Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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“What the hell are you doing? I will kill you…… I will never spare you when I will be free from here…… Why are you not saying anything? Are you mute?” Chris’s shouting could be heard in the night’s stillness.

They were on the terrace of an abandoned building in a secluded area. Angelina was just leaning on her chair twirling her dagger in the air. Chris was left on the ground with his hands and legs tied. Angelina didn’t gag his mouth because she was enjoying his countless yelling.

It entertained her when her prey wriggled and yelled desperately. The desperation and fear in her prey’s eyes because he didn’t know what would happen to him gave satisfaction to Angelina. She liked to see her prey nervous, helpless and scared. It gave her a sense of superiority and peace.

“Tsk, Tsk, Tsk… so much desperation and fear in the eyes. Why are you so scared, Jones? I didn’t even do anything to you. And to answer your eagerness, I am waiting for a special guest who will witness today’s performance or maybe take part in it as well. He will come here in…” Angelina looked at her wristwatch and replied with, “ten seconds.”

“YOU FUCKING BITC-” before Chris could say anything else, he was cut off by his own painful scream.

A dagger had come flying to him and had been stabbed in his thigh. Angelina smirked while looking at the dagger.

“No one could disrespect my Reine.” Standing near the door of terrace was one and only Xavier Knight.

“Wh-Who a-are yo-you?” Chris asked while stuttering.


That one word was enough to make Chris paralyze with fear if he wasn’t already. It was the first time when the Roi and the Reine were together while torturing someone. They were ruthless when they tortured individually. What would happen if both would torture a bastard together?

“You are on time, Xavier. Now, let’s start with the show.”

Angelina stood up from her chair and went near Chris. She put the tip of the dagger under his chin, lifting his head. “Now, Chris, even though I had said that your son will be safe. I am not exactly such a pleasant person. What would I get if I keep your son safe? So, either you give answers to my question, or watch your little treasure dying in front of your eyes.”

Chris laughed bitterly. “I have heard how much merciless Reine is. But, I have also heard that Reine never kills an innocent person, let alone a child. I know you will never kill my son.”

Angelina just raised her eyebrows and smirked. “When did I say that I will kill your son? Reine never kills an innocent person but, it doesn’t mean that Reine cannot let others kill that innocent person. It’s just a game of words, baby and nothing else.”

Chris’s confident and façade began to weather off slightly. “Yo-You wi-will not do so, right?”

Angelina just chuckled darkly and shook her head. “Why will I not do so? I want my answers and I can do anything for it, even if it means that I will have to kill your son.”

“YOU ARE LYING. YOU WILL NOT KILL MY SON,” Chris yelled desperately. His walls were breaking down slowly and slowly.

Angelina exhaled heavily. “You don’t believe me? Fine, I will give you the proof.”

Angelina signaled a guard, and he gave her a phone. She video-called a person. “Show the child through the camera. I want his father to see his little treasure.”

Angelina placed the mobile’s screen in front of Chris’s face. Chris looked at the screen and his widened with shock and fear.

Angelina observed his expressions and her eyes flashed with pain, but she quickly masked it with her stony gaze before anyone could notice that. This didn’t go unnoticed by Xavier. He was carefully staring at Angelina all the time and so; he noticed the pain in her eyes. He knew what she was thinking.

Even a bastard like him loves his child so much.

The screen showed Chris’s five-year-old son tied on a chair while shouting and crying with blood on his delicate face and his fragile body. Since it was a live call, Chris also couldn’t suspect that it was a faux video or anything. Everything displayed on the phone call was real.

“Daddy… I want my daddy. Please leave me. Please don’t beat me. I couldn’t take it anymore. Please save me, Daddy.”

The voice from the phone echoed in the entire place. There was no sound except for Chris’s harsh breathing and the child’s yelling. Angelina cut the phone call.

“Now, do you believe me I was not messing around? Do you have anything to say now?”

“Please, don’t kill him. I-I will answer your every question but, please spare my child,” Chris said while crying.

What can a person not do for his love? Here, it was Chris’s love for his child. To save his love, a human being can sacrifice anything. His property, his belongings, his love for other small trivial things and his life. Everything. He can leave everything just to make sure that the person whom he loves is safe.

“Well, better for you and your child. So, tell me, how did you get to know where to find me when you attacked me in France?”

“There is a traitor with you whom you trust very much. That traitor knows everything about you… where you go, what you do, whom you meet and basically everything about you. So, it wasn’t hard for us to find you in France.”

Angelina stiffened on listening the word traitor. One thing she hated the most was betrayal. She hated betrayers from her core.

“Who is the traitor?”

“I don’t know the name of the traitor. ‘The Boss’ of UBEL mafia knows that. I was never involved in such things by him. But, I can tell you that the traitor is a male.”

“No one knew Reine was Angelina Rossi at the time of the attack. Then why did you attack Angelina Rossi?” Angelina asked another question which was bothering her since the attack.

“‘The Boss’ knew that Angelina Rossi was Reine. I don’t know how he knew that, but he was the one who had planned the entire attack thing. I just provided him some of my men to attack you.”

“Who is ‘The Boss’? What is his name?”

“I don’t know. He never revealed his identity to me. I never saw his face or his appearance. We had only talked on phone calls, but at that time too, he always used a voice changer device.”

Angelina knew he was telling the truth. She was getting frustrated because of his answers. It seemed as if he was just a pawn in a big game. He knew little about anything. ‘The Boss’ had made sure to not involve Chris in any important matters.

“Now, the most important question. Where is my dad, Devin Rossi?”

“I don’t know where Devin Rossi is. ‘The Boss’ just said to send some of my men to him for kidnapping Reine’s father, and I followed his order. I know nothing about the reason for kidnapping or where he could be right now.”

Angelina’s every question’s answer only ended on ‘The Boss’.

Chris had little power left after the collaboration of UBEL mafia and IPOS gang. He had just agreed to the collaboration because he wanted to protect his gang, or rather his money making business with the help of a bigger mafia than him. He cared little about what was happening in the collaboration.

“I see… you are really useless for me, Chris. I really pity that child to have a father like you.”

“Now, will you leave my child? I have answered all your questions.” Chris asked in a shaking voice.

Listening to that, Angelina laughed loudly. “You are not the brightest bulb in the room, right? You had heard so many things about Reine, but, still you believed a phone call over Reine’s principles. Everyone in the underworld knows how much Reine values her principles, but you… tsk… tsk… tsk…”

“Wh-What do you mean?” Chris asked, confused.

“Aww… are you confused, baby? Then let me explain elaborately. I would have never touched a strand of your child’s hair, let alone kill him. The video call was correct but, the circumstances were not.

The red liquid you saw on your child’s face and body was not blood. And the way he was shouting was because my men were playing kidnapping games with him. He was told to shout those exact lines and pretend to be scared and helpless in the game.

But yeah, I have to say that your little treasure has superb acting skills. I was not expecting such a believable acting from a five-year-old kid,” Angelina said smirking.

Chris’s eyes widened with realization. He was tricked and manipulated to see what Angelina wanted him to see. But that’s what Reine was. She was smart, intelligent, skillful, cunning, manipulative, and many other things.

Xavier was impressed by his Angel’s trick. He knew his Angel would never harm an innocent child and was waiting for when she would reveal the truth.

“Anyway, enough of chit chatting. Now, let the actual show begin,” Angelina said while signaling her guards to make Chris stand.

“What are you going to do? I have answered all your questions. Now, let me go.”

“Are you really so stupid? Why would I let you go? Chris Jones… I have captured you not only because I wanted answers but also because I wanted to punish you.”

“Punish me?”

“Of course, to punish you. What do you think? That I don’t know about your dirty work in the underworld? Or that I don’t know how many girls you have raped or sold off in your sex trafficking business?” Angelina said while gritting her teeth.

She was no longer in a playful mood. Hate and disgust was clearly visible in her eyes. She was livid.

“Strip him to his boxers,” Angelina ordered in an icy voice to her guards.

Hearing that, Xavier’s eyes widened, and he stood up. His possessive side came forward as he didn’t want his Angel to look at any other naked man except him. Striding towards his Angel, he whispered in her ears, “What are you doing Angel? Why do you want him in his boxers? I mean, can’t he be punished without being half naked?”

Angelina shut him up with her frosty glare. She wasn’t in a mood to experience Xavier’s possessiveness. Xavier gulped loudly and looked away from his Angel. How could he forget his Angel was the SHE- DEVIL as well?

Once Chris was stripped out of his clothes, Angelina looked at him from top to bottom with a scrutinizing gaze. Her guards were holding Chris’s arms tightly, thus restricting his every action. She took her dagger and started carving on his skin with an outrageous amount of pressure on it.

Chris’s scream echoed throughout the entire building. After some minutes, Angelina moved away and took her time to admire her handicraft. On Chris’s forehead was carved ‘I AM A RAPIST AND A BASTARD’ and on his chest was written ‘I AM AN ASSHOLE AND DESERVE THE MOST PAINFUL DEATH’

Angelina sat on a chair and ordered her men to tie Chris’s hands above his head with a rod. “Whip him two hundred times with the leather belt buckle on his chest, back, his butt, arms and legs. And yeah, after that, whip him fifty times more on his dick through his boxers. Make sure that he screams in pleasure.” she ordered one of her men.

Angelina just leaned back on the chair, tilting her head towards the sky with a content smile on her face as she heard Chris’s painful screams. Once two hundred whips were completed, she ordered another man for the fifty additional hits.

“NO MORE. PLAESE NO MORE.” Chris was panting and crying at the end of his whipping. Blood was dripping from all parts of his body.

“Hmm… not bad. Now sprinkle and rub some salt on his body. Wear some gloves before doing that because I don’t want my men to catch diseases after touching a disgusting body,” she ordered after sitting straight and looking at Chris.

Salt was rubbed on his body and he screamed the loudest. Angelina took a deep breath in satisfaction. “See Chris… I am giving you so much pleasure that you are screaming so loudly. Who would have given you so much pleasure, huh? Tell me?”

All of Angelina’s men were blushing after listening to Angelina’s blunt words. But they were used to it by now. Angelina always used to kill a rapist by that way.

“Aww… was the pleasure too much for you? Has it made your senses overstimulated? Don’t worry. I have a solution for that,” Angelina said while smirking. She looked at her men and said, “Bring some mild warm water to lessen his pleasurable sensation. Can’t you all see how much he is suffering because of the pleasure? But, make sure that his face and his dick are untouched. Because it’s extremely overstimulated, isn’t it Chris? So, I have a different solution for that.”

The men knew what she wanted. Soon, hot boiling water was poured on his body from below his neck, taking care that the water is not splashed on his face or his dick. Chris was on the verge of passing out by now.

“Wake him up. I am not over.”

After cold water was splashed on his face, Chris woke up with a jerk. “Pl-Please no mo-more. I co-couldn’t take it any-anymore. Kil-Kill me, Pl-please.”

That’s what Angelina wanted. To break her prey so much that the prey would itself beg her for death.

“Aww… I like it when you beg baby.” Suddenly her eyes turned cold and merciless. “But, did you ever listen when those innocent girls begged you for mercy? When they begged you to not rape them? When they begged you to stop as they couldn’t take any more pain? Then why should I listen now?”

Chris’s condition was terrible. He had no more energy left to respond. He had accepted his fate. How ironic. Who had ruined fates of thousands of girls was now accepting his fate?

“Strip off his boxers,” Angelina ordered.

All this time, Xavier was keenly observing ‘the torturing season’. He was amazed to see Angelina playing with her prey like that. But, as soon as he heard her, he stood up in front of her while looking in her eyes. Angelina raised her eyebrows at him.

“Angel, it was fine till the time he wasn’t fully naked but, now it’s not okay. I can’t allow you to see any other naked man,” Xavier said sternly.

“I have seen many naked men earlier, Xavier. It’s nothing new for me. Now, move aside. Let me do my work”

Xavier’s eyes flashed with pain and jealousy when he heard his Angel confessing of seeing many naked men. Angelina didn’t notice how her words could be misinterpreted. She didn’t mean it in that way. Yes, she had seen many naked men, but only because she always used to torture rapists like Chris Jones in that way.

“What do you want to do him now?”

“Make my men cut his dick. The dick through which he destroyed many lives,” Angelina said with pure hatred in her eyes.

“I will make them do so. Remember, you said you will allow me to take part in the torturing session? I want to do it now. But, you can’t see him naked,” saying that Xavier kept his hand on Angelina’s eyes and moved to stand at the back of her chair.

Angelina tried to move his hand, but Xavier firmly kept his hand there, not allowing Angelina to even glance at Chris’s naked body.

“Cut his dick as my Reine ordered,” he ordered in an authoritative voice.

Chris’s dick was cut, and the whole place echoed with his painful cries.

After that, Xavier leaned down and whispered in Angelina’s ear, brushing his lips on her earlobe. “What else do you want to do with him, Angel?”

Angelina shivered because of his sudden proximity and his warm breath on her neck. Her breathing intensified and heartbeat sped up. “I want him to be thrown down from the terrace to the ground now,” she said in a shaky voice.

Xavier smirked because of the way his Angel reacts to his proximity. He surely had an effect on his Angel.

Chris was thrown down from the building as per Angelina’s wish. Xavier sent all of Angelina’s men to dump Chris’s body somewhere while he and Angelina were left alone on the terrace.

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