Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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Angelina’s POV:

It was around six in the morning by the time I reached the mansion. I went inside the mansion and noticed that the servants and the maids had started their respective work in the mansion. They bowed their head when they saw me coming in the mansion.

They were used to see me coming to and going from the mansion at unusual time, so; no one was that much surprised to see me coming into the mansion early in the morning, covered with dirt and blood.

I would have taken a shower at the base while I was there, but I couldn’t stay there for even a minute more than required after everything that had happened today. I knew my dad would not have been awake because he always woke up at 7:00 am. It was his routine and he never breaks that. So, I didn’t have to worry about him seeing me like this.

I ignored everyone and went straight to my room. I was not in the right state of mind and I guess everyone in the mansion who saw me noticed that because they were shivering around me as if I would explode any time.

Entering the bathroom, I took off my clothes and every accessory and threw it in the dustbin placed at the corner. I went inside the shower and cleaned all the blood and dirt off me. Only red water could be seen flowing through the drainage.

I washed my hair and body with my vanilla and rose scented shampoo and body wash. Then, I went outside the shower and dried my body with a black towel and wrapped it around my body and went into my walk-in closet.

I wanted to go to the gym that was built in my mansion to blow off some steam, but I couldn’t because I had to meet my baby girl. My responsibilities always comes first, no matter how much tired or stressed I am.

I changed into a black lacy turtle neck full sleeves sundress which came just above my knees. It had a three inches wide red belt around the waist and red borders at the end of the dress and at the end of the sleeves and around the neck area.

I tied my hair into a high ponytail with some strands of my hair framing my face. Then, applied a thin layer of mascara, eyeliner and a lip moisturizer. I also wore a pair of huge platinum hoop earrings with my red gloves and red ankle wrap stilettos.

It was 7:30 am by now. I went to the dining room and saw my dad having his coffee and waiting for me to join. I greeted him and we both had our breakfast.

I noticed my dad wanting to say something to me but hesitating. After some minutes, I sighed and asked him, “What happened dad? I know you want to say something. You know, you can tell me anything, right?”

My dad hesitated but lastly sighed and mumbled in a low uncertain tone, “Angelina, I was thinking of paying your grandparents and uncles a visit. It’s been so long that I visited them.”

My eyes turned emotionless after hearing this. I never liked them. They are not even my own grandparents and uncles. My dad’s parents died when he was only four, and my real grandfather’s brother and sister-in-law adopted him after that.

My real grandfather was a millionaire and had an excellent reputation in the business world, and that’s why they adopted my dad. To gain his inherited wealth. They didn’t even treat my dad like their own child and were always biased with my dad. But my dad was kind hearted and always considered them as his family.

“Please Angelina, I know you don’t like them but baby, they are your grandparents. They raised me. I have to see them. I can’t just leave them,” my dad pleaded with puppy eyes.

I sighed but agreed as I didn’t want to restrict him from meeting someone whom he wanted to, just for my sake. And I knew, if they would hurt him physically or emotionally, then I would kill them, no matter who they were.

Why do you want to see them after what they had done to you dad? I know it’s not your fault because you don’t even know what they had done. I can’t let you know what they did because you will be heartbroken if you know that. They destroyed our life dad. They….

I shook my head to get these thoughts out of my head. I have too much to deal with nowadays. I couldn’t think of them.

I left for Samuel and Maria’s villa after breakfast. I reached the villa with my bodyguards and the guards at the entrance of the villa let me enter with no questions. They already knew who I was. I entered inside the villa and asked the butler for the little girl.

He told me she was sleeping and would ask her nanny to get her. I sat on the couch in the living room and observed everything around the villa. I rarely came to their villa. Most of the time, they came to my mansion. I sighed after thinking about them and seeing their enormous portraits and family photos hung all around the villa.

A little baby’s wailing got my attention, and I looked at the bottom of the stairs to see the nanny with a little baby, MY little baby. She was crying loudly now with tears dripping from her eyes to her soft chubby cheeks. My heart clenched at the sight. I never want to see my baby crying.

I asked the nanny to give the baby to me and cradled her in my arms. She stopped crying and was now staring at me with her big doe eyes. Her eyes were amber in colour. I was confused at first, because as far as I remembered, neither Samuel nor Maria had amber eyes. Then, I remembered that Maria’s mother had amber eyes, but Maria had gotten her dad’s ocean blue eyes. I suddenly felt happy that the little baby had some resemblance to me. This way, no one could question if she was mine or not.

She had strawberry blonde hair with a cute little button nose, rosy red chubby cheeks and small pink lips. She was beautiful, just like her parents. I was already in love with her.

She had now raised her cute chubby little palms and was playing with my cheeks and giggling. I nuzzled my nose with her nose and smiled at her adorable smiling face. All the servants and guards were shocked to see us like that.

I looked up at each person’s face present there and said in a cold voice, “Her new name is Scarlett Rossi. She is my daughter, Angelina Rossi’s daughter, and no one else’s. NO Samuel or Maria ever existed in her life. If any information leaks about her ever, I will kill everyone present here. Understood?”

Everyone visibly shivered and was shocked with the latest news, but no one dared to say anything. They could not question their queen. I would ask Arianna to explain the situation afterwards.

“UNDERSTOOD?” I asked again in a thundering voice.

They gulped and answered, “yes, Reine.”

I left the villa with Scarlett taking her diapers, clothes, wipes, milk formula and some other things as well. I called Arianna to make every person sign a confidentiality contract, in which it would be clearly stated that if any information is leaked by them about Scarlett, then I could punish them however I would want.

I would not make them to quit their job. They would now work under ME for Scarlett. They would do their same job, but not for Samuel or Maria’s daughter. They would do their job for Angelina’s daughter now.

I might seem cruel to omit Samuel and Maria’s existence from my little baby’s life, but it’s for her own good. I don’t want her to think of herself as an orphan or me as her adoptive mother in the future. Yes, I am selfish. I want her as my own. I want her to rely on me whenever she wants, thinking of me as her own mother and not a stranger. I want her to trust me with everything.

I went to my car and sat in the backseat with her and ordered the driver to go to my villa in Tribeca. I couldn’t go to my mansion as my dad was there and I would have to think of a story before introducing Scarlett to him. For the very first time in my life, it relieved me that my dad was going somewhere without me. In the meantime, while he would be away, I could make up a story.

I ordered the maids to ready the room next to mine in the villa as my little baby’s playroom and to place the most expensive and comfortable crib in my room for Scarlett. Going inside my room, I placed my baby in the middle of the bed and fed her with the bottle and put her to sleep. I put pillows beside her on both sides and did some work. I sat on the couch and reviewed the files about the gang who attacked us. Ariana had mailed me those files just a few minutes ago.

My organization’s name is Black Rose. I started this organization against sex trafficking. I just hate those fuckers who enjoy themselves while forcing themselves on innocent girls and taint those girls with their filthy presence in their memories.

But, we are not saint either. We deal with weapons and drugs and many other illegal things. I don’t care about drugs dealing because people buying drugs are not kids and I don’t really care what someone does or doesn’t in their lives. It’s their decision to do what they want in their life, but I like no one to be forced to do something against their will.

We need funds to eliminate the gangs who are involved in sex trafficking. And government just shows off in front of media about helping poor and helpless, but in reality, they believe more in taking funds rather than giving. Many high rank government officials are also involved in such criminal activities. So, we get the money through illegal ways to fund us.

The gang that attacked us was also one of those filthy gangs, and their leader is Chris Jones. One of those fuck boy billionaires who is a total bastard. He saw us as a threat to his money making business and attacked us.

Well, Chris Jones, you are right. I and my gang is an enormous threat to you and your stupid little gang. I will make your life a living hell and will destroy you. I will make you regret ever attacking me. Just wait for me…. I smirked evilly.

I was taken out of my thoughts by the ringing of my phone. I quickly put it on silent mode and made sure that it didn’t disturb my little baby’s sleep. I went out in balcony and attended the call. “What is it?” I asked in my usual indifferent tone.

“My lady, Master is going to board the private jet in an hour. And he is looking for you,” Uncle William replied.

“Okay, Uncle William, tell him I will meet him directly at the airport”

“Okay, My lady,” Uncle William replied, and I hung up the phone call.

I went into my room and picked up Scarlett in my arms and went outside the villa to the car. I sat in my car and ordered the driver to drive to the airport. He drove the car, followed by my bodyguards.

On reaching the airport, I handed my baby to one of my bodyguards and told him to take care of her with his life. I told other three bodyguards to help him and to follow me, but not too closely. So, I went inside with 12 bodyguards followed by those 4 others at some distance.

I saw my dad near the private jet and went near him and hugged him. “Take care, dad. Take your medicines on time. And call me, if anything happens there,” I told him while hugging him tightly.

“I will and you too take care of yourself, my baby,” he replied while sniffing.

We bid our goodbyes, and he boarded the plane. After that, I turned around and walked towards the exit. At the gate, I clashed with someone walking in the same direction of exit. I looked up and saw a familiar man.

After some moments, I remembered he was Xavier Knight, the world’s richest man and the chairman and CEO of Knight Industrial Groups. He had cold deep steel-gray eyes, dark brown hair, sharp jawline, sharp pointed nose, full red lips, broad shoulders, leaned chest and muscular arms and a height of 6’2”. He was really handsome. Now, I knew what they meant when they say that he is an eye candy and that he is very sexy.

Wait… did I just say eye candy and sexy? What is happening to me? No, no, Angelina, it’s not good. Don’t think of him like that. He is same as the other men out there.

I noticed him checking me out the same way as I did to him earlier. Then his attention snapped to my face, and we stared at each other for I don’t know how long. It was as if we were in a trance. That moment was broken when we heard a baby’s wailing, more specifically, my baby.

I took the baby from the bodyguard and started rocking her. She quieted down immediately and slept again, snuggling closer to me and putting her head on my chest. I smiled softly, looking at her. Then, I raised my head and noticed Mr. Knight looking at us with different emotions swirling in his eyes….. Jealousy? Anger?

Whatever, I thought. I didn’t care what he was thinking.

“Excuse me, Mr. Knight. I have to go,” I said in my crisp voice and went away without looking back.

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