Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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Next day, Angelina got up in the early morning and got ready for her office. She wore a royal blue bodycon dress which came just above her knees with matching blue heels. Her long hair was let down her back. Since her skin was flawless, she needed little to no makeup. She only used mascara, eye-liner and lip gloss and her favorite perfume. Her other accessories were a black color wrist watch, platinum ear-rings, a thin necklace with a small diamond pendant and a pair of blue-colored gloves.

She went downstairs to the dining room and saw her dad waiting for her at the head of the table. Angelina greeted her father, “Good morning dad. Did you sleep well last night?” She kissed his cheek and sat on the right side of her dad to have her breakfast.

“I slept well, Angelina. But, I am angry at you now.”

“What happened, dad? Did I do something wrong?” Angelina asked while raising her left eyebrow. She could do anything to make him happy. She could not afford her dad to be angry or be upset at her.

“You came last night from your business trip, and today, you are going to the office in the morning itself!!! You need to rest for some days or for at least one day. So, don’t go,” her dad, Daniel Rossi, whined.

After listening to that, Angelina calmed down and prepared herself for his tantrums. “Dad, I have to work to earn money and you know that time is money. I can’t waste my time with no reasons. And, besides I rested last night.”

“No, you SLEPT last night. That’s not called resting or relaxing. Take a day off to spend the day with me. I am getting old and I need to spend time with my favorite daughter. I need my favorite daughter to take care of me,” her dad said while wiping his fake tears after completing the last two lines.

Angelina rubbed her forehead and looked at her father, “Dad, I am your only daughter. And I have a very important meeting today and my schedule is packed till the next week. I promise, I will take a day off next week to spend time with you.”

Her dad wasn’t in the mood for ending his drama, so he continued, “You don’t love me anymore, as I am turning old. No one loves me now. Where will I go? What will I do now?”

Angelina sighed in exasperation and asked her dad, “Old man, are you done? I know, you want me to do something with this blackmailing, so tell me, what do you want from me? I will do it.”

Her dad shut his mouth after listening to her and said, “You know me so well. And yeah, I am done. It’s enough for my drama classes today. So, you will do anything I want now, right?”

Angelina could not believe that the man sitting beside her is her dad. He acts like a child. “Yeah, old man, I will do anything for you,” she said seriously because it was the truth.

“So, go on a blind date which is arranged by me,” her dad said, looking at her expectantly.

Angelina groaned but agreed because she knew her dad would not leave her alone till she agreed. “Fine, I will go. Send me the time and address of that blind date.”

Her dad’s face lit up after hearing that, and he messaged her everything right away. He finished everything which was served to him for breakfast in a record time and was beaming in excitement. Angelina smiled softly after seeing her dad so happy. She would do anything for his happiness, even if she had to go on a stupid date for him.

After breakfast, Angelina left for her office. She walked elegantly into the office building followed by her secretary and two of her bodyguards and went straight to the private elevator, sparing no one a glance. Everyone worked properly after seeing their CEO. The one thing Angelina hates most is tardiness. She wants proper and perfect work every time. In the elevator, Ava, her secretory briefed her about her schedule for the entire day. Angelina stepped out of the elevator and went straight into her office.

Her office had a black and white theme. There was an enormous desk in her office with an expensive black leather chair at its back and two other chairs at its front. Her office had a full wall window at the backside of her chair giving a magnificent view of the City of New York. There were couches with a small coffee table and a huge shelf filled with books and files on the wall opposite to the full wall window. Her office also had a projector for meeting purpose. The office was simple yet elegant.

She sat on her office chair and reviewed some files kept at her desk. There was a knock on her door and she replied with an icy voice, “Come in.” Her secretory entered her office with her black coffee and the reports which she asked yesterday. “Keep the files at the desk Ava and leave,” Angelina ordered without lifting her head up. Ava kept the coffee mug and the files on her desk and left.

Angelina took the file and read it. She memorized all the details with her amazing memory and burnt the file. She took her phone and called one of her men, “Collin, I have sent you the details and I want this person at the warehouse within an hour.”

“Yes, Reine,” the person replied from the other side.

Angelina continued doing her work and got a message after one hour on her phone, which brought a satisfactory evil smile to her face. She left the office and ordered her driver to take her to the warehouse.

After reaching the warehouse, she went inside and to the downstairs of the basement. All the people whom she captured and tortured were there in different cells. The cells smelt of blood, sweat, vomit, urine, acids and many other things.

“Reine,” every person bowed for their queen as she walked from the entrance of the warehouse to the cell where her new prey was captured.


She went near the cell and ordered the guard to open the cell door. The guard opened the door, and she went inside. Inside was a man in his early thirties with his hands tied to the chains attached to the ceiling. His legs stretched and tied to chains. He was in starfish shape, fully stretched.

Upon hearing the opening of the cell door, he moved his head up to see his captor. It shocked him to see a beautiful and hot woman instead of a man with a large build. He didn’t expect his captor to be a woman. In any other situation, he surely would have been seduced by her.

“Who are you?” the man sneered.

“Reine,” Angelina replied in an icy cold voice. Her aura was very dangerous now. She was craving for the blood of the man in front of her. That was the only one word required for that man to pee in his pants.

“rr-re-rei-reine?” the man stuttered. The woman in front of him was the world’s most ruthless and feared mafia leader. “wh-why di-did yo-you cap-capture m-me?”

Angelina laughed coldly that sent shivers down the spine of everyone present in there, even the guards. “You dared to attack my men and my company. You dared to sell my company confidential information. How can I leave the person who betrayed me?” Angelina asked, taunting him.

“Yo-you are t-the C-C-E-O-O of t-the Ro-Rossi com-company?” the man asked, mortified. After all, not many knew the CEO, many times, not even her own employees. The man knew that he was going to die a painful death because no one dared to go against the queen.

“Surprise, surprise!! Now, you are going to die a slow and painful death because BETRAYAL IS A SIN AND SINS ARE UNFORGIVABLE.”

She sat on a chair placed in front of the man in the cell and ordered her men to splash hot boiling water on him. The man screamed in pain, but it only brought joy to Angelina’s ears. The man’s skin was peeled off because of the water. Then she took a knife and peeled his leftover skin. The entire basement was echoing with the man’s screaming and begging, but that had no effect on Angelina. She was enjoying every moment of this.

Then she cut his body parts one by one, starting from his fingers to his hand, then his entire arms. She removed his eyes from his sockets. By this time, the man had stopped screaming and was only letting out weak whimpers. He was on the verge of passing out. Lastly, she took his heart out of his body.

She killed him mercilessly.


I did it again. I lost my control after I saw him screaming when boiling water was splashed on him. I don’t know why whenever I see any betrayers, my past comes rushing in my brain and I can’t see anyone except those bastards…… Will I ever will be able to forget those things or control myself while torturing someone?

Angelina went out of cell to the upstairs of the warehouse. On the first floor, there was a room with an attached bathroom which contained all of her belongings. She took a shower and cleaned herself from that man’s filthy blood. Then changed her clothes, went outside of the warehouse and sat inside her car as if nothing happened an hour ago.

She ordered the driver to take her to the restaurant, her dad messaged for her blind date.

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