Journey Of The REINE (ON HOLD)

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Angelina’s POV:

The next morning, I brushed my teeth and took a shower. I changed into a white off-shoulder crop top and a dark chocolate brown ankle-length skirt. I wore brown gloves, white wedges, dangle earrings and a thin gold necklace with a black rose pendant. I let my hair fall freely on my back and applied mascara, eyeliner and a lip moisturizer as usual.

I went outside the closet and noticed Scarlett sleepily wriggling her small body in her crib, a clue that she would wake up soon. I went near her and picked her up in my arms. She slowly opened her doe-like eyes and peered up at me. I got her ready too for the flight.

I gave her a bath with lukewarm water and dressed her in a baby pink onesie. Then, I fed her and cleaned her mouth again because of her burping. I put her in her crib with some of her soft toys so that I could pack my luggage. After I was done, we both went downstairs to the living room. A servant went upstairs to take my luggage while Scarlett’s luggage was already at the entrance with her nanny standing beside it.

I sat in the car’s backseat with Scarlett. She was playing with my necklace and was babbling something. I never thought that I could ever be attached to someone except my dad. That I would love someone so much who was not him. I would never let anyone harm Scarlett, ever.

We reached airport and went directly to my private jet. I entered inside the jet and took a seat, adjusting Scarlett in her seat such that she could see through the window.

The jet was luxurious and had everything that a 7 star hotel would contain. It had a room at the opposite side of the pilot’s cabin with a king-size bed, a TV set and other luxuries. It also had an attached Bathroom. The plane’s theme was black and golden.

After some minutes, the plane took off and Scarlett was mesmerized by the view. My little baby was attached to the window. I scrolled through my phone with one hand while she was gripping my other hand. After 2 hours on the flight, she slept. I got up and took her to the room and we both slept on the bed with me holding her close to me.

I woke up half an hour before the landing and went outside the room to our actual seat. Scarlett had woken up by this time and was crying because she was hungry. I asked the flight attendant to bring lukewarm water to me in her milk bottle and made the milk formula myself to feed her.

After landing at the airport, I was leaded directly to a black limousine with some of my uncle’s bodyguards and was driven to the mansion. I entered the mansion and saw all the servants and maids standing in a line at each side of the entrance and bowing their head.

“Young Miss”, everyone said respectfully.

I saw the old man in the middle of the room and went directly to him. I gave Scarlett to the head butler for the meanwhile and hugged my uncle tightly. Well, he was actually my dad’s best friend. We are not exactly blood related, but he loves me as if I am his own daughter.

“How have you been Angelina? I heard about what happened at the fifth base that day,” he said while hugging me tightly.

I broke the hug and told him, “I have been fine, Uncle. It was a minor attack and you know we can handle an army of over thousand people at a time, at each base.”

He smiled and patted my head. “I am proud of you, Angelina.”

I smiled widely and said arrogantly while flicking my hair, “You should be. After all, where will you get such a beautiful, smart and talented niece, huh?”

He chuckled and shook his head, “Still the same.”

“Hey, I am only like this in front of you and my dad,” I said while pouting.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. The way everyone in the underworld shivers after listening to your name signifies that clearly,” he said while waving his hand dismissively.

I smiled innocently at him.

Then he noticed Scarlett, and a warm smile settled on his face. He took Scarlett in his arms and made funny faces at her and Scarlett giggled. If anyone saw him then, no one would ever believe that he was the former ruthless mafia king.

Everyone was shocked to see the entire scene unfolding before them. They couldn’t believe that the world’s two most dangerous people were like this behind closed doors.

Then, he looked up at me and said in a serious tone, “We need to talk.”

I sighed and nodded my head. I knew I couldn’t escape from that.

We went into the dining room. Since France is ahead of New York, it was time for dinner there. We had our dinner, and I fed Scarlett and put her to sleep. There was a crib already placed in my room. The old man really had prepared everything in advance.

A guard stood at the entrance of the room to watch over her while I was away and to inform me immediately, if she woke up. I left the door of the room ajar so that he could easily monitor her.

I entered my uncle’s office and sat on one of the chairs placed in front of his desk.

He sat there with a serious expression on his face and asked me, “Do you know what responsibility you took? Do you think it is easy to be a mother?”

I sighed and told him in my most sincere voice, “To be honest, NO. I don’t know. And I know that it’s difficult to be a mother. But I love her and want to be her mother. I know love is not enough while raising a child. But isn’t everybody inexperienced when they have their first child. In the same way, she is my first child. I will gain experience after….. I don’t know how long, maybe after some days or after some months or after some years. But, I will surely gain it one day and I assure you that till that day comes, I will try everything in my capabilities to be the best mother Scarlett can have. I promised Maria that I will raise her daughter as my daughter and will not back out now or ever in my life”

His eyes softened after hearing this and he said in a soft voice, “I know Angelina that you will never back out of this decision and neither am I asking you to. What I am saying is that it will not be easy to raise a child as a single mother. You need someone who will hold you and Scarlett both at bad times and assure you both that everything will be alright, who will take care of you both, who will treat you both as the most important women in his life. Think about it Angelina; what will you say when Scarlett will need a dad in future? When she will ask you about her Dad?”

“I don’t need a man ever in my life. I will be there to hold Scarlett in the future. To assure her that everything will be alright when bad time comes. Aren’t there single mothers who raise their children all by themselves by working day and night? In fact, I am lucky that I have you and dad with me at each step. That, I will never have to worry about any financial problems while raising Scarlett. I will simply tell her that her dad died while I was pregnant and he made me promise to never reveal his identity to her while taking his last breaths. I will lie to her if it means that she will never know the truth. And you know that there is no man except you and dad who is nice. Will there be anyone who will be ready to marry me, even after knowing that Scarlett is my daughter and that one share of my property will be hers? Anyone who will love and take care of Scarlett as his own daughter?”

“Not every man is evil, Angelina. Of course, there will be someone who will love you both unconditionally. Who will always be there to hold yours and Scarlett’s hand? Just give that person a chance to prove himself and don’t push him away when he comes to you.”

I sighed and was about to say something when a maid came and informed us that Scarlett woke up and was crying.

I stood up from my chair and went outside the office room to go to her. I picked her up from her crib and rocked her back to sleep. Once I was sure that she was deep in sleep, I again put her in the crib.

I noticed uncle standing near the door and observing everything. After some moments, he said, “Go to bed, Angelina. Tomorrow, you will have to meet a very important person. He will come in the morning. So, you will meet him at the breakfast table.”

I nodded, and he went away. I took a shower and changed into my night suit and went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning at six and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I brushed my teeth and took a shower. Then I changed into a purple color sundress with white borders around the end of the dress and the neck area. It hugged my upper body and flowed freely down my waist and stopped just above my knees. I wore white color gloves and white high heels to match with the dress. I let my hair fall down freely at the back with its natural wavy curls reaching to my waist.

I also made Scarlett ready and dressed her in a pink onesie. I fed her and went downstairs with her in my arms.

While reaching downstairs, I saw a man sitting on the couch in the living room. The man looked familiar, but I couldn’t pinpoint his identity because his back was facing me. At the sound of my footsteps, he turned around, and we both said at a same time.



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