The Dock

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An independent, almost 18-year-old girl is known by her high school classmates for the wrong reasons. Wishing to leave her town, she comes across a bad boy. Will he convince her to stay or will she leave her past behind?

Romance / Drama
Abbie J
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When we met

Roxy’s POV

A year ago is when I met him. I was alone, as usual, on the dock, having my daily smoking session, just to deal with the day ahead, that’s when from a distance, a tall and muscular guy appeared at the other end of the dock.

I couldn’t really see much of him due to the regular overcast weather and fog, only an outline so, I assumed it was another typical boy asking for a blow job from the town slut.

I’m known as this from rumours this rich, bitch, Rachel Montgomery spread about me. God, I fucking hate her. She has the whole high school thinking I sleep with every guy who asks me to.

I suppose I should introduce myself; my name is Roxanne Cook, but everyone just calls me Roxy. I’m known as a popular yet independent girl, however, I don’t really give a shit about popularity and if boys like me or not. I let them run after me instead. I’m smart, seductive but, sophisticated and I’ve been told that I’m hot as fuck. I’ve got short black hair and I often wear a leather jacket.

Back to the dock – As I was smoking, I fiddled with my zipper on my black high-heeled boots. I was staring out across the murky water, imagining what life could be like away from this dull town.

That’s when my thoughts were broken when I was tapped on the shoulder by a guy who I hadn’t recognized from this area. He was a broad-shouldered, clean-shaven, brunette haired guy. Did he look around a couple of years older than me, maybe 19? He was devilishly handsome and had a sort of bad boy look to him due to his eyebrow slit and tattoos running from his wrists to underneath his sleeves and I’m guessing up his arm. I stood up, smoke still in hand, and looked up at him towering over me.

I silently gulped. I was intimidated by his height and his piercing green eyes but tried to say confidently, “Yes?” I answered. “Hi”, he said with his deep voice, “I haven’t been to this town in a long time, would you mind showing me where 17 Nelson Courtland road is?”

As he said that, I instantly thought of all the negative outcomes that could happen, I shook them away by answering him humorously, “yeah sure, unless you’re going to kidnap me.” He laughs. “I like you,” he says and flashes his perfect smile. I answer back sarcastically, “That’s surprising, most people think I’m an asshole”. He chuckles, bites his lower lip and he asks, “what’s your name?” “It’s Roxy Cook” I answer while inhaling a puff of smoke. “what’s yours?” I ask. As he steals my cigarette and inhales the last remaining puff he answers, “my names Alex… Alex Montgomery”.

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