Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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The day next to the banquet day, Angelina decided to go back to New York and handle her company’s and gang head quarter’s affairs there. Her injury had already resulted in delaying and postponing of many important decisions and meetings of her company.

Xavier and Aiden also decided to go back to New York for their respective work. They were there in France for so many days only because of Angelina. They wanted to be there for her and to take care of her when she was injured. Now that, she was going back; they had no further reason to stay in France or delay their work anymore.

Angelina got ready in a rose pink pantsuit, pairing it with a pair of white gloves and a pair of white wedge heels and hence, matching them with her white shirt she wore underneath her suit jacket. She tied her hair in a high ponytail, leaving a few strands of hair framing her face. The makeup included only the applying of a moisturizing cream, a light coat of mascara and a lip balm.

Angelina went downstairs with Scarlett in her arms and saw Aiden waiting in the living room for her. Aiden smiled at her and gave her and Scarlett a group hug.

“I was thinking why don’t we both go together to New York since, we both have to go to the same place,” Aiden said after breaking the hug.

Angelina just shrugged and replied, “Sure, I don’t have any problem with that. But, I will go there with my chopper as I have to go directly to my mansion from here. Will it be fine with you?”

“That would be best. In this way, I can visit your home too,” Aiden replied grinning.

Xavier got furious when he listened to their conversion and thought of Aiden going to his Angel’s house. He went towards them and said, “Angel, I am also going to New York. Why don’t I also go with you?”

“No, you can’t go with me, Xavier, because I will be directly going to my mansion from here. I can’t take you there with me,” Angelina said.

“Why can’t I go to your mansion whereas he can?” Xavier asked while childishly pointing at Aiden and pouting.

“Because it’s my mansion and I will decide who will go there and who will not. And, I decide that you will not go there,” Angelina said.

“But, whyyyy?” Xavier asked, whining.

“Because I said so. Now, excuse me, I have to go now,” saying that Angelina went outside of the mansion.

“It was nice meeting you, Xavier. Now, I think I should go as Angelina has already gone outside the mansion,” Aiden said and also left.

Xavier glared fiercely at Aiden’s back. Angelina and Aiden hugged David and left after exchanging their goodbyes.

Angelina’s chopper landed on the helipad at the terrace of the mansion. Both Aiden and Angelina were welcomed by the butler, Mr. William.

Just as Angelina turned to go downstairs, she heard a faint sound of another chopper from a distance. She looked in that direction and noticed that it was Xavier’s chopper.

“Is this man following me?” Angelina asked herself while glaring at the chopper.

But, unexpectedly, the chopper landed on the mansion next to her. “So, he is the new owner of this mansion?” Angelina whispered to herself and sighed. She didn’t expect Xavier to be her new neighbor.

Aiden was busy admiring Angelina’s mansion and the view from the terrace that he didn’t notice Xavier’s chopper or Angelina’s dilemma. Angelina just went downstairs to the living room with Aiden following her like a lost puppy.

“Your mansion is so beautiful, Angelina. It also gives such a homely and comforting vibe. Do you live here alone?” Aiden asked while looking around the mansion appreciatively.

“Thanks Aiden and no, I don’t live here alone. I live here with my dad and now, will live with Scarlett also,” Angelina said while looking and smiling down at her daughter.

Angelina suddenly looked at Aiden and said, “Aiden, since you are my friend and you also know that your dad is my godfather, I want to tell you something about myself.”

Aiden nodded his head and said, “You can tell me anything Angelina.”

“Well, I wanted to tell you I am that mysterious chairperson of Rossi Empire and the CEO of Rossi groups of Industries that the entire world is curious about.”

Aiden stared at Angelina wide-eyed for some minutes to see if she was joking. But, seeing that Angelina was serious, he composed himself and grinned widely and excitedly.

“Please tell me, apart from your dad and my dad, no one knows about your secret. That I am the first one who got to know about this personally from you,” he said in a pleading and excited voice.

Angelina chuckled and shook her head. “I never imagined that this is what someone would ask me the first thing when they get to know about my identity.”

Aiden pouted at her. “Oh, Come on!!! It’s amazing that my friend is so successful in the business world and is the world’s richest woman. But, I wanted to be the first person to know about my friend’s secret.”

“Well, obviously some of my employees like my secretary and my assistants know about my secret but, other than that, you are the first one who got to know it ‘personally’ by me,” Angelina replied while using finger quotations for the word personally.

Aiden beamed at her and instantly hugged her. Angelina tensed because of the abruptness of the action but soon relaxed after a moment. She needed to get used to Aiden hugging her because that man was a huge hugger.

“Wow, I didn’t expect my neighbor to be the chairperson of Rossi Empire and my biggest competitor,” suddenly they heard a voice from the entrance of the living room.

Aiden broke the hug, and both he and Angelina looked at the intruder. Standing at the door was the one and only Xavier Knight.

Angelina sighed and smiled sarcastically at Xavier and said, “Now, you know. How long were you planning to eavesdrop on our conversation MR. KNIGHT?”

“I wasn’t eavesdropping, Angel. I just wanted to greet my neighbor but now, I am hurt by your accusation, Angel,” Xavier said while placing his hand on the right side of his chest.

Angelina scoffed and said, “As if. Why didn’t you greet your neighbor when you first shifted here? And as for being hurt, your heart should be on the left side of your chest, so, you should place your hand there.”

Xavier was embarrassed when Angelina pointed about his silly mistake but, he still tried to cover it, “I-I… some people’s heart is on the right side Angel. It’s very rare, but it still happens and, my heart is also on the right side of my chest. Anyway, I saw your chopper on the terrace of your mansion and guessed that you are my sweet neighbor.”

Angelina rolled her eyes and said, “I am not interested in this useless conversation. Anyway, you should know that whatever you heard right now shouldn’t go to media or in public.”

Xavier became serious and nodded his head, “Don’t worry, Angel. You should have trust on me. I will never reveal your secret. I know that you would have a reason to keep all this, a secret.” Then, Xavier glared at Aiden and said, “I guess you should tell him to not spout anything about your identity to others.”

Aiden glared back at Xavier and replied, “I am not a stranger to Angelina that she would doubt me. YOU are a stranger for her and hence, she should be careful and aware of YOU. She trusts me, and that’s why she told me about her secret before anyone else. Why didn’t she tell you anything if she trusted you?”

Xavier glared at Aiden with ten times more intensity and clenched his jaw. Angelina looked at them and sighed. “Childish people,” she mumbled.

“Do you both want to eat anything after the long travel?” she asked, trying to diffuse the tension in the room.

Both looked at her and their eyes and expression softened. They both nodded and followed Angelina to the dining room. Angelina fed Scarlett while the chefs prepared the food the three wanted to have.

After everyone had filled their appetite, Angelina’s assistant, Ava, came with some files to report to Angelina. Angelina prepared a driver to send Aiden home. Xavier went back to his mansion while Angelina also left for her office.

Angelina asked Ava to reschedule the meetings which were being postponed and that she would like to complete all the delayed meetings in a week. For the next week, Angelina stayed in the office only to complete all her pending works.

She slept in the hidden room attached to her office room and also kept Scarlett with her in the office to make sure that she was safe with her. She couldn’t do her work efficiently and with concentration while worrying for Scarlett’s safety in her absence, so she kept Scarlett with her all the time.

Xavier and Aiden were also busy in their respective work. But Xavier went home every night with a hope to see Angelina in her mansion. But, every time he went to visit her, the guards would always say that she was not in the mansion and that they were never informed about Angelina’s whereabouts.

Xavier was getting more and more worried about his Angel’s safety as the week passed. One night, he saw a car driving to the driveway of her mansion. He guessed that the person in the car would be his Angel. He hurriedly went outside his mansion to hers in order to see her.

“Angel? Where were you? I was so worried about you the entire week. Are you fine?” Xavier asked as soon as he reached near the car.

A woman came out of the car and looked at Xavier with a blank face. She looked exactly like Angelina, just some years older. But the thing that startled Xavier were her eyes. Her eyes looked empty and lifeless, as if she was just a living corpse.

Before anyone could say anything, another car came into the mansion’s driveway. Angelina came out of the car with Scarlett in her arms. She looked tired and had dark circles under her eyes.

She looked at Xavier in confusion and then at the woman in front of her. Her eyes hardened when she noticed the woman who was standing in front of her.

“What are you doing here?” Angelina asked in a chilling and icy, bitter voice.

The woman stepped forward to hug her while Angelina stepped back. “Don’t. Don’t come near me or my daughter,” Angelina warned the woman.

Angelina gave the sleeping Scarlett to Uncle William and asked him to put her in her crib in her room.

“D-Daughter? You have a daughter, Angelina?” The woman asked while looking at Scarlett.

Angelina looked at the woman in anger. Her jaw ticked, and she clenched her hands. “It’s none of your business. I just want to know why you are here, in front of MY mansion.”

The woman looked in Angelina’s eyes with tears in her eyes, “Angel-Angelina, I-I wanted to see you. You have grown up so much in these years.”

“But, I don’t want to see you. You never came to see me in these years. Did you ever even think of me in these years? Then, why are you suddenly here?” Angelina asked her.

“I-I missed you, Angelina. I tried to meet you many a time, but your father never let me meet you. I love yo-” the woman was cut off by Angelina’s loud voice.


Angelina was finding it hard to control her emotions. She was finding it hard to breathe in that woman’s presence, but she didn’t want to show her that her presence affected her at all. She didn’t want to give that woman the satisfaction of seeing her vulnerable.

“No baby, you are my daughter. How can I do that to you? Please, let me explain. And what are you talking about? What work?” the woman asked with tears running down her face.

Angelina started laughing after hearing her mother. “What a talented actor you are, Daisy Miller. But, I am tired today and not interested in your games at all. You better leave this place and never come here again, if you value your life at all. Trust me, I would not hesitate before killing you, MOTHER,” Angelina said coldly while spatting the word Mother.

Her eyes showed only hate and disgust for the woman in front of her. She went inside the mansion while telling the guards to throw her mother out of her property.

Angelina’s mother looked defeated and her eyes held pain and despair. She looked at Xavier, who was standing there the entire time and was looking in a state of shock because of the entire situation. Daisy just looked at him with an unreadable expression and left the place.

Xavier also left and went back to his mansion to give Angelina some space. He wanted to be with her to make sure she was fine, but didn’t want to suffocate her with his presence.

What have you suffered in all these years, Angel? What’s going on between you and your mother? What did you mean by your mother killing your soul?

Angelina went inside her room and changed her clothes to a sports bra and shorts. She tied her hair in a ponytail. She kissed Scarlett’s forehead and went to the gym, built in the mansion.

She started hitting the punching bag, releasing all her pent up frustration and anger. The entire scene with her mother replayed in her mind again and again. Her knuckles started bleeding but, she didn’t care at all.

After some hours, she had little energy left and hence went back to her room. She took a shower, wrapped her knuckles in bandages and went to sleep thinking only about a specific woman.

Why did you do this? Why can’t you let me live in peace? Why do you keep haunting me and my dreams?

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