Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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Angelina’s POV:

I went inside the expensive Italian restaurant and searched for the man whom my dad wanted me to meet for the date. Everyone from the servers to the people having lunch there in the restaurant had stopped doing their work and were blatantly gawking at me.

I went straight to the table near the window at the back, not sparing anyone a glance. I was used to this much attention wherever I went, but it still annoyed me to no ends. It’s irritating when people shamelessly stare at other people and do not mind their own business. It’s as if they don’t have their own life.

I sat on the table and checked my mails. After some minutes, a man in his mid-twenties who would have been one or two years older than me took a seat in front of me. He had deep forest green eyes, golden-brown hair, sharp jawline, a long pointed nose and fair skin. He had a height of around 6’2” and was well built. I had to admit that he was handsome. I might be arrogant or cold, but I always admit what the truth is. No matter how handsome he was, I still had no interest in dating or marriage.

He checked me out in the same way I did earlier, but, there was no lust in his eyes. His eyes showed respect for me. I liked it. After he noticed me staring at him, he cleared his throat and said in a deep voice, “Miss Rossi?”

“Yeah and Mr. Smith?” I asked in my usual cold voice.

“Yeah. It’s nice to meet you Miss Rossi,” he replied while extending his hand.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Mr. Smith.” I shook his hand with my gloved ones.

Aiden Smith, he is the heir of The Smith Enterprises and is the world’s fourth richest man. I had heard that he was not a playboy like other billionaires and respected women. He was rarely seen with women in public places.

“So, um, would you like to order something?” he asked in a calm voice.

“Sure.” I gave my order to the server and Mr. Smith did the same. While we waited for our food and drinks, I noticed he was not as arrogant as the men I usually meet in the business world. He was calm and had a powerful yet soothing aura around him.

“Miss Rossi, I know we are here for our blind date arranged by our respective families or friends, but I can see that you are not that interested in dating or marriage. Well, Miss Rossi, I am also not that interested in these things as I want to focus on my career and business now. As you can see, I don’t want to be known as just the heir of The Smith Enterprises. I want my own identity and I want to open my own company from scratch on my own capabilities,” he confessed with a confident smile. Not to brag or anything, but one thing I am great in is reading other people’s mind easily. I could see the sincerity and determination in his eyes, but I could tell that he wanted to say something else as well.

So, I said in a crisp voice, “I see… I like your way of thinking Mr. Smith, but I can sense that you want to say something else as well. So, you can continue.”

“Well, Miss Rossi, you see I know little about you but I can tell that you are not like other girls out there. Whenever any girl meets me, they try to seduce me or flirt with me but, you did neither of these things. So, I wanted to ask you to be my friend. I mean, I like your personality and your way of handling yourself in public. You are beautiful, smart and elegant. No, no, you are not. I mean you are, but I am not flirting with you. I am not saying that you think I am flirting with you but, then again you can think so. I don’t want you to think that I am a playboy or something. It’s just…..”

His rambling was cut off by my chuckle. He was very nervous now. I was amused to see that he was the same billionaire who was known for his calm behavior. His ears turned pink.

“I will be your friend but remember one thing Mr. Smith that I make friends for life and I will never tolerate betraying as well. Because I hate betrayers,” I warned him in an icy voice. If he was someone else, then I would have rejected him without even thinking twice, but there was something about him which made me want to be his friend.

I really liked his personality and his determination for doing something on his own. He was the first man whom I had seen that was not an asshole or an arrogant bastard.

His face lit up, and he was practically glowing after hearing me. “I swear on my life that I will never betray you and will always be by your side. I pinky promise,” he said while raising the little finger of his right hand.

I raised my eyebrow after seeing that. I realized he was much more relaxed now in my presence. Although, I don’t trust men, but something was telling me to give him a chance, and that’s what I would do. I chuckled and raised my little finger and did his ‘pinky promise’.

“And please call me, Aiden, Miss Rossi. Mr. Smith makes me feel old,” he said while pouting.

I chuckled at his childishness, “Then call me Angelina, Aiden.”

He beamed after listening to this and nodded enthusiastically. “Okay, Angelina”, he replied while testing my name on his tongue. I didn’t know why my friendship meant so much to him, but I would try to be his friend.

After that, we had our lunch, and talked about various things and by we, I mean HE. I realized he was not really like what he showed to the media. He was childish and hilarious in front of the people whom he had been once familiar with, a complete contrast to his usual calm and composed behavior in the public.

I didn’t notice that I was more relaxed in his presence as the time passed and was sitting with a warm and gentle smile on my face in front of him. He brought out that side of my personality which was earlier only reserved for my dad.

He was understanding and never asked for my actual identity. “It’s enough for me to know your name for the time being. I will wait till the time you will be comfortable enough for sharing all your secrets with me,” he had said while talking about our life. Even though I had agreed to be his friend, I would not let my guard down till I know everything about him first. What could I say? I would always have trust issues.

I observed and memorized everything about him, his laugh, his smile, the ways his eyes twinkled when he was happy, the way his eyes become distant when he was mulling over something. I had this powerful urge to protect him and to keep him away from the cruel things which happen in this world. I had gotten to know that he was innocent and naïve even after being a famous billionaire.

I was sure that I didn’t like him romantically, but I was not sure why I was feeling something different in his presence. It was the first time I had been this much relaxed in front of a MAN.

After lunch, we both stood up and went outside, after him paying the bills. He was very stubborn about the fact that a man should never let a woman pay in his presence. I rolled my eyes at his stubbornness. After hearing his many ridiculous reasons of being a gentleman and his endless whining, I let him pay for the lunch. Both our cars were waiting outside the restaurant with our driver for us.

While we were parting ways, he hugged me unexpectedly. I tensed but, after some moments, relaxed in his arms and returned the hug.

“Bye, Angelina. I am extremely happy that I came here today because I had the chance to make a new friend today,” he said while breaking the hug with a cheeky smile.

I smiled genuinely. “Bye, Aiden. I am happy too that I came here today.”

We went to our respective cars and drove away. “Take me to the office”, I ordered the driver.

“Arianna, send me all the information about Aiden Smith. I want every detail about him by tomorrow morning in the office,” I told my third in command. She was one of my most trusted people who knew my both identities.

“Ok, Reine”

I hung up the phone and leaned my head on the window of the car, thinking about everything that happened today and specifically about Aiden Smith.

Who are you, Aiden Smith? Are you really a good person? What is so special about you that makes me so relaxed around you? I hope I never regret giving you a chance.

Hey guys,

So what do you think about Aiden Smith?

Is he good or bad?

Is there really something different about him?

Has Angelina started to love him?

Tell me your answers in the comment section.

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