I thought your assistant is a model and not a simple assistant.” Aiden said while keeping the bag on the nightstand.

Xavier on the other hand, got hyped up at the mention of Angelina’s assistant. He sent chocolates for her? Dedicated and attractive, my foot! What’s so good about him that even this Aiden became his admirer? I really want to see and beat the shit out of this model.

Angelina’s eyes lit up at the mention of chocolates. “Pass me the chocolates. Don’t dare to eat even one of my chocolates. And I know my assistant really cares about me. I really love h-” she said, but was cut off by Xavier’s loud cough.

“Angel, I can buy you the whole chocolate factory if you would say. Tell me which chocolate brand you like, I will make you the owner of that brand,” Xavier said after his boisterous fake coughing episode.

Angelina’s eyes flashed with mischievousness when she realized the reason behind Xavier’s reaction. She smirked, looking at him.

“Why would you do so, Xavier? Do you think I am a gold digger who would like you to buy a company for her?” Angelina asked with as much seriousness as she could muster.

“No, Angel! How can I think that? I just meant that I can buy you as many chocolates as you want and whenever you want.” Xavier said wide eyed while worrying that his angel misunderstood him.

“Whenever I would want? I will definitely remember the ‘whenever’ word Xavier,” Angelina said while smirking deviously at him.

The entire day passed with Xavier occasionally showing his possessive side for Angelina in front of Aiden. Xavier also played with Scarlett and the two grew fond of each other in a very less amount of time.

At night, Aiden went back with Scarlett. After dinner, both Xavier and Angelina worked for some time, then slept.

Angelina woke up after few hours and saw the time on her phone. It was two thirty in the morning. Then Angelina looked at Xavier sleeping peacefully on the additional bed in the room, which she arranged for him after Xavier stayed at the hospital all the time and smirked darkly.

How can you sleep like this when I am awake? Although, I feel slightly bad for ruining your peaceful sleep but, I can’t help myself. Today, I will give you a nice lesson.

Angelina screamed at the top of her voice, “WAAAKE UPPPP”

Xavier woke up with a jerk and looked at Angelina wide eyed. He was in front of her in seconds. “What happened, Angel? Are you in pain?” he asked worriedly.

Angelina felt a little guilty seeing his disheveled and worried look but, pushing the guilt aside, she continued with her plan.

“I want chocolates, Xavier. I want to eat chocolates NOW. Can you buy those for me?” Angelina asked, looking innocent and pouting at him.

Xavier sighed in relief when he noticed nothing was serious. He checked the time on his phone. “It’s only two-thirty in the morning, Angel. You want to eat chocolates this early in the morning? It will not be good for your health.”

“You said you would buy me chocolates WHENEVER I want. Are you going back on your words, Xavier? Are you not going to buy me chocolates?” Angelina asked, pretending to be angry.

“But, I-” Xavier wanted to say something but was cut off by Angelina.

“Should I call my ASSISTANT then to buy me chocolates?” Angelina asked while taking her phone and pretending to dial a number.

“I am going. I am going to buy you chocolates now. You don’t need to call your assistant.” Xavier said hurriedly.

Xavier went outside the room and called his assistant, Louis. “Buy some of the most expensive and tasty chocolates and send someone to deliver it at the hospital within the next half an hour and also send a refrigerator with it,” he ordered and hung up the phone without giving Louis any time to reply.

Louis sat confused on the other side of the phone. “I guess, I will also have to work to help my boss in winning over his future wife,” he mumbled and sighed.

Within the next half an hour, the refrigerator was set up in the room with all the chocolates placed in it to prevent them from melting. Angelina was shocked to see all this.

What the hell is all this? This man really bought half a candy store for me this early in the morning? I was just kidding. I didn’t think he would really take all this seriously.

“These are all for you, Angel. You can eat as many chocolates as you want now. But, eat little as eating many chocolates will not be good for your health. I will ask the doctor about how many chocolates you can eat daily,” Xavier said while smiling gently at her.

“Uh… um… thanks, Xavier,” Angelina said as she had nothing else to say. She ate one bar of chocolate because she couldn’t resist that and slept.

The next two weeks passed in a blur with Xavier staying with Angelina all the time at the hospital. He didn’t leave her side at all. Angelina didn’t want to, but she couldn’t help and notice how much Xavier cared for her in those days.

Ugh… you are confusing my feelings, Xavier. I want to hate you but, still I can’t. What have you done to me?

After two weeks, Angelina got ready to be discharged from the hospital. “Doctor James, I am perfectly fine now, right? Please release me from this hell as soon as possible.”

“Ms. Rossi, the two weeks’ time was for you doing no physical activity. But, I am afraid that you will have to be admitted for some more days to ensure if you are perfectly fine and the chemical does not have a long-term side effect on you,” the doctor said.

“I will not stay at this place for one more day. I don’t care if you are going to discharge me or not. I am leaving this place, no matter what,” Angelina said frustratingly.

“But, Ms. Rossi-” the doctor was cut off by Xavier.

“Angel, you should listen to the doctor. We can’t take risks with your health,” Xavier said gently to convince her.

“I. DON’T. CARE. I will leave this place today, no matter what you or the doctor has to say. I have work to do,” Angelina said stubbornly.

Xavier sighed and shook his head. He had gotten to know that his angel got whatever she wanted, one way or another. “Fine, we will get your discharge papers and will go back to the mansion today. But, I will arrange a personal doctor for you who will take care of you at the mansion.”

“No need. I will arrange my own doctor to take care of me. You have done a lot for me in these days, which you really need not to. I can’t take any more favors from you,” Angelina said coldly.

Xavier was hurt when Angelina again pointed out his favors on her. He also didn’t like her talking to him coldly. But he nodded nevertheless.

I am sorry, Xavier. I know that you have done a lot for me, and I am really grateful for that. But I can’t allow you to enter my heart. You are a great person and so; you need someone who will love you immensely. I don’t even know if I can even like someone, let alone love someone. For me, love only makes a person weak and I can’t afford that. Nothing is more important to me than my life’s only mission.

At the mansion, both David and Aiden were happy to see Angelina back. Angelina hugged both of them and took Scarlett in her arms.

“Uncle, I need to talk to you about some important matter. I will wait for you in your study,” saying that Angelina went upstairs to her uncle’s study.

Everyone felt the tensed and cold aura around her. David looked at Xavier and saw him looking at Angelina with a dazed expression. Aiden just went back to his room to do his office work, clueless about the situation at hand.

“Did you both had a fight, young man? What happened to her?” David asked Xavier.

“I don’t know. She was fine in the morning then suddenly, she started behaving aloof. I don’t even know what I have done,” Xavier mumbled.

David sighed, looking at the miserable man in front of him. “Don’t worry, I will ask her about what happened. Just have more patience and courage, my child. You have chosen a tough nut to crack,” saying that David also went upstairs to his study.

Just as Angelina noticed David entering the room, she started speaking. “Who exactly is Xavier, Uncle? Why did you want me to meet him? I want to know everything about him today. And yeah, he better not be one of those men whom you choose to meet me for the possibility of us dating each other in the future.”

“No, sweetheart, I didn’t want you two to meet and date each other when I called him earlier here in France. The day after tomorrow is a banquet which you have to attend and you will get all your answers there,” David said.

“Fine, I will attend the banquet, but I better get all my answers that day,” Angelina said.

“What happened, sweetheart? Why are you so eager to find out about Xavier, today? And, why in a foul mood so early in the morning? Did he do something?” David asked, looking at her seriously.

“Nothing uncle. You know I have trust issues. I just have my suspicions. But, don’t worry, he did nothing. It’s just that I don’t want to hurt him,” Angelina said while exhaling.

David raised his eyebrows and smirked but said nothing, afraid of Angelina going back to her shell.

If only I knew what surprise was waiting for me at that banquet and how one banquet would reveal so many secrets, changing so many lives.


Hope you all are doing well.

What do you about Angelina ruining Xavier’s sleep? Was she too heartless?

What can be revealed at the banquet?

Answer me in the comment section.

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