Dancing with the Devil

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Forced to leave the place she had known as her only home, Adelaine moves across the country. Her main goal is to find a great college, finish her degree, and find a job to look after her grandfather. Her life had already turned upside down, but so does her plans as soon as she comes face to face with the man who lives in the apartment next door. Rush Warren, AKA the Devil, was everything Adelaine had hated and desired at the same time. Arrogant, obnoxious, egoistic prick with a dark past, possibly the greatest body and most handsome face she had ever laid her eyes upon, but don't let the looks fool you. There is more than meets the eye. Starting on a rough note, soon they grow used to each other, and their dance between hate and love begins.

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°Chapter one°

After a sleepless night, which seemed to last for centuries, Adelaine finally fell asleep around 7 am. The young woman was exhausted- her first day in the new town was more than eventful, and the night didn't end any different. At one point, she was ready to scream out loud, bang on the wall, or even go as far as to knock on the neighbor's door until someone would open it. Any other person would, but since Adelaine was new around the area- she wanted to have a good relationship with her neighbors, so starting an argument on the first night would be outrageously stupid.

It shouldn't be surprising that the young woman didn't hear her phone going off. However, the neighbor heard it loud and clear; the sound irritated him since the man was finally getting ready to sleep. Unlike Adelaine, he had no shame whatsoever- the man banged on the bedroom wall, yelling out profanities. The intense phone calls died down, but not for long enough for the neighbor to fall asleep. He might try to return a favor and stay put, enduring the inconvenience, but that was the last thing on his mind. The shameless neighbor stomped out of his apartment and stood in front of Adelaine's door, violently banging his fist against it. He wouldn't stop until someone opened the door and explained themselves. How could they disturb his rest in such a vulgar manner?

The lock clicked open, revealing a young woman dressed in a see-through silk robe and ridiculously childish fluffy slippers. Her eyes were still half-closed; the man watched how she yawned and brought her tiny fists up to her eyes to rub them. She didn't notice how loosely she tied the robe, giving the neighbor an open view of her lacy bra. Even though the man nearly lost himself while watching her petite frame, his eyes traveled up to the woman's messy hair- her blonde locks reminded more of a bird's nest than actual hair. The woman yawned again, crossed her arms in front of her chest, and leaned against the doorframe.

"Good morning, sir, may I help you?" The woman looked like she might pass out right in front of him. He stood quiet for a while, mentally judging her for the lifestyle she led without knowing a thing about the young woman. Matter of fact- this was the first time he had met her. Stupid teens, fucking around and drinking for nights.

The man cleared his throat, gaining her attention: "The morning is shit, all thanks to you. Would you mind turning off the phone so I can get some goddamn sleep? There are people besides you living in this apartment complex; learn some respect!" The rage slowly filled him, making the man head straight for the attack. Even the adorable looking frown on her face didn't help the situation. Why would it? Rush had a woman in his bed- one resembling a Goddess.

"I'm sorry, but who are you?" Adelaine tilted her head, trying to recall why the angered male seemed so familiar.

"I just told you that you're not the only person living here; use your brain, woman," perhaps it was the annoyance for the constant phone calls in the apartment next door, but maybe it was the fact that the woman didn't seem affected by his looks that pissed Rush off even more. Usually, women fell by his feet, yet this tiny vixen didn't sympathize with the man.

"Oh, please do tell me that you are the neighbor who lives right next door," the woman grinned, suddenly acting as if he would be God himself if only he were the person she sought for.

"One and only, baby. Listen, I had a rough night; I should get some sleep, and that damn thing gets on my nerves." Rush ran his fingers through his dark brown hair, letting out a deep breath. Unlike his usual self, the man tried to calm down- for some reason; he wanted to get out of her the same reaction any woman would show. The man had to know that his charms were still there. However, Rush excepted for many things, nothing close to what he got in return.

"First of all, it's Adelaine, not baby. But for you, it's Miss Carter. Second of all, oh, I know. You see, you weren't the only one who had a rough night, but mine was forced on me, unlike yours. It's pretty hard to fall asleep when your neighbor can't quiet down a little- you know, to respect the neighbors and all that. Now, please excuse me; I need to get some more sleep. I will turn the sound off if that's the only thing that might bother you, but this will be the first and last time when I ever do. Respect is earned, not given out for nothing, Mister," Adelaine grabbed hold of the door, ready to shut it closed in front of his eyes. The young woman had no idea how she gathered the courage to speak in such a manner; it wasn't something she ever did. Perhaps the new town had its perks; she might become a lot braver, ready to stand up for herself.

Rush quickly snuck his foot between the door, and its frame, preventing the woman from closing the door. He eyed her, wondering what her problem was- people didn't treat him in such a way, but here she was.

"What the Hell are you talking about?" Rush forced words through gritted teeth, more than ready to dig deep enough to understand why the woman rejected him. The male didn't feel tired or sleepy anymore- adrenaline flooded his veins.

"I'm talking about last night. I couldn't sleep until 7 am, and being the good neighbor I am- I kept enduring the loud noises of whatever happened back in your apartment. I won't respect your need for rest if you can't respect mine. Now, please leave." His facial expression made the young woman chuckle, even though she was upset- the man amused her.

"You're clearly grown enough to call things by their real names. We had sex, don't be ashamed to say it out loud, or I won't understand the language you speak." Just minutes ago, Rush was outraged, baning on her apartment door, but now he grinned like a cat. The blush creeping on her cheeks showed off how uncomfortable his new neighbor was, and there was nothing more Rush loved than dragging people out of their comfort zone.

"Sir, unlike you, I speak English." Adelaine snarled, attempting to close the door, but his feet didn't move, preventing her from making a barrier between them.

"I speak the language of love." Rush leaned closer, winking at the young woman. He had no idea when she arrived or for how long she would stay, but from the first look at her, he knew one thing- she was to become his new toy.

"I can't believe that I'm about to say this." Adelaine closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and whispered: "God, please forgive me, and if possible, cover your ears." She quickly looked up at the cocky male and glared at him as she had never glared at anyone before. This neighbor was bringing out a completely unknown side of hers, and frankly, Adelaine didn't know if she liked the new her. "You, Mister, couldn't speak the language of love even if you'd be locked in one room with hopeless romantics for the rest of your life. The only language you speak is sarcastic asshole and intercourse that sounds more like Tasmanian devil mating season preview on Discovery channel. That is not the language of love." She attempted to find a polite way of expressing her feelings, but the woman felt as if there was none. After the words left her lips, she shook her head in disappointment, more of her own than towards the neighbor.

"Oh, would you look at this- kitten got some claws. I do prefer my women a little feisty; please go on, it's kind of hot." The words following hers shocked the young woman, to say the least. This man was more than just a selfish piece of work- he was shameless, probably possessing little to none morals.

"You are an obnoxious, disrespectful, disgusting human being who needs therapy. Could you do a favor to society and lock yourself in a mental hospital for a while? That would be great, thank you. Now, please leave my doorstep before I slam the door shut right in front of your face." Adelaine felt how the blood traveled to her cheeks, if not the whole face. No one was able to anger her usually, but this man had a God-given gift. They say everyone should respect each other, but boy did this man make her task difficult.

"And it's official- I liked you better when you were sleepy. Your mouth is shut, the only sound leaving your lips is an adorable, barely audible yawns time by time, and Lord, the things you can do with your body while you stretch- that's hot. Boner alert." Rush grinned, intentionally pointing out just a few things he had noticed. If anything, the male had more arguments to add if the woman wouldn't stop acting like an entitled snob. Frankly, even her resistance was somewhat sexy in his eyes; he couldn't deny that.

"You're unstable." Adelaine groaned, rolling her eyes.

"Only for you, baby, only for you." He winked, turned around, and left her standing in the doorframe. If he had spent a little more time around her- Rush would break the only rule he had living in this building. Never sleep with a neighbor.

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