Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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There were only two people on the terrace of the building. Two people whose breathing were intensified and whose hearts were beating miles per second.

“Xavier,” Angelina said in a breathy voice. “You can remove your hand now. There is no naked man here.”

Xavier chuckled huskily and moved to stand in front of his Angel. He removed his hand from Angelina’s eyes and held her hands. He pulled his Angel upwards with a jerk. Angelina gasped because of the force with which Xavier pulled her; and her breasts collided with his chest.

Xavier wrapped his one hand around Angelina’s waist while the other still held her hand. They were standing very close to each other. Their warm breath fanning on each other’s face. Both could feel each other’s fast heartbeat.

Xavier and Angelina looked into each other’s eyes. Their eyes displaying thousands of emotions. No one said anything, afraid of breaking the trance they were in.

The amber eyes meeting the grey ones. The warmness and radiance of Amber balanced by the neutrality of grey. The fire melting the wall of steel in the eyes.

Xavier moved Angelina’s hand towards his lips. He kissed her knuckles one by one, looking straight into her eyes. Angelina blushed under his intense stare.

Then, he kept both of his hands on her waist, pulling her more close to him. There was no gap left between them. Even air couldn’t pass through the space between them.

Angelina unconsciously kept her hands on Xavier’s shoulder. Xavier leaned his face closer to hers while Angelina closed her eyes because of the unknown pleasurable sensation she was getting from his proximity. Her breathing intensified.

Xavier first kissed Angelina on her forehead. His soft lips meeting her smooth skin was the best feeling they felt ever in their life. Then he kissed her eyes, her cheeks and her small button nose. Finally, he kissed her lips. A current passed through their body as soon as their lips touched.

At first, Xavier just kept his lips firmly on hers, not moving an inch and taking his own time to feel her lips against his own. The sensation was overwhelming for both of them. Both were trying to lock the feelings and memories of their first kiss in their mind.

After some moments, Xavier started moving his lips against Angelina’s. The kiss was sweet and gentle, yet filled with passion and love. It showed every feelings and emotions that Xavier harbored for Angelina. After some seconds, Angelina also started responding to the kiss. Xavier smiled in the kiss.

Slowly and slowly, the kiss started speeding up, and soon, Xavier was kissing hard to Angelina. He couldn’t get enough of Angelina’s sweet taste. She tasted like chocolates and strawberries. While Angelina was also addicted to Xavier’s sweet and tangy taste. He tasted like oranges and vanilla. Never had she thought that she would fall in love with such a taste combination.

Xavier’s grip tightened around Angelina while Angelina’s one hand circled around his neck and her other hand held his head from the back. Her fingers were playing with his soft hair, tugging them harshly.

Xavier groaned and pinched Angelina’s waist, making her gasp because of the unexpected action. He entered her mouth and his tongue halfway met with Angelina’s. Angelina moaned when their warm and wet tongue met.

Both fought for dominance, but neither of them won. Knowing his Angel’s stubbornness, Xavier finally backed out, letting Angelina explore every corner of his mouth. Once Angelina was done, Xavier did the same with Angelina’s mouth, probing and exploring her entire mouth.

After minutes, their mouth parted away because of the lack of oxygen in their system. Both were breathless and were panting. But Xavier didn’t want to stop and placed wet kisses along Angelina’s jaw and neck. He sucked at her sweet spot, making Angelina moan loudly.

Xavier was unbearably hard after hearing his Angel’s sweet moans. He smirked and sucked with more intensity. He bit on that spot, making Angelina cry out loud because of the immense pleasure. Then he licked that to sooth the pain.

Xavier parted away to look at his artwork and smirked proudly. He finally marked his Angel as his. He pecked Angelina’s lips again and moved away from her.

But, before he could move away, Angelina again pulled him towards herself, gripping his collar. “You are mine now, Xavier. Only mine. I don’t want to see any woman except me near you. Understood?” she said in a possessive voice.

Xavier was surprised to see this side of Angelina. He liked when his Angel claimed him as hers. He cupped Angelina’s cheeks and looked into her eyes with sincerity.

“Of course, I am yours, Angel. Only yours. But, for that, you also have to be mine. Only mine. And completely mine.”

Angelina nodded her head and spoke with honesty, “I am yours. Only yours. And completely yours.”

Xavier grinned happily and hugged Angelina tightly. He was on cloud nine that finally his Angel had accepted him and became his. Angelina also hugged him back.

She wasn’t sure if she loved Xavier or not. But she was sure that she never wanted Xavier to be seen with anyone else other than her. She wanted him all to herself.

Angelina parted away and looked at Xavier. “One more thing, Xavier. I hate betrayers and if I ever learnt that you betrayed me in future then I will kill you. I will give you a death worse than I gave that bastard Chris Jones.”

Xavier knew his Angel still had her insecurities and her fears and that she wasn’t joking as well. He didn’t feel bad when his Angel warned him. He knew he would never betray his Angel, even if he would have to give up his life for that.

“I know, Angel. And I promise I would never betray you. The day I would betray you, would be the day when I will myself give you the gun to kill me.” Xavier said while nodding.

Angelina smiled and hugged him again. She kept her head on his chest and breathed a sigh of contentment. Xavier was also at peace after having his Angel in his arms.

“Angel?” Xavier asked while keeping his chin on her head and hugging her more tightly.


“What are we?”

“What do mean, Xavier?”

“I mean, what relationship we have now?”

“We can be whatever you want us to be. We can have a girlfriend and a boyfriend relationship if that’s what you want.”

I want you to be my wife, Angel.

As if reading Xavier’s thought, Angelina continued, “Or we could be in a fiancé-fiancée relationship. But, since I asked you to be mine first, it would only be fair if this time you would ask me first. But, remember that I want a proper setting and everything when you would propose to me, otherwise, I will reject you.”

Xavier laughed loudly after hearing his Angel’s demand. He could imagine her pouting. “If I remember correctly, Angel, then you didn’t ASK me to be yours. You had ORDERED me to be yours,” he said in a teasing tone.

His chest was rumbling with laughter. Angelina just hit his chest replying with, “Whatever.”

“And, I got it, Angel. I will definitely propose to you in a proper and a beautiful setting because MY ANGEL deserves the best and I surely don’t want to be rejected by you. Till then, we will be girlfriend and boyfriend to each other. What do you think about that, girlfriend?”

Angelina just hid her face in his chest. Xavier felt his Angel smiling in his chest and he felt happy and content. His Angel surely deserved the best.

After standing like that for some more minutes, they parted away and went to the area where they had parked their vehicles. Angelina and Xavier went together in Xavier’s car, leaving Angelina’s vehicle there. She would ask one of her men to drive the car to her mansion later.

Throughout the ride, Xavier was driving with one hand while holding Angelina’s hand with the other. He was grinning like a maniac while Angelina was smiling gently while looking at him.

Once they reached in front of Angelina’s mansion, Xavier pulled Angelina towards him before she could go out of the car. He placed a sweet and brief kiss on her lips and pecked her again. “Goodnight Angel”

“Goodnight boyfriend,” saying that, Angelina left the car.

As Angelina was going inside the mansion, Xavier shouted to gain Angelina’s attention. “Hey, Angel, remember that you have taken away my first kiss from me today. You have to be responsible for your entire life because of that.”

Angelina was surprised after hearing him. She didn’t expect that she was Xavier’s first kiss. That man kissed like a professional, as if he had experience of so many years with him.

Well, Xavier was also Angelina’s first kiss, but she didn’t tell him that because that would raise many more questions in Xavier’s mind. She would tell everything to Xavier after some time.

She smiled at him and entered her mansion. Xavier sighed dreamily while looking at Angelina’s retreating figure and went back to his mansion.

Both Angelina and Xavier slept in their respective room thinking and dreaming about each other. It was the first time in their life when they got such a peaceful sleep and where they saw beautiful and sweet dreams instead of the nightmares haunting their life.


Where there is happiness, there is sadness.

Where there is a light, there is a darkness.

Where there is a blessing, there is a curse.

Where there is peace, there is chaos.

Where there is love, there is hatred.

Where there are smiles, there are tears.

Where there is pleasure, there is pain.

Where there is a calm breeze, there is a roaring storm.

And where there is a creation, there is a destruction.

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