The boy with a black hoodie

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Kiara is a rebellious student who also happens to be a Genius.She is famous for causing havoc at GreenWood high.However when she is caught skipping school the pricipal decides to give her a last chance by punishing her.She must tutor Alan or get suspended before writing her final exam. Alan keeps changing schools and he has no time to keep up with his school work.Things change when at his new school the principal assigns a rebellious troublemaker to teach him.He instantly hates her and decides to make her life a living hell.The only problem is that they have more in common than he thinks and he slowly starts falling for her. They are both lonely but do they know that since they are determined to despise each other?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter one.

I did not feel like being in school today. I was bored and I needed to leave this place. The thing is I'm a Genius of some sort and I don't even know how that happened since I hate school. Couldn't I be blessed with something more cooler like being a musician or an actress?

Anyways as I said I was bored.Mrs. Williams was busy going on about how Jane Austen was a great writer of her time and all that stuff. I knew that. I had read her books when I was about 13 years so this was like repeating a boring movie. My parents refused when teachers suggested that I skip some grades. They wanted me to grow up like a normal kid. Good luck with that!
As a result, I started being playful and messing around a lot. Wherever there is trouble don't hesitate to look for me. I will be there. Oh! did I mention that I sleep a lot in class and at home? What can I say I'm bored.
So as the teacher drowned on about Jane Austen I found her voice so soothing that I drifted to sleep. I should always have a teacher around. These people are pros at sending students to sleep.

"Kiara, do you mind getting out of my class dear?"Oh oh, that was Mrs. Williams and I could tell that she was annoyed.

"I'm so sorry Mrs. Williams. It's just that I have a terrible headache."I replied.

"You can explain that to Principal Scott now leave. You are disturbing my class."
I gathered my books and headed straight to the principal's office. I was a regular there. Principal Scott was a middle-aged man with a balding head. He always wore black suits despite the hot weather. I'm sure he never worried whenever he attended funerals. I knocked twice before entering his office. He was talking to a boy who was wearing all black. Say what now? Yes, black. Was he planning a cult without me? I'm just kidding.

Anyways the boy was wearing black Adidas superstars, black ripped skinny jeans, and a black sweatshirt with a hoodie. Overall his look was fire from my point of view. I stopped staring when Principal Scott handed me a detention slip. Yes, he did not even ask why I was there.

"I see you have decided to grace me with your presence again Kiara. Today you will knock off at six p.m.You have to clean windows."

"Yes sir."
There was no way I was cleaning windows, But there was no need for me to tell him that.

"You are excused. Get out."Am I a dog? I rolled my eyes and left his office stealing one last glance at the boy who was watching me.

Since it was nearly lunch I headed straight to the cafeteria. I ordered my lunch which consisted of a burger and fries. I sat by my usual table by the window and plugged in my earphones. I had no friends. Weird right? I might be the popular mischievous girl but I was always alone. High school was torture for me. I ate fast and left the cafeteria as soon as students started filling in.

Ten minutes later I was by my usual place where I climbed over the school fence. As I was about to climb I heard someone clearing their throat. I turned around and saw principal Scott. I stood there frozen as someone had petrified me. It was over for me.

"Follow me, Kiara Adams. Now!"I followed him to his office where he slammed the door and motioned for me to sit down. I obeyed.
"You have caused a lot of trouble for this school. The only reason I did not expel you was because of how respectable your parents are. Now I will give you two options, I either call your parents and tell them you are suspended or you tutor Mr. Walker and help him improve his grades within a month. choose now."If my parents found out about this I would be sent abroad and I would never be allowed to come back home.
"Who is Mr. Walker?"
I had to ask because there was no such person in my classes.

"The young man who was in my office when you came in earlier."Now I could either tutor Mr. Vampire or get suspended. I chose the earlier one. I would tutor the..ok I don't know why I'm calling him a vampire. I guess it's because of his good looks and how black good looked on him. Damn, I need to get a grip and focus.

"I will tutor him, sir," I said.

"Wise decision. Now go and clean those windows."
I left the office feeling dejected. I knew nothing about that guy. I had no idea how to socialize let alone teach another person. I was doomed. All my life I have always been alone and people ignored me. I was ok with that.

After cleaning those windows I headed straight for the car park where my red convertible was. I needed a drive before I could call the vampire. I was nervous. When I got home I dialed his number which I had got from principal Scott.No one answered. Great!

I kept calling until he finally answered after the fifth ring.
"Alan speaking who is this?"

"Umm _umm hie it's Kiara. I got your number from principal Scott. I'm supposed to be your tutor."

"I'm busy can we talk about this at school tomorrow."And just like that, he hung up on me. How dare he? I was starting to hate this guy.

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