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Everyone has a story they haven't told, everyone has a secret they keep hidden while others deal with trauma and mental illness differently. And some people live life full of blame and guilt for actions they aren't responsible for. Autumn a 22 year old women who has had a difficult life developing her lifestyle based on trauma she has witness as a young girl. From secrets and lies created from her parents manipulation and her boyfriend falling in love with someone else she takes this leap of faith into a new life as Autumn figures out who she really is aside from the trauma and anxiety; while discovering a new romance with someone she didn't expect. Oliver a 23 year old man who struggles day by day with depression, trauma, fear and grief. He never had a picture perfect family as issues occurred often. At a young age he learned how to take care of his now 10 year old brother Aiden and keeping secrets only his best friend Sam knows. Oliver is faced with life threatening decisions as well as a struggle for protection when a cruel man he once thought was family barges back into his life. Risking a new found romance he never expected to happen again Oliver has things he needs to keep quiet.

Romance / Mystery
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Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here and I just wanted to inform you that I will be releasing this book on Amazon by the end of December.

Just a fair warning this story, it does have numerous trigger warnings. It includes grief, suicide death, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, self-harm, and abuse (physical and mental). Some of these topics may not be discussed in depth but they are still displayed throughout the story.

I post more sneak peeks on my Tik Tok and Instagram account if you want to see more of my characters and story.

Tik Tok: Vanessa.writes10

Insta: Vanessa_writes10

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