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A 22 year old girl named Autumn who has recently had a difficult year, from her boyfriend falling in love with someone else as she tries to figure out who she is and the purpose of her life. All while dealing with Anxiety. A boy named Oliver who struggles to fight his past day by day as his past haunts him. From childhood trauma to dealing with depression he has a lot he stills needs to figure out! What will happen when Oliver and Autumn meet each other at a Library one afternoon? Warning: Mature content matter such as abuse, sexual content, depression and anxiety!

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Autumn's POV

I backed away slowly as the words left Jonathan's mouth, I couldn't believe after three years of dating him he would do this to me. Time seemed to slow down when he told me he fell in love with another girl, I bet you she doesn't have the same problems as me that's why he doesn't love me anymore. The more thoughts that invaded my head, the more distracted I was getting until I felt my body hit a hard surface.

I turned my head slightly to notice my back was against the door. In one slow motion I turned my body hitting my shoulder against the door while gripping the door knob hard until my knuckles turned white. Just wishing that everything he had told me was a lie.

"Autumn..." Jonathan's voice was smooth and calming, I bet that's why this new girl loves him as much as I do..did..ugh.

"Jonathan...don't" I said with one shaky voice, my back still towards him not daring to look him in the eyes.

"Where are you planning on going?"

"Somewhere...I don't know, why do you care anyways?" I attempted to be strong but all failed when I felt tears streaming down my face.

"I still care for you" He paused to let out a breath before continuing "You can stay here at the apartment"

Is he for real right now, really is he that dumb to think that I would want to stay in the same building as him.

"I can't" I say with a deep breath.

"Why?" He sounded so weak, weaker than he has ever been. But then again this is all his fault. I turn around to be met with his watery green eyes.

"Because you'll still be living here." I spoke as if the answer was obvious

"I'll leave, the rent is still paid for till the end of this year." His sweet tone was now shaky along with his hands. Ever since meeting Jonathan I've notice even through the painful arguments he always makes sure I'm okay.

Letting out a deep breath I respond back for what seems like the millionth time "Then where would you stay." I knew the answer already but I don't want to admit it to myself.

"Maybe Max's house."His tone sounded like he was unsure of that decision, which made it sound unusual because he mentioned before how his and Max's friendship was on the rocks lately.

"Ok...well when I get back all your stuff better be moved out." I hadn't realized I was still crying until more tears ran down my face. As I continued to look at him I knew that he felt sorry for his actions, that he never meant to hurt me. But it still doesn't allow him to do this to me.

As I turned back towards the door and slowly twisted the door knob I heard his shaky voice speak to me one last time. "Take care of yourself Autumn, I'll always love you."

"But you don't love me" I whispered to myself

His soft whimpers invaded my ears until I opened the door of our apartment or should I say my apartment. As I took one step out of the apartment I heard him say more " I never meant to hurt you Autumn, I'm so sorry for everything really. If you ever need me just call me please, I'm always here for you never hesitate."

I never turned back around after that, I simply nodded my head and walked out of the door.

Hey Everyone!

I hope you enjoyed this first chapter of my book Peyton! Let me know in the comments what you think of it and I’ll be sure to reply back.

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