The Wild Eagle MC Series: Book 1: Storms Adventure

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I came home from school and found my parents dead and the house ransacked. I don't know what they were looking for. I don't think they found it though. I felt as if I had been being followed, watched Then I was sent t o live with my Aunt Buffy and her husband Ash. I am to lie her until my brothers get out of the army. Then I met the VP, Jagger of my uncles MC. For some reason he feels the need to keep me safe. I don't understand why that is. He makes sure no boys or men get to close to me. I don't understand why he does that and still sleeps with other women. Not the whores from the club but woman from the town. It hurts to see him with them. He once beat up a man who kissed me. I want him to kiss me but he won't. I do things to piss him off. Because he yells at me not to date. Sometimes I hate him. My uncle Ash comforts me when it becomes to much. I decided to move out of the club when I turn 19. I waited for a year for Jagger I won't wait anymore. My brothers are coming home next week. I will get to know them again but then I am leaving. I can stay here any longer. It is time I moved on. .

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Chapter 1: New Town, New School

I was sent to live with my Aunt Buffy after my parents were killed. I have two older brothers that are in the Army. They are overseas. So, I didn’t have a choice but to move to Florida. I didn’t want to move. Buffy is my mother’s youngest sister. She is nice but she has never had any children. She is the wife of the president of the Wild Eagle MC. Her husband’s name is Ash.

They said his VP is Jagger and he doesn’t talk much or date. I was being met at the bus station today. I was waiting in the terminal when I saw three big bikers walk in. I was the only one there. You must be Storm the biggest one said. Yes, I am Storm I said in a soft voice.

I am Jagger the VP of your uncles MC. Where are your things? Against that wall I said. He turned and looked at the three suitcases and 10 boxes. They started carrying them out and putting them in a truck. When they were finished, he lifted me onto the passenger side of the truck and shut the door.

He never talked all the way to the clubhouse. When we arrived, he lifted me down and told me to follow him. The other men started carrying my things inside. I watched them walk down the hallway. Storm, I heard. I turned and saw my aunt a short woman running to me.

She hugged me telling me she was happy that I was there. Then I saw the president my uncle Ash walk over to us. He kisses Buffy and then hugged me and kissed the top of my head. Welcome to our clubhouse Storm. I will introduce you to a few of our teenagers who you will be going to the high school to you. That way you will not be attending a new school without knowing someone.

Thank you, uncle Ash I said. Not a problem Storm. I would hate to attend a new school and not know anyone. Now, I will let your aunt show you to your room. Come back out here when you finish putting your things away.

Aunt Buffy told me to follow her. We walked down the hallway and then turned right and walked up the stairs. We are on the third floor. Me, Ash, you, Jagger, our enforcer Stone, and his wife Mandy. Mandy is a lawyer. My bedroom is next door to Jagger's. It is beautiful. It has a small living room, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.

She left me there to unpack. I sat the boxes outside my door against the wall as I emptied them. Two hours later I was finished. I took a shower and changed into jeans, boots, bra, underwear, and a T-shirt. At 17 years old I was built. I am short like my aunt. I stand 5’ 0” tall and weigh 101 pounds. I have hair down to my waist which is dark brown.

I took a breath and walked down the hall to the stairs. I walked down them to the first floor. I walked down the hall and to the bar. I saw the members watching me. I walked over to where my aunt was sitting. Sitting down Storm. I sat down and she asked if I was hungry. I am. How about a hamburger and fries and a coke? I would like that. I want a lot of mayo on my sandwich.

A prospect brought the plate and pop over and sat it in front of me. I ate the food and pushed the plate away from me. You will be starting school next week. You will ride with one of the teenagers. Do you have a driver’s license? Yes, my car and bike should arrive in two days.

I have a Blue Mustang and my bike is purple. I can’t wait for them to get here. What grade are you in? The 12th I graduate this year. I am an A student. I also am a tattoo artist. I had brought my drawing pad down with me. I sat drawing new tattoo designs and had not noticed when a man sat down next to me.

You’re good I heard. I looked over and saw Jagger sitting next to me. Thanks, I told him. I continued to draw until I finished the Wolf design. I put my pencil down and took a drink from my pop. I saw four men walking in the door along with two girls.

I watched as my uncle walked over to them and they followed him down the hallway. Soon his enforcer Stone walked over to the table and asked me to follow him.

We walked into my uncle’s office and I was introduced to Randy, Jerry, Doug, Mark, Roxie, and Donna. This is Buffy’s niece who has come to stay with us. She is in 12th grade. She will be attending school with you. She will also be in all your classes.

She will start school next week. I want you to get to know Storm. So, all of you will leave my office and sit at a table and get to know each other. We walked out of the room and down the hall. We sat down at the table in the back of the room.

We found out that all of us enjoy kickboxing. Donna like me enjoys working with swords. And Roxie like me enjoys doing tattoos. So, we all do have something in common. None of us have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

We decided to work out together in the gym tomorrow. Donna and I will work out with our sword’s tomorrow night. I am looking forward to going to the gym to work out. I have not been able to do it for two months

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