Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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Angelina woke up after an hour. The first thing she saw after opening her eyes was Xavier’s face. She noticed she was lying on the couch with her head on Xavier’s lap. Xavier was sleeping in the sitting position with his one hand around Angelina’s torso to hold her and his another hand on her hair.

She didn’t move for a while, silently observing Xavier’s handsome features. His messy hair with some strands of hair falling on his forehead, his long eyelashes touching his cheekbones, his long pointed nose, a light stubble on his sharp chiseled jaw and his soft pink kissable lips.

Angelina stared at his face for minutes. She crept her hand upwards near Xavier’s face to caress his cheek. His skin was soft to Angelina’s touch. She liked the feeling which she got when she touched him.

How a man can have such a soft skin and so soft looking pink lips?

She traced his lips, which were in a pout with her thumb. His lips were as soft as they looked. He was looking innocent and carefree in his sleep.

Angelina unknowingly was smiling the entire time looking at Xavier. She was feeling different around him after giving him a glimpse of her nightmares and her past. It was as if an unknown connection or an unknown bond was made between them now.

What are you doing to me, Xavier? Why am I getting so used to your presence and touch? Why is it so much easier for me to open up about my past to you? Why do I always feel that you will never judge me or betray me? Why have I started to… trust you?

There were so many questions roaming in Angelina’s mind, which only led to one thing.


Suddenly, Angelina felt Xavier kissing her thumb, which was on his lip. She gasped and immediately removed her hand from his face. Xavier opened his eyes and looked at his Angel with so much love in his eyes while she was avoiding his eyes and was looking here and there.

Angelina was blushing profusely after being caught caressing and staring at him. Xavier was amused to see his Angel blushing for the first time in front of him. But what he didn’t know was that it was Angelina’s first time to blush in front of not only him but anyone else ever in her entire life. It was getting hard for Xavier to not kiss his Angel then and there.

“Like what you see or rather touched, Angel?” Xavier asked with a cocky smirk on his face.

Hearing him, Angelina looked in his eyes. “To be honest, yes. I liked what I saw and touched,” she replied, smirking. She was not one to deny what she felt or thought in front of anyone.

Xavier was caught off guard with his Angel’s sudden boldness. Just a few moments ago, she was blushing, and now she was again back to her confident self. But, then again, that was what Angelina was, an untamed lioness.

Angelina removed her head from his lap and sat up so that she was facing Xavier. Xavier also adjusted himself to look at his Angel.

“Thank you, Xavier. Thank you for calming me down after my nightmare and listening to me. You don’t know how much that meant to me. I never talked about all this to anyone; but today, only because of you, I am feeling so light after so many years. I will always be grateful to you, Xavier,” Angelina said while smiling genuinely.

Xavier smiled while looking at his Angel’s smile. He was feeling more close to Angelina. “Don’t say thanks, Angel. I will always be there for you.”

As soon as Xavier said that, someone knocked on the door, disturbing their moment. “Come in,” Angelina said in an authoritative voice.

Her face was wiped off of any emotion and her eyes cold and dominating. It was a major turn on for Xavier. He found his Angel hot and sexy while being in her bossy mode. He cleared his throat and discretely adjusted his pants so that his hard on was not visible to the world.

“Reine, our men had reached to that GPS device’s location. But, as you had predicted earlier, it was indeed a trap. The device had been removed from Mr. Rossi’s body and was kept in the abandoned building to make you come there. The entire building was filled with high explosive bombs and one would have been dead as soon as they would have entered inside the building,” Arianna informed Angelina.

“Fucking bastards,” Angelina seethed. “Check if everything is in order. I want to follow through on the plan and capture Chris Jones as soon as possible. I don’t want any delay in making his life worse than hell.”

Arianna nodded her head and turned towards the door to go out of the room, but not before secretly wiggling her eyebrows at Angelina and gesturing between her and Xavier. She was grinning deviously as if she got to know the biggest secret in the world.

Angelina glared at Arianna but chuckled at last. Arianna had become her friend after Angelina had chosen her as her secretary and her third in command years ago. Angelina had told her many a time to call her by her name, but Arianna was persistent on calling her Reine as everyone else.

Angelina looked sideways at Xavier and noticed the reason for Arianna’s strange behavior. Xavier was staring shamelessly at Angelina, not sparing Arianna a glance. He was looking only at his Angel, observing her every slightest action.

Once Arianna was gone, Angelina looked at Xavier, raising her eyebrows. “What? Is there something on my face that you are staring so blatantly?”

Xavier looked away. He was so busy in staring at her he didn’t realize he was being so obvious. “Nothing, Angel. I-I was just…” he wasn’t able to complete his sentence because he was cut off by his Angel’s chuckling.

“Enough of staring now. I need to go on a mission, so, I better prepare for it now. Oh yeah, because of everything I forgot to ask you the reason of you coming here. Did you need something?”

Xavier just chuckled and nervously rubbed the back of his neck. What should he say? Why was he here in her office room? He had gotten to know that Angelina had come at the headquarters and was tensed, so; he came here without thinking about anything else. But he couldn’t give that reason to his Angel.

“Actually, Angel, I had come here because of some mafia related work; when I got to know that you are here as well. So, I thought to meet you once,” Xavier made up an excuse.

Angelina just nodded her head, not quite believing him. She knew when a person lied and here she could easily tell that Xavier was lying. But, she didn’t pry much about that.

Xavier was the mafia king, and he also was trained to lie perfectly such that no one could suspect him at critical situations. But for some strange reason, he just couldn’t lie perfectly to his Angel.

Angelina stood up from the couch and sat on her chair, which was behind her office desk. She started working on her laptop, reviewing some of the gang’s weapons and drugs deals. Xavier was just staring at his Angel, admiring her about how she worked with her full concentration.

She called one of her men, Collin, in her office. “Reine,” Collin said while bowing his head. “What can I do for you, my highness?” he continued while grinning at her.

Collin was a handsome guy with his hazel eyes and light brown messy hair. He was well built because of the hours he spent at the gym. He was always enthusiastic and cheerful. One would say he was harmless from outside unless they saw him at battlefield. He was vicious and good at manipulating people; his innocent face giving him an advantage at deceiving people.

But he was loyal to Angelina. He could give up his entire life to do anything for her. Angelina had helped him when he had no food, no shelter or anything; when his parents had died and he had nothing left. Because of that, Collin had always looked up to Angelina. He wanted to be like her in the future.

Angelina was seventeen when she had started Black Rose mafia and Collin had just turned eighteen at that time. Angelina helped him to be a capable man and to be a perfect man that he was today.

For Collin, Angelina was the only person whom he could trust. But he was never her friend. Angelina was always closed off and aloof to others. Collin had understood that long ago, but he still always tried to make Angelina smile at his childish and stupid tricks.

Angelina just rolled her eyes at him. She was used to his antics by now. She didn’t mind him. “I want to know how the drug cartels being supplied to us are less than we order since the last few months. There are also some complaints from the clients that the drugs are of poor quality. How is it possible when we order the best quality and check the quality and quantity of the product as soon as the order is shipped to us? I want you to find out what is happening and who is behind all this.”

Collin became serious while listening to Angelina. At work, there was no place for jokes. He knew how to be dedicated towards his work. “Ok, Reine. I will present you the reports in the next 48 hours.”

Angelina nodded her head and dismissed him. Before going out of the door, Collin again turned towards Angelina. “Your highness?”

Angelina sighed and looked at him. “Yeah?”

“We will find Devin Rossi as soon as possible. I know how much he means to you. And trust me, when I say that I will leave no stone unturned to find him for you.”

Angelina could sense the determination and loyalty in his voice. Her eyes softened, and she exhaled heavily. “Thanks, Collin,” she said in a slightly soft voice.

Collin nodded and again came back to his cheerful self. “And, take care of yourself, your highness. Otherwise, what will happen to the people who live under your ruling dynasty?”

Angelina just shook her head at him. “Go back to work, Collin. I don’t pay you for your theatrics.”

The entire time, Xavier was looking at both of them with his hawk eyes. He was curious who that man was. He didn’t like how Angelina’s voice softened while talking to him. He couldn’t bear any other man’s presence near her.

Once Collin was gone, Angelina looked at Xavier, raising her eyebrows. “Didn’t you have some mafia related work, Xavier?”

“Uh… my work has been completed, Angelina. It was just a small work. Anyway, who is that man, Angel? Is he your assistant?” Xavier clenched his hand while mentioning the word assistant.

“I see… And no, he is not my assistant, Xavier.”

“Then, who is your assistant?” Xavier asked, confused.

“And why do you need to know that?” Angelina asked while raising her left eyebrow. She knew why Xavier asked that question.

“I-I was just asking. No particular reason.”

Angelina smirked. “My assistant is Arianna. The woman who came inside earlier.”

“Wasn’t your assistant a male?” Xavier was getting more and more confused.

“No, my assistant was always a female. I had lied to you that time because you were irritating me.”

Xavier realized what his Angel had done. He was feeling stupid for not realizing that earlier and being a possessive beast for no reason.

I was getting jealous of a woman? And I didn’t even realize that my Angel was just messing with me? You just wait, Angel, I will make you pay for making me jealous and worried in all that time.

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