Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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After their conversation, Angelina again started working, ignoring Xavier’s pout and his accusatory gaze on her. She was finding it funny to tease him. After many years, she was so relaxed, calm and happy. And it was all because of Xavier.

She didn’t know if she loved him or not because she still hadn’t been able to overcome her insecurities and worries. But she knew that she surely felt something for Xavier. Something more than liking, but less than love.

Someone again knocked on the door and Angelina ordered them to come in. Xavier’s assistant, Louis, was at the door with a bag and an iPad. Angelina looked at Louis with an emotionless expression while a shiver went down Louis’s spine after looking at her stony gaze. Louis gulped and opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out.

Noticing that, Xavier stood up and went near Louis. “Angel, he is my assistant. I had texted him to deliver my laptop and some files to me. I thought why don’t I also do some work while sitting here.”

Angelina just nodded her head but said nothing. She again started doing her work. Xavier took his belongings from Louis and settled them on Angelina’s desk. The desk was enormous, so it didn’t hinder Angelina’s work. Xavier settled himself on the chair just opposite to Angelina’s and dismissed Louis.

Louis breathed a sigh of relief after he came out of the room.

Damn, that look was scary. Now, I got to know that my boss and my future lady boss are a perfect match made in heaven.

Once Louis was gone, Angelina looked blankly at Xavier. “You realize that your office room is just next to mine, right? Why are you not working there?”

“Ah… Angel, I totally forgot that my office room is just next to yours. How stupid of me. I am getting so forgetful nowadays. But, now I have settled all my things on your desk and if I will have to go to my office now, then I will have to gather my things and settle there again. Don’t you think it is a wastage of time and labour? And as you know, time is money, please, please let me stay here and do my work.” Xavier gave his long explanation and pleaded to Angelina with puppy dog eyes and a pout.

Angelina just rolled her eyes and again focused on her work. Taking that as a yes, Xavier grinned and started working, stealing a few glances at his Angel from time to time.

After some hours, both Angelina and Xavier went back to their houses as it was getting late and Angelina had to wake up early the next day to go for her mission.

After having dinner, Angelina stood in her balcony to look at the night sky. The vast expanse of the sky gave her a sense of serenity and calmness. The beauty of darkness giving peace and content to her heart. The moon giving her the message that one could shine even after being surrounded by darkness on all sides.

Angelina recalled everything that happened in the entire day. She smiled while remembering Xavier’s antics and his handsome face. She missed him and the warmth he provided to her lonely and fragile heart.

While, on the other hand, Xavier was sitting with his back leaning on the headboard of his bed. He was looking at a photo of his Angel in his phone, which he captured while Angelina was sleeping with her head on his lap. He was caressing the photo and was smiling happily.

He was reminiscing about every moment he had spent with his Angel. Recalling how his Angel looked like a fairy but had an attitude of a lioness, how she was like a delicate rose which had kept thorns around her to keep her safe for the cruel world and how his world lightened up when she smiled.

Both were lost in their own world, unknown to the roaring storm that was coming near their lives. A storm which will bring significant changes in their lives. A storm which will unfold many past secrets, dark memories, tears, sadness, pain, and betrayal in front of them. A storm which will make their friends their enemies and their enemies their friends and which will teach them many harsh lessons of life.

Innocence will be snatched. Blood will be rained.

Happiness will be smashed, Calmness will be refrained.

Betrayals will be clashed, Relations will be detained.

Trust will be scratched, Love will be sustained

Who will tell what will be patched? Because everyone will be stained.

The next morning, Angelina got ready in her usual black outfit and called Xavier. Xavier had just taken a shower and had come out of his bathroom in a towel around his waist. He answered the phone excitedly as soon as he noticed the caller id. His Angel was calling him for the first time.

“Hello, Angel?” he said in a husky voice.

Angelina’s heart fluttered as she heard his voice. She cleared her throat to keep her composure. “Want to have some fun with a bastard and a rapist?”

Xavier furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “Huh? What do you mean, Angel?”

“I am sure you have heard about Chris Jones. I am going to capture and torture him to death today. So, thought you would be interested in watching the show or maybe putting an input after I get my answers.”

Xavier grinned. He was dying to see his Angel in the dangerous mode. He wanted to see how his Angel looked while torturing and killing a bastard.

He also remembered that Chris Jones was the one who had attacked Angelina when they were in France. He himself wanted to mercilessly kill that bastard who had endangered his Angel’s life.

“Of course, I am interested in that, Angel. How can I miss this opportunity? I will get ready and will meet you in front of your mansion in ten minutes. Then we will go to capture and torture him.”

“No, Xavier. I meant if you wanted to come in his torturing session. I did not mean for the capturing part. That I will do myself.”


“No buts, Xavier. Do you want to come in the torturing session or not? Otherwise, I will cancel that part as well.”

Xavier sighed. He knew that if he insisted anymore, then his Angel would really cancel ‘the torturing session’ as well. “Fine. When and where do I have to come for ‘the torturing session’?” he asked while sulking and pouting.

“You can come at midnight. I will text you the address later,” saying that Angelina hung up the call.

Angelina went to the underworld’s headquarters and again reviewed the plan with her men.

Chris was at his private villa on the outskirts of New York. No one in his family knew about that villa. Once in every week, he used to go there to check on his hidden treasure. And according to the reports, today was the day when he would go there.

Angelina and all her men reached the villa after a drive of two hours. They parked the vehicles at a distance from the villa. One fourth of Angelina’s men surrounded the villa from the back while the other one fourth surrounded from the front. They killed every guard of Chris who was guarding the villa from the outside.

Angelina’s best hacker, Damien hacked all the CCTV’S cameras fitted inside or outside of the villa and played the last week’s footage in the monitors of the main security room. Because of that, no one in the security room could notice if there was anything wrong.

Slowly and slowly, Angelina’s men killed all the Chris’s guards inside the villa as well. After an hour, one of Angelina’s men informed her through her earpiece, “Reine, we have killed all the guards inside and outside of the mansion. We have also captured the hidden treasure. Currently, Chris Jones is sleeping in his room.”

Angelina smirked and went inside the villa with no problem. It was afternoon now, and Chris Jones kept no maid or servants in his villa at this time as it was his nap time and didn’t want any disturbance. Weird kinks of weird people. The villa was all quiet except for the sound of footsteps that Angelina’s men made. Death and blood lingered in the air.

Angelina comfortably sat on the couch of the living room looking around the villa, leisurely. “Bring Chris Jones here. I want to meet him now.”

After five minutes, Chris Jones was thrown near Angelina’s feet. His hands and legs were tied. He looked disheveled and shocked. “What the fuck is all this? Who are you and why did you capture me?”

For everyone he would have looked brave and fearless, but if one looked hard enough they could notice the fear lingering in his eyes. Angelina just leaned back on the couch, playing with her dagger.

“I asked who the fuck are you? Where are my guards? Security… Security,” Chris yelled at the top of his lungs.

Angelina just listened patiently but still didn’t bother to reply. She was enjoying this game.

“Why are so quiet, slut? What do you want? I perfectly know whores like you. You all can go to any extent for money and power.”

Angelina’s eyes turned icy cold after hearing him. The surrounding aura turned tenfold dark and dangerous. Her men were also furious because of his way of addressing their queen. No one could disrespect their queen.

She stabbed her dagger in his palms. Chris cried loudly because of the pain. “Tsk, Tsk, Tsk… Can’t even take so less pain?” she asked darkly.

“I will not leave you once I am free from here, slut. I will make you beg for your life.” Chris yelled at Angelina.

Listening to him, Angelina laughed loudly. “You will be free if I will allow you to be, which will never be the case. All your guards are dead and your beautiful little treasure is with me. Now, how will you protect yourself and your treasure?” Angelina asked while pretending to think.

At the mention of his treasure, Chris’s eyes filled with fear, and he stiffened. “D-Don’t harm him. Do nothing to him, please”

“Aww… a father has so much love for his little treasure, his son. I wonder how you even kept him hidden from the entire world. Don’t worry, I am not like you. Your son will be safe and I will send him to his mother, whom you had raped and had abandoned after snatching her child away from her, five years ago.”

Chris sighed in relief after knowing that his son would be safe, but again tensed after hearing about the mother of his child.

“What? Shocked that how I know so much about you? That’s because I am Reine. That Reine whom you had dared to attack, not once but twice.” Angelina said after guessing what he was thinking.

“Re-Reine? Y-You are Rei-Reine?” Chris stuttered. He got to know what his fate would be after he listened to the woman sitting in front of him like a queen.

Angelina just rolled her eyes and stood up from the couch. She ordered her guards to take him to the abandoned building where ‘the torturing session’ would begin.

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