Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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Angelina’s POV:

In the evening, I went to my home after attending several meetings. I was exhausted after the hectic day in the office. Entering my mansion, I noticed my dad sitting on the couch in the living room, waiting for me with so much excitement and a big smile plastered on his face.

Upon seeing his smiling face, all my exhaustion flew out of the window and a warm smile stretched on my face on its own. I could do anything for his smile to stay on his face. Even if I would have to spend billions for his one smile, then I would do it without thinking twice. After all, everything I was earning or doing was for him only.

“Hey dad. Why are you so excited?” I asked, feigning innocence and raising my eyebrow while sitting on the couch beside him. I knew exactly why he was so excited, but I would not tell him that.

“Hi, my baby. You know why I am so excited. Soooooo?” he asked while stretching the last word and wiggling his eyebrows.

“No dad, I don’t know the reason of your excitement. Wait, let me guess…” I trailed off with my poker face and pretended to think while my dad was looking at me expectantly. “Did someone die today?” I asked with as much seriousness as I could muster.

My dad looked at me in disbelieve with wide eyes and open jaw. He parted his lips and then closed again and then opened again, resembling a fish.

After some moments, he came out of his shock and his face became red with anger. “Young lady! What do you mean if someone died today? Do I look like a person who would be so excited after someone’s death? Do I look like a monster to you? Here I was waiting for the entire day to know about your date from your own mouth and you are guessing if someone died today? I know you went to that date because I had sent a man to spy on you while you were on that date. He told me you both were smiling and laughing and talked to each other….” he abruptly shut his mouth after realizing what he said.

I knew he would have told me what I wanted to know on his own in his anger tantrum. He always rambled when he was angry and confessed things which he wanted to hide from me but never succeeded.

Upon realizing what I did, he pouted and whined about how unfair I was and about the disadvantages of having a daughter with a high IQ. I chuckled while listening to his rambling and whining.

I swear this man whines more than a cliché high school teenage girl. Suddenly, I realized he had stopped his rambling and was staring at me with a warm smile on his face while I was silently laughing.

“What happened, dad? What are you staring at me like that?”

“You look beautiful while laughing. Why don’t you laugh in front of others also? This was the first date where you were not rude to the guy and enjoyed yourself. Angelina, my baby, I know you are afraid of love but you have to give it a chance. Every man or woman requires a person on whom they can rely on at unfavorable situations, share their happy or sad moments and share their problems. Don’t think that you don’t deserve that because you deserve the best Angelina. Don’t let your insecurities control you, baby,” he said with a sad smile.

“I am not afraid of anything, dad. And I have you to rely on, to share my happy and sad moments and to share my problems. You will always be with me, won’t you? Then, why will I want any other man? Although you behave like a child, but you are the best dad anyone can ever wish for. So, I already got the best, dad,” I replied with watery eyes. I was vulnerable only in front of him. I hated being vulnerable but was never ashamed of being weak in front of him.

My dad also had tears in his eyes but as if he realized something, he pouted and said, “Hey, I know I am the best but I don’t behave like a child.”

I chuckled because in my entire speech that was the only thing that caught his attention. “Ok dad, I got you. So, now, old man, care to explain why you sent someone to spy on my date?” I asked while raising my eyebrows.

He looked away and mumbled, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

I sighed and got up to go to my room and freshen up because I know he would not accept his mistake and would again start with his drama lessons.

After dinner, I went to my room to sleep. I was awoken because of the ringing of my phone. I checked the time and saw it was 3:15 in the morning. I checked the caller Id and answered the phone call. “It better be a good reason on why you called me.”

“Reine, our fifth base is under attack,” the person on the other side of the phone replied.

Listening to that, my eyes turned cold. “Okay, I will be there within half an hour. Sent the emergency backup defense team there. How many people have attacked the base?” I asked while getting up and going into the closet to change my clothes.

“Reine, there are around seventy people attacking the base now, but there can be more,” Arianna replied.

“Ok, manage them till the time I reach there,” I ordered and hung up.

I changed my dress into black leather pants, a black crop top and a black leather jacket with black military boots and a black mask such that only my eyes, lips and hair were visible and tied my hair into a tight ponytail.

I made sure that my three guns were safely tugged in my thigh holsters and waist holster and at least five knives are there in my boots and in the pockets of my jacket. After wearing my signature black gloves, I went outside the mansion. I choose my red motor bike and drove to the fifth base at a high speed. I knew I broke many traffic rules today, but then again, who cares.


I reached the base and saw many dead and injured bodies lying on the ground. Most of the dead and injured were from the other gang who dared to attack us. I guess they forgot whom they had attacked. I immediately started shooting and killing those bastards.

A man tried to attack me from the back, but before he could hit me with a rod, I kicked him straight at his chest. He fell to the ground, and I wasted no time in shooting him. I saw someone trying to attack Arianna when she was fighting with two other men and threw a dagger straight at his neck. It sliced his neck, and he was dead on the spot. Ariana killed those bastards and turned around to see that dead man and gave me a grateful smile.

We continued shooting, punching and kicking those idiots for the next one hour. Turned out, they had sent a backup army to attack us after they saw that their seventy people were no match to my people. They had sent around three hundred people in distinct groups to attack us. Around two hundred and seventy were dead and thirty others were injured.

While we all thought that everyone was dead or too injured to move, a man stood in the shadows to attack when the coast would be clear.

I was not aware of that man and let my guard down after I saw one of my most trusted man and my second in command, Samuel, laying lifelessly on the ground. That was my biggest mistake. His wife Maria and the woman whom I could say was some of my only friends noticed her husband dead. But before she could break down completely, she noticed something which I had failed to notice.

Many things happened at the same time. A gun shot was heard, and I was pushed roughly down on the floor. I rolled on the floor and shot the person who fired. Everything happened in so less time that I could not comprehend the situation in due time. Then, I got up from the floor and got to know what exactly had happened. Maria had pushed me and took the bullet herself and was now taking her last breaths.


I took off my mask and went near her and put her head on my lap. I could not believe that she gave away her life for me. “Call the doctor, right now,” I shouted in a thundering voice and everyone shivered. But, deep down, I knew it was too late and I couldn’t save her. That she only had a few minutes on this earth. Tears were flowing down my cheeks and I realized I was crying for the first time in my life in front of other people. I may be cold-hearted, but I also had emotions and couldn’t be that same heartless person when a person gave her life away for me.

“An-Angelina, Reine, I-I am sorry that I can’t help you in this gang now an-anymore b-but, I was ha-happy to save YOU. MY QUEEN. My hus-husband is dead Angelina, and I pro-promised him I will al-always be with him, so, I-I have to g-go. But, Ang-Angelina please pro-promise me that yo-you will take care of my dau-daughter, she is on-only two mo-months old and is a very im-important person for me and Sam-Samuel. Pro-Promise me, Angelina that you will gi-give her a new na-name and a new iden-identity as your dau-daughter and will always lo-love her,” she said while gasping for air with a sad smile on her beautiful face.

“No, no, no, you can’t die. Please Maria, your daughter needs you. I need you. I am sorry that because of me you are in such a state. You are my friend. Please, please Maria, y-you can’t. I will save you,” I said while crying and holding her. I couldn’t lose her.

“I am so-sorry An-Angelina. B-But, you also kn-know that I don’t ha-have mu-much time. I am so-sorry that I am giv-giving you such a big res-respon-responsibility, but you are my best fri-friend and I-I can only tru-trust you with her. I know yo-you will be a gr-great mot-mother. Please, pro-promise me Ang-Angelina,” she said while weakly raising her hand.

“I pro-promise. I promise Maria. I will give her a new name and my surname. I will love her as my own daughter. No one will question if she is my own or not. Don’t worry. She is my responsibility from now on,” I promised with sincerity and kept my hand on her raised hand, sealing my promise.

“Tha-Thank you Angelina an-and ple-please save those gir-girls from the trap of sex-trafficking. I kno-know you wi-will do it. Take ca-care. I am com-coming, Sam-Samuel,” she replied while closing her eyes with a smile on her face.

I hold her and cried like a baby. Everyone was shocked to see me like that, but no one dared to say anything. They all were mourning for our loss.

After some minutes, I took a hold of myself and wiped my eyes. My eyes were red because of crying. But now, I was thirsty for revenge.

“I want the report of this attack in the next five hours. Burn the bodies of the ones who attacked us and take the injured to the cells and make sure they don’t die. I will make them pay for their deeds. Arrange the proper funeral for the ones who died from our side and give ten millions to each of their family as their compensation and tend all their needs so that they don’t face any problems in the future. Take our injured men to the hospital,” I said in an icy cold voice. My aura had turned tenfold dangerous.

Everyone shivered and replied with, “yes, Reine.” They got busy with the works provided to them.

I went outside the base and drove back to my mansion to take a shower and to get ready to meet my little baby girl.

That day, I lost my second in command and my best friend but I met another reason of my happiness and smile, MY LITTLE BABY GIRL.

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