Neptune's Star

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004: A Place To Stay

"Are you feeling better?" asked the man from the driver's seat. I nodded, looking at him from the rear-view mirror.

"Sorry." I felt bad for causing so much trouble. Of course the man didn't ask for all of this, he must be really tired taking care of me.

"Hey, no worries. We'll take you in until we find your family, okay? The man in charge of me has given permission since last night." The man explained as he passes me a packaged slice of cake.

"The man from last night?" I glanced at the man and looked down at the cake I'm holding, not appetized but I thanked him anyway.

"Yes, you'll be in our care from now."

"Thank you."

I've never felt more grateful.

It's 6 PM now. I didn't dare do anything else other than walk the same route from the guestroom to the dining room. I rejected the man's offer to watch TV after eating the cake and lunch he gave me so I decided to take a nap for a few hours. I didn't want to be anymore of a nuisance.

"Oh, good evening, sir. That was early."

I heard the man's voice echo to the bedroom. I got out of bed and opened the door, curious of who he was speaking to.

"Yes, Damon. The new assistant insisted on helping me on everything so work has been quicker than usual." A deep voice echoed through the house and I peeked down from the glassy balustrade from upstairs, shying away as I crouch to not be seen.

"That's to be expected, she's known to be a very hard worker." The man, or Damon, replied.

"How's the boy?"

I felt my heart jump. That's me!

"He's taking a nap in the guestroom, sir." Mr. Damon spoke from the other side of the living room, unseen from where I crouched.

The deep-voiced man suddenly looked right up at me and my heart stuttered as it struggles to beat properly. He's quite intimidating in posture and the power he radiates is nothing to be taken lightly.

I fumbled to my feet and hurried downstairs with my face red from embarrassment.

"Had a good sleep?" The middle-aged man spoke and I nodded quickly. Damon turned and greeted me with a smile. "Th-thank you for letting me stay," I replied.

The man gave a hearty laugh and threw his blazer on a velvet chair. "It's fiiine, kid. Loosen up a bit, we're not gonna eat you or anything."

That surprised me, his demeanor suddenly changed. Or maybe I'm just overthinking this.

He took a seat on said velvet chair, looking very comfortable on the soft cushions underneath him. "Cole, is it? Welcome. It's not that often we get visitors. Especially like you."

I could only smile politely, my awkwardness taking away whatever words I could've said.

The man smiled at me. "Where are you from, kid?"

"Ah, he may be suffering from some kind of amnesia, sir. He couldn't recall anything else besides his name and a few unimportant details." Mr. Damon made clear before walking over to a few other well-dressed men I've never seen before.

There was a short pause before the man stood up. "Okay then, come, Cole. I'll show you around. Damon said you weren't interested in looking around the house."

Oh, believe me, I would love to roam around this magnificent house. With such interior design and unique decorations, who wouldn't be excited to peek, especially being a very curious child. I was simply being polite in somebody else's space.

The first floor was beautiful. The man took me back to the entrance to have full look at the house. He might be bragging, but it's honestly nothing to be irritated about. He deserves to brag. I mean, having this house, I would've bragged even harder.

We met with Mr. Damon and a group of men, which are apparently manservants and Mr. Damon is the house's butler. They greeted me with a wave and i smiled back, waving. They seem nice.

It felt like hours since we started walking around the house. Good thing my leg doesn't hurt anymore, I've been feeling well since I woke up from my nap.

Oh, it seems like we actually did walked for hours, according to the grandfather clock located in one of the maze-like corridors. At least to me it's like a maze.

I've gotten lost twice now and needed help from one of the manservants that found me wandering in the rooms.

"That took longer than expected," the man laughed as we made our way up the stairs.

"Cole, you mustn't forget your bath, I've prepared your clothes on your bed, make sure to wrap up your legs first, call me or one of the men if you need help," said Mr. Damon from afar.

I nodded and waved as I followed the man upstairs.

The man told me to follow him, ignoring the doors and corridors we passed, but I eventually get why he did so.

A tall, arched double door with frosted glass panels uncovered a dream-like circular library with walls made out of bookshelves, covering the whole interior with books and nothing else except small spaces for light to illuminate the room.

I was in awe.

"Do you like it?" The man asked. I couldn't help but smile dumbly as i drag myself inside, noticing how still I was standing in the middle of the doorway. I just couldn't help staring.

"Pick a book, any book, pick more than one book, there's no reason to be shy."

I picked four books while the man chose one. I put down the books in the circular table in the middle.

"Not now, Cole. Look, you don't want to miss this." I look over at the man, he pulled a bright yellow book with 'CAELUM' on it's side.

The book was pulled halfway before a satisfying click was heard. I hidden bookcase door emerges, revealing a circular stairway around the circumference of the library.

I followed the man upstairs, shivering a few times due to the air conditioning. It's quite refreshing actually.

Above the library is another library, but it looked more cozier and pleasant. I plopped myself down on the fluffy beanbag, carefully hugging the books so they wouldn't get crushed.

The man sat on the floor, putting his book on a wooden floor table beside me. I put three of the books down and began reading the first one.

A few minutes later, the man spoke, "You look like you're having a good time already. Do you enjoy reading books?"

"Oh, I love books! I like reading them. It's one of my favorite things to do." I replied happily.

"I see, it's my favorite too." The man flipped a page. "You can come here as much as you want now, feel free to take a look at the house. Don't break anything, though." He closed his book and stood up.

"Where are you going?" I asked, curious.

"I'm going to work in my room, one of the servants will come here to bring you dinner. You can stay here." He smiled, straightening his sleeves.

"Um, thank you...?"

"Vince," he said.

"Call me... Uncle Vince."
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