Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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Angelina got ready in black leather pants, a black tank top, and a black leather jacket. She paired it with a pair of black gloves and a pair of black combat high heels shoes. Her hair was tied in her usual high ponytail, leaving a few strands of hair framing her face. Her makeup included only her blood red lipstick.

She put her guns and daggers in her waist holster and in the pockets of the inner side of her jacket. Angelina went outside the mansion with fire burning in her eyes. All the maids, servants and guards around her in the mansion shivered because of the cold air surrounding her.

Angelina ordered her driver to drive her to the main headquarters of the underworld. That headquarter was made to supervise every gang’s and mafia’s activities and to make sure that no gang clash with others in business. That headquarter could only be used by the Reine and the Roi. The other people working in the headquarters were the assassins, hackers, agents, and other trusted people of the Roi and the Reine’s mafia gang.

Earlier also, Xavier and Angelina used to go to that headquarter, but they never had a coincidence of meeting each other. The headquarters looked like an average office building from the outside but; it had many underground bunkers for the supervision purpose and other underworld activities.

Angelina reached at the headquarters and went directly to the hacking room. Arianna was already there and was checking the progress of finding the location of Devin Rossi.

“Did you all find something? I want to know where Devin Rossi is, at any cost,” Angelina asked as soon as she entered the room.

“Reine, our agents combed the area of the attack. As per the reports, Devin was going into the woods for a walk, I assume; when suddenly he was attacked by armed men. The guards tried to protect Devin, but the attackers were many in number, so, they couldn’t stop Devin from being taken away. But, the guards could injure and capture one of the attackers. He is in the cell right now,” Arianna reported to Angelina.

Only Arianna and a few of Angelina’s most trusted people knew about Devin Rossi being Angelina’s father. In underworld, not everyone could be trusted and hence, the relationship of Devin Rossi with Angelina was kept a secret. No one could know Angelina’s weakness, otherwise that fact could be taken advantage of by anyone.

Angelina smirked darkly and went to the cell in one of the underground bunkers. She never believed in making others do the torturing or other dirty works for her. In her view, the other person who worked for her was also a human like her, so why couldn’t she do the dirty work herself? Being the boss didn’t mean to make others do all her work.

The cell reeked of blood and sweat. It had all the torturing devices hung on the wall or placed at a table in the room’s corner. Many kinds of knives, daggers, whips, Tasers, stun guns, scissors, nail puller, and other objects were there.

One wall of the cell was made of glass; that was a common wall for another room where everything that happened in the cell could be easily monitored or controlled. One could see through the glass if they were in the room but, couldn’t do so if they were in the cell.


A man was there in the cell with his hands tied to the ceiling and with chains around his legs. He was kneeled down to the floor of the cell. His head hung low.

The guard guarding the cell placed a chair in front of the man. Angelina sat on the chair and was playing with her dagger. She placed the dagger under the man’s chin and lifted his head.

“Who do you work for? Who ordered you to attack Devin Rossi?” Angelina asked in a dangerous and intimidating voice.

The man looked at Angelina and was mesmerized by her beauty. “You are beautiful and sexy,” he answered instead.

Angelina moved the tip of her dagger slightly upward, thus piercing his skin. Small droplets of blood dripped onto the floor.

“Ah… Ah… Ah… just answer my question if you don’t want a slow and painful death. I am not here to listen to your bullshit,” Angelina said in a chilling and disgusted voice.

“This type of work does not suit you, baby. You are too hot to do these things,” the man said with lust clearly visible in his eyes.

Angelina just chuckled darkly and signaled the person sitting in the other room with a hand sign. The chains around the man’s wrists connected to the wall tightened and his arm got stretched wider as the seconds passed.

The man screamed when he felt as if his arms would be ripped apart because of the coiling of the chains at the wall side. “STOP IT. PLEASE, STOP IT,” he yelled desperately.

“This was just a demo to make you understand what happens when Reine is not in the mood to play games,” Angelina said while signaling the other man to stop the stretching of the chains.

“R-Rei-Reine? Yo-You are Re-Reine?” the man stuttered. He knew how much ruthless Reine was.

“Yeah, I am Reine. So, now you better know how to answer my questions wisely. Now, tell me who ordered you to attack Devin Rossi?” Angelina again asked with a dark smirk on her face, twirling her dagger.

“My Boss,” the man said while shivering.

“Who is your BOSS?” Angelina asked impatiently.

“I-I don’t know. I don’t his name,” the man replied.

One look at his face and Angelina knew he was lying. In a swift motion, she stabbed her dagger in his right thigh and twisted it. The man screamed loudly.

“I hate liars. I want to hear truth. Understood? Only truth,” Angelina said in a low and dark voice.

“I-I can’t tell yo-you his na-name. Please lea-leave me.”

Angelina laughed loudly. She stood up from her chair and cut his thumb in a swift motion. She then cut all his ten fingers slowly and painfully. The man’s screams echoed in the cell and the hallways around the cell.

“Now, will you tell me who your BOSS is?” Angelina asked while again sitting on the chair in front of the man.

“Ch-Chris Jones an-and…” the man replied while panting and crying.

“And?” Angelina asked while carving on his cheek with her dagger.

“TH-THE BO-BOSS of UBEL ma-mafia ga-gang. I really don-don’t know hi-his name,” the man replied.

She looked at his expressions and knew that he was telling the truth about not knowing ‘The Boss’ actual name. Angelina was best at reading other’s expressions and in telling if the person in front of her was lying or not. She nodded her head and went near the door of the cell. She turned around and looked at the man with her cold eyes.

“You didn’t make me do much efforts for making you spout the answers for me. So, as a reward, I will give you a quick death.” Angelina took out her gun from her holster and shot the man in his head. The man was dead even before he could register what Angelina said.


Angelina again went to the hacking room but, this time with her clothes and face soaked in blood. “I want every detailed information about Chris Jones in four hours. Where he is, whom he meets, where he goes, who all are in his family, where all his family members live, everything; I want to know everything about him,” saying that she left and went to her office room on the top floor of the building.

She took a shower and washed her hair in the adjoined bathroom of the office to clean all the blood from her body and changed her clothes. Angelina took her laptop to check on the latest progress in the mission of finding her dad. She couldn’t rest till the time she would find her dad.

Where are you, Dad? Don’t worry. I will find you soon.

Suddenly, Angelina remembered the GPS device which she had put in her dad’s body near the crook of his neck for such situations. She grinned happily and hacked the location of the GPS device.

After a few hours, she got to know the location of the device. The GPS showed the current location at a rural place in the countryside. Angelina furrowed her eyebrows and tried to find the exact location of the device.

After much efforts, she got the exact location. It was somewhere near the Texas. Angelina ordered some of her men to go to that location and check if Devin was there or not. She didn’t go there herself because it could be a trap also, to send her to a false location and distract her.

Angelina wanted Chris Jones under her feet, begging for mercy and his life. It was high time, and Chris Jones had already placed his name at the top of Angelina’s enemies’ list.

CHRIS JONES. You have caused enough trouble for me. First, you took away my friend Scarlett’s mom away from us. Then, you endangered my daughter’s and my friend’s life. And now, you even dared to kidnap my dad? I will not leave you, Chris Jones. You will die a painful death. Even the others who will see your corpse will shiver and learn to never mess with Reine. You will remember even in your next life to never cross paths with me ever again and to never attack my loved ones again. Be prepared Chris Jones. LA REINE VIENT POUR TOI. (Reine is coming for you)

Soon, Arianna came with the reports of Chris Jones’s whereabouts. It detailed everything about whoever was important in his life and about those girls whom he raped; to even the minor details of his daily routine.

Angelina read the reports carefully and got to know all the weak spots in his life which she needed to attack on. She smirked darkly when she read about his family.

Looks like I got to know an interesting fact about you, Chris Jones. Now who will save you from me?

The whole afternoon, Angelina made detailed plans for capturing Chris Jones with Arianna and some of her most trusted people in her office room. She couldn’t afford any mistake. She needed to capture Chris Jones soon, before he could do anything else in order to harm her.

After the discussion and making sure the plan had no loopholes, Angelina dismissed the meeting and again sat on the couch of her office room with her laptop to monitor the GPS device’s location.

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