Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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Angelina’s POV:

I went to my mansion from the airport, with Scarlett. I stood in the middle of the room and asked Uncle William to call all the maids and servants in the main living room. They all assembled in the living room in a horizontal line in five minutes and were waiting for me to tell them the reason of asking for all of them at the same time. Everyone was curious about the little baby girl, but they didn’t dare to say or ask anything.

I told them in my authoritative tone, “She is your young miss, Miss Scarlett Rossi. She is my daughter, my blood. I had her while I was away for one year and delivered her two months ago. Since I came here one and a half month ago and again had to go after fifteen days for a business trip, I had given my baby to my best friend to take care of till the time I settle everything here. Now, everything is settled and she will live in the mansion with me and my dad. Scarlett’s dad died while I was pregnant and so, she has no dad now. None of you need to know who he was. And if any information leaks about Scarlett, then you all will have to pay for it. Am I clear?”

Yes, I went away for one year to strengthen my gang and train the top new recruits of the gang, but the people in the mansion didn’t have to know that. The recruits were divided into many distinct groups in many countries. So I never stayed with one group for more than some days, hence, it was not really a problem to make up this story as for security reasons, no one except some of my most trusted people knew my whereabouts about where I was and at what time. And yeah, I told Ariana to tell the same story to the people working in Samuel and Maria’s Villa with an addition that Maria’s own baby had died while she was delivering her and hence; she took up the chance to take care of Scarlett in order to cope up for her loss.

I would tell the same story to my dad. I know he would be upset after knowing that but, I couldn’t tell him the truth about the gang, otherwise, he would worry too much.

And I would tell him that Scarlett is my daughter because he had a habit of trusting people easily and telling them about those things which he shouldn’t. So, it was a necessary as I didn’t want anyone or specifically, Scarlett to know about her actual parents in the future.

Everyone gasped after hearing this and were shocked. But after they came out of their shock, they said in an excited tone, “Yes, Reine.”

Then they all went to their one knee and bowed their head. “WELCOME YOUNG MISS SCARLETT TO THE FAMILY. LONG LIVE REINE, LONG LIVE YOUNG MISS SCARLETT,” choruses were heard. I could see that it thrilled them all after meeting their young miss. They all had a huge, warm smile on their faces.

“So, I will introduce you to the new recruits who will join you all to take care of Scarlett. Come in,” I ordered.

All the ten servants and maids who were working for Samuel and Maria came in the mansion. They all bowed their head to me and stood in the line.

I asked them to mingle with each other and work coordinately. Then, I asked Uncle William to make the servants place the most expensive and comfortable crib for my baby in my room and redesign the room next to mine as my baby’s playroom just like I had done in my villa and to do the same thing in my office building as well.

After that, I went to my room and placed Scarlett in the middle of the bed to go freshen up. My arms are sore after holding Scarlett for so long, but I didn’t mind. She is my baby and I enjoy holding her in my arms. After that, I fed Scarlett and ate my dinner and we both slept.

In the morning, I went for my usual morning workout and for running around the park, leaving Scarlett with Uncle William. He was another grandfather figure for Scarlett, and he loved her very much. He was more than willing to play with her.

After running around the park for some time, I went near the bench where I kept my water bottle and some other items. While drinking water, I heard a gentle voice, “Hello Angel.”

I looked in the voice’s direction and saw Mr. Knight. I raised my eyebrows since no one ever called me that. Because, in actual life, I am a devil. I tauntingly smirked. If only he knew how much of an ANGEL I am. I saw his confused face, but he didn’t comment anything waiting for my reply.

“Hello Mr. Knight. I don’t think that we know each other so well that we call each other by nicknames, now do we?” I said in a cold and emotionless voice.

“Well, why don’t we get to know each other now? I am Xavier Knight and what is your name, Angel?” he asked with a smirk. I could see that he was very much confident about using his charms on women. Well, guess what Mr. Knight, I am different.

I rolled my eyes and replied in an uninterested tone, “I know who you are. That’s why I was calling you Mr. Knight. And no, I am not interested in getting familiar with you. So, I am sorry, but I have to continue my workout.” Then, I continued running without giving him much time to reply.

I could clearly see that he was stunned. I scoffed to myself, as if I care. After some time, I noticed he was running beside me, matching my pace. He was getting on my nerves now. I really hate being disturbed in my workout.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to get to know me here at a park. I get it. Why don’t we go somewhere private so that we can get to know each other in a better way and more deeply?” He asked with a cocky smirk.

I halted in my steps and glared at him. I hate such egoistical bastards who think of women as nothing but their sex toys. He also stopped and gulped and nervously looked here and there as if that would tell him the reason for my sudden change of demeanor. I guessed I looked scary, but I didn’t care a bit.

“I didn’t know that the famous billionaire was a player and a fuck boy, but I guess, media doesn’t show everyone’s truth. Listen to me and listen well because I will not repeat myself. I AM NOT LIKE OTHER FEMALES WHOM YOU SLEEP WITH. I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE BUT, REMEMBER ONE THING, THAT NEVER EVER TRY TO COME CLOSE TO ME, OTHERWISE, YOU WILL REGRET IT AND I WILL SHOW NO MERCY. SO, STAY. AWAY. FROM. ME,” I said in an icy cold voice with disgust clearly visible on my face and stormed off in the direction from where I came earlier.

I didn’t want to listen to his useless explanation. I didn’t want to stay in his presence for a minute more. I thought he was different because he had no news about any relationships or scandals in media. But, I guess, some people are just better at hiding their true self from the world. He was not different from the other men out there. 99.9% men are same and just want sex from women disregarding their feelings. I despised such people who use women for their selfish needs and throw them afterwards.

I went to my mansion and then to my room. I took a shower to get rid of all the sweat and negative thinking.

I changed into a red bodycon dress that came 2-3 inches above my knees with black knee-length high heel boots and black gloves. I let my hair fall back to my waist with soft natural curls at the end and applied mascara, eyeliner and lip moisturizer as usual. I went downstairs and took my baby from Uncle William, who was playing with her.

I changed her clothes and diaper and made her wear a cute red color onesie with many princess drawings on it. I fed her and then asked her nanny to take care of her.

I went to the office and reviewed various files about upcoming projects and attended several meetings. By the time the meetings ended, it was already lunch break. I ate my lunch and video called my baby’s nanny to see Scarlett. She was sleeping peacefully in the other crib that was placed in another room temporarily, as it would be shifted to her playroom after the room will be remodeled. Yes, I bought two cribs because no one was ever allowed to go to my room. So, one crib was placed in my room for my baby when I would be there and the other one was for when I would not be there with her at the mansion.

I cut the call when there was a knock at my office door.

“Come in,” I answered in an authoritative voice.

“Ma’am, your Uncle, Mr. David Smith called to ask you to come to France for discussing some important matters,” my P.A Ava replied in a polite tone.

I rubbed my forehead and sighed. I could already feel a headache coming up. “He must have gotten to know about Scarlett,” I mumbled in a low voice. “Ok, Ava, inform him I will visit him tomorrow at his mansion,” I ordered.

“Ok, ma’am,” Ava replied and exited my office.

The rest of the day went pretty normal, and I exited the office at around five pm to go to the gang base. I reviewed the paperwork there and signed some important deals about the weapons supply.

There was an important meeting that I needed to attend. So, I attended the meeting and by the time the meeting ended; it was already 9 pm.

I entered the mansion and went to my room to freshen up. After that, I took my daughter from the nanny and ordered her to go rest but pack Scarlett’s necessary items for the travel, the first thing in the morning. Yeah, I was going to take Scarlett to France because I knew why that old man was calling me to meet him.

After that, I had my dinner, and I fed Scarlett and put her to sleep and then placed her in her crib. I also slept after some time after checking my mails.

Let’s see how this meeting with my Uncle goes. And what France has in store for me and Scarlett.

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