Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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Today was the banquet day. Angelina got ready in a strapless black body fitting gown with a slit on her left leg side till her knee. The dress had a broad red colored belt around the waist with several diamonds embedded in it. She paired it with a simple yet expensive diamond pendent necklace and a pair of diamond earrings. She wore red gloves and red high heels to match with the dress.

Her red hair left open to reach her waist in natural waves. Her makeup included smoky eyes and blood red lipstick. She applied mascara, making her long eyelashes look more attractive. From a distance, her irises looked red like a gem. She looked beautiful and seductive, yet dangerous and unapproachable.

Angelina put her guns and knives in her thigh holsters and her handbag. She placed some blades in her gloves. She checked her appearance once more in the mirror and went downstairs. Aiden was sitting there in the living room and was playing with Scarlett.

“Whoa! You look beautiful. Today, all eyes in the banquet are going to be only on you. How I wish that I also could have gone to this banquet,” Aiden said when he noticed Angelina.

“I always look beautiful but, thanks for the compliment. And if you would have gone to the banquet then who would have been here to take care of Scarlett?” Angelina asked smirking. She had gotten much more relaxed in his presence.

Aiden rolled his eyes but said nothing in reply. Soon, Angelina left for the banquet. The banquet was being held in one of David Smith’s mansion at a secluded area. The privacy was the chief priority for this banquet and hence, no paparazzi were allowed anywhere near the mansion.

The ballroom was looking extravagant. All the guests were connected to the underworld in one way or another, or were the dates of the ones connected to the underworld.

As soon as Angelina entered the room, every eye was on her. Most of the men, even some females, were drooling over her sight. Some women were also jealous but, they didn’t dare to glare on her because of the dangerous vibe she was giving to everyone.

Angelina just stood at the corner of the room with a glass of champagne in her hand. From her place, she could see each and every person’s movement. Everyone was aware of her presence, but no one was courageous enough to approach her.

“Are you here with someone as their date?” she heard a man’s voice.

She rolled her eyes and turned to look at that man. “Why am I not surprised to see you here? Anyway, what do you think? Who could I have come with ‘as their date’?” she asked, smirking and twirling her glass, not once taking a sip from it.

“You look beautiful, Angel,” the man said.

“I know, Mr. Knight,” Angelina replied. Of course, only one man had enough courage to go near her and that man was Xavier Knight.

Xavier wore a black tuxedo with a red bow tie. His cufflinks were of diamond. He also wore a Patek Philippe watch. His hair neatly styled back with his five o’clock shadow giving him a heavenly look. He looked handsome yet deadly. Everything about him screamed wealth and power.

“You know, your drink is spiked, Angel,” Xavier said while looking angrily at the glass she was holding.

“I know, Mr. Knight, that my drink is spiked. Don’t worry, I have played such games many a time in my life,” Angelina said while touching the rim of the glass.

Xavier looked at her in shock. Earlier, he thought his angel would be framed and taken advantage of. What he didn’t know was that whom he was talking to was a queen and knew exactly when, where and what happened in her presence.

Xavier’s phone rang, and he picked up the call. “Boss, the man who spiked the drink has already been kidnapped by someone and taken out of this place. Should we follow them?” his assistant, Louis asked him.

Angelina smirked and seeing her smirk, Xavier knew who was behind the kidnapping. “No, it’s fine. Don’t follow them. Come back. Monitor others,” Xavier ordered and hung up while still keeping his eyes on his Angel.

“Attention, everyone. I am very delighted that everyone can come here on such a brief notice. As you all know, I have been retired from the position of Roi, a while back and in the meantime, I chose a capable Roi and Reine who were managing the affairs of the underworld individually and secretly. You all have seen how smoothly and efficiently everything was handled in these years. Am I right everyone?” David Smith asked while looking at everyone present in the room. He was standing on the stage present in the ballroom.

Everyone nodded their head, and a chorus of yes was heard in the room. After that, David Smith continued, “So, today, I would like you all to see the faces of your Roi and Reine so that you all can trust them and work together in the future.”

Angelina was shocked to hear that. She didn’t expect her uncle would do that so suddenly. Nevertheless, she braced herself for the upcoming events.

“So everyone, I would like you all to meet Xavier Knight as your Roi. He is the leader of the Blood Night mafia,” David said while pointing at Xavier. Everyone’s eyes followed in that direction. Xavier went towards the stage and stood beside David wearing a cold and emotionless expression on his face.

Angelina looked at him and smirked. Now, she got all her answers about Xavier.

What a surprise you gave me, Uncle! If I wasn’t preparing myself the entire day for this, I would have gotten a stroke because of this revelation. Now, I understand why I wasn’t able to get much information about neither Xavier nor Roi. I also didn’t know that he is from Blood Night mafia… ah… you owe me big time, Xavier. This will change many things between us.

“Now, it’s time to meet your Reine. She is the leader of Black Rose mafia and her name is Angelina Rossi,” David said while this time pointing at Angelina.

Angelina elegantly walked to the stage and stood beside Xavier. Xavier was immensely shocked on hearing Angelina’s name, but he didn’t let it show on his face and kept his poker face. He clenched his hands tightly.

How could this be? Out of all women on earth, it has to be my Angel? Is that why I didn’t get any information about neither her nor Reine? MY ANGEL IS ‘THE SHE -DEVIL’? Shit, this will change a lot of things between us, Angel.

Both Angelina and Xavier stood proudly at the stage. “Does anyone have a problem with the new revelation? If so, they can tell everyone now or else pledge your alliance with them,” David asked in an authoritative voice.

No one said anything and simply bent on one knee and bowed their head in front of them as a sign of respect for their king and queen. No one was courageous enough to stand against them, especially after knowing how much ruthless they both were.

“Well, that’s good to see that no one has any problem. Now, let’s give a toast to them and enjoy the party,” David said while raising his glass in the air.

After that, everyone enjoyed themselves and interacted among themselves. Angelina took her spiked drink back from the server whom she had given before going to the stage and went to the balcony for fresh air. All these boring interactions, fake smiles and the irritating smell of perfume of people present in the room were making her feel suffocated.

Angelina just looked at the vast night sky, reminiscing her past of how she became Reine of the underworld. She was twirling her glass and sighed when she realized how less number of wonderful memories she had in her life.

“Too much sighing will make you old early, Angel,” she heard Xavier beside her. She looked sideways and noticed him staring at her. She again turned towards looking at the sky.

“Again, with this name? I thought you will change your opinion on me, by now, of being an angel and will call me a she- devil like others,” Angelina said.

Xavier also looked at the vast expanse of the sky. “And I thought, by now, you would have known that I am different from others. I don’t care about what other people call you. For me, you were my ANGEL and will always be my ANGEL. But, yeah, you being Reine changes many things between us,” Xavier said.

Angelina smirked and said, “Of course, it will. But, now, you should also know to stay away from me because even though our mafias are not enemies but, you still owe me a big time for your gang’s stupid decision that one time.”

Listening to that, Xavier started laughing hysterically, “I didn’t know, my Reine will hold a grudge for something that happened years ago.”

Angelina chuckled and replied, “How can I not? YOU took one of my best assassin away from me. Just because he fell in love with an assassin of your gang and you didn’t allow her to leave your gang, I had to free him and allow him to join your gang because they both wanted to be together but, didn’t want to appear as if betraying their respective gangs. And, so, they decided to be in one gang only. I was really pissed off at you at that time.”

Xavier sobered up and said, “You can take as many trained and best assassins as you want from my gang now. I will not stop you. You are my Reine, after all.”

Angelina rolled her eyes and said, “No, thank you very much. And I am not YOUR Reine.”

“I am Roi and you are Reine. We rule the underworld side by side. Don’t you think we are fated, my queen?” Xavier asked while grinning cheekily.

Angelina sighed, “You really don’t spare a chance to annoy me. And, no, I don’t think we are fated as it’s only because of our work and is valid in Underworld only.”

Xavier shrugged, “Just say the word and I will make you the queen of business world as well.”

Angelina just chuckled dryly at his comment, “No, thank you. I am not a gold-digger who would be with you just because you can make me the ‘queen of business world’. And, don’t forget that the chairperson of Rossi Empire is at the same level as you. You are not exactly the king of the business world.”

Xavier sighed and said, “Yeah, you are right. But, I have heard that the chairperson of Rossi Empire is a woman so, of course she can’t be a king. Even if she would surpass me then also, she will be the queen of business world. The king will always be me. But, don’t worry, I will never allow her to surpass me as the queen position is only reserved for you.”

Angelina just shook her head. “Don’t you wonder how a woman can handle such an extensive empire alone? I mean, it can be a rumor for all we know that the chairperson and the CEO is a woman,” she asked while looking intensely at the moon in the sky.

“Who knows? It may or may not be a rumor. But, I will not be surprised even if the chairperson will be a woman. In which field, has women not reached at the same level as men?” Xavier replied.

Angelina gave him a side glance and smiled. She just hummed and again started twirling her glass. Xavier noticed it was the same spiked drink.

“Why are you still keeping the spiked drink with you, Angel?” Xavier asked, confused.

Angelina looked at the glass and then at him. She smirked, “Because, I don’t want to waste a glass of drinkable and non-spiked champagne. And besides, if this drink is going to be wasted, then why not use it for saving your life?”

“Huh? Saving my life?” Xavier asked, still confused.

Angelina turned towards Xavier and took several steps away from him. Suddenly, she dropped the glass and Xavier rushed towards her and bent to see if she was hurt. Just as he bent, Xavier felt a bullet passing beside his ear.

Angelina took out her gun from her thigh holster and shoot the person standing behind the bushes at the garden of the mansion. The man was dead even before he knew. Xavier looked wide eyed at Angelina.

“Never let your guard down and don’t let me distract you. I don’t want to be the reason for your death. Be alert and keep your eyes and ears everywhere. This was just a trial. After today, we will have much more enemies than before,” saying that Angelina went back inside the mansion.

You are really something, my Angel and that’s why I love you. I will have you, Angel. You are mine and will always be mine, MY QUEEN.


Hope you all are doing well these days.

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