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005: the Lucky Unlucky

Lucy (Luca)
is typing...

Lucy: Oi
Lucy: Don't ignore me
Lucy: >:(
Lucy: uwu

You: ew
You: what

Lucy: HM

You: no


You: fuck off Luca

Lucy: Tommorow k? Be early
Lucy: Also
Lucy: I heard we're gonna have a group project,, in PAIRS,,, and it's random

You: wtf

Lucy: Ikr,, I hope I'll be with Sam

You: lol no, he's gonna get a stroke being with a dumbass like u

Lucy: You're underestimating me

You: u got 0.3 on physics





I woke up to Sir Damon knocking on my door. "Yeees, I'm up," I slurred, still feeling sleepy.

Why didn't my alarm go off? I noticed that I didn't even wash myself or changed my clothes yesterday. Did I fell asleep? Whatever, I really need to take a shower.

I quickly got ready and went down to eat breakfast the servants cooked for me and left. Uncle Vince is as early as always, I wonder how long since I last saw him. Well, Uncle Vince is a pretty busy man, he must be really tired but he always gets the job done.

Living in a mansion with a few manservants isn't common, that's because I live in a very rich home. Uncle Vince took me in since I was little and brought me up.

I never realized how hard working he really is until a few years later. He could retire right now and feed his entire family all over the world and himself for decades with his saved up money, yet he didn't.

He's still working even though there was no need, it's easy for him to just hire a replacement and relax, let the money flood his bank like a broken pipe.

He's my biggest inspiration and I always strive to be successful like him. I want to make him proud, especially after taking me in, I want to repay him.

"Cole, where the heck were you!?" Luca whispered hurriedly, sounding like a screeching cat.

Naturally, being rich means I get to go to a fancy school, even though I've never asked for it. Uncle Vince insisted on giving me the best facilities, like my school, Capen High. Another great reason to thank him.

In an elite school, we have elite students. Even my annoying as fuck friend here is rich as fuck.

"Here." I gave him my notebook and he scrambled to flip the pages. "I said be early!" Luca whispered, with the same horrid manner. "I woke up kinda late," I yawned, taking a seat next to Luca, turning on the computer.

Luca's computer is already on, displaying a youtube video about weird stuff I don't want to know about. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten caught yet after doing this so many times now.

There's not a lot of people here, but there's enough to fill the room with quiet, regular chattering.

"You can't do that!" Luca protested, his voice finally normal.

"Be grateful I even gave you my notes. I should probably teach you little lesson to do your work earlier, seriously. The teacher gave us 2 weeks to do this," I argued back, pulling out my phone to check Twitter.

"That's what you said a month ago." Luca grinned almost mockingly before continuing, "You're such a helpful friend, y'know?"

I rolled my eyes.

Back to the topic of the land of riches and school, my classmates are all rich in their own ways and some are quite noteworthy.

Samuel or Sam, this charming prince of Harvard, is one of the smartest students in this school. Ranking a whopping number 4 of the smartest, just below Kennedy, the Empress of Mathematics, as some nerds like to call her jokingly. That nickname always sounds putrid, I've never actually met her but I bet Kennedy herself vomited after hearing it.

Kameron, the popular King of Every Year. A normal rich but always gets nominated for King of The Year for his handsome looks since middle school, never skipped even once.

He seems like a fuckboy to newbies, but he's nothing like that, apart from his kind of flirtatious side. He's very outgoing and seems to get along with everyone, even with people that hate him, they just couldn't resist his charm.

He might seem mean a lot of the times, but I consider him not. Whatever shit he might spit out of his mouth is always right. This hero motherfucker talked down a pervy PE teacher once and saved a girl from sexual harassment and basically got him fired in an hour. He could yell at a middle schooler and I would nod along with him, he's a fair guy.


No, I rather not.

Who else is there? Naia, Cassidy, Serena, and Sophia are just a normal popular (not really) group of highschool girls, they're just pretty, that's it.

Jose, Haylen and his twin Christy are the class clowns and known throughout the school. Christy might not be as outgoing but she can be hilarious sometimes.

I would put Luca in that group, but 'the class dummy' is a more fitting title.

I'm an eye-catching person, there's nothing in me that people could exactly pinpoint, I'm just rich and a good student, that's all.

"Come on guys, your break is over, don't get sleepy now," said Ms. Illa, our history teacher.

It's been a few hours now.

Luca had managed to finish his homework a couple hours ago just before second period. I'd say his cheating skills are getting better, it's not a good thing, though.

"Jane, be quiet."

"Alright class, I know you've all been getting a lot of projects and homeworks lately, but I hate to break it to you, you're going to have another one," said Ms. Illa with somewhat a regretful tone.

"That's the thing, the one I said yesterday," Luca whispered. I nodded, feeling a bit more tense.

"We're going to have a presentation next month, I'll be generous and give you a later due time," Ms. Illa explained, opening her notes.

"I will divide you to groups, and you can work together."

There were audible groans and sighs.

"About the work, I will give you two topics to cover in the presentation and another for an essay. Since there are 24 of you, I will divide you to groups of two, so in total there will be 12 pairs, understand?"

Grey, I think, raised his hand and asked, "Can we choose our partners?" He asked but I think he knows the obvious answer.


"I will randomize the partners, but if there are any complaints while doing this project, please report to me and I will grade it fairly. Everyone should be taking part of the work."

I glanced to Luca with a grin, he just scoffed.

"I have the partners noted, listen carefully so you won't forget, alright?" she cleared her throat, "Abby and Naia, Calum and Christy,"

Calum shot finger guns playfully and Christy did it back in a more subtle way.

"Samuel with Luca,"

Luca and I did a light wheeze, shocked by the unexpected duo. 'Holy shit', he mouthed.

"Lillian and Cole,"

Luca wheezed once more but I stayed silent. He elbowed me lightly but I just looked over to the reactionless Lillian at the front row seat.

Well this took an awkward turn.
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