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Chante has been living with dwafism all her life and is discriminated against, no friends and no love interest but when her mother forces her to go clubbing with her cousin, they end up ditching her to enjoy themselves. Frustrated she decides to stick it through and finds herself a table where she ends up meeting an odd guy. Cover art by: the_nerd.artist

Romance / Other
Vanessa Nicole
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Night Out

We arrive at the night club and my cousin and her friends are a little pissed. I don’t have many friends and because my parents begged my cousin to take me with, I held them up at the entrance. I’m short because of my Pseudoachondroplasia dwarfism that was genetically passed down to me by my grandmother. I stand at a height of 116 centimetres and feel so humiliated because of the bouncer.

They’re irritated at my cousin for bringing me along and my cousin is irritated at me for being me. I walk in behind them but quickly get lost as we walk through the crowd. I knew I shouldn’t have come to this damn place!

I squeeze my way out of the crowd and make it to the seating area where I struggle up to sit on a couch and look over at the people staring at me. There’s a group of men smiling at me to my right but that is all they are doing. Placing my bag on the seat beside me, I dig in my bag and see that she didn’t even phone me to make sure I’m alright.

Rolling my eyes, I sit back and smile as a female waitress walks over, “Evening, can I get you a drink? The bartender saw you from across the floor and said I should take your order,” she says and I look at the man she is pointing at but he isn’t looking at us.

“Thanks, I’d like one of the clubs’ speciality drinks that was advertised at the entrance,” I say and she smiles, “Should I open a tab for you, you are welcome to pay it when you leave or on your next return.”

I look at her with a frown, “Is that even allowed?” She shakes her head with a chuckle and answers me cheekily, “It’s a marketing plan only for beautiful woman, you leave your name and number, get a VIP card after five trips and get to meet the boss.”

I chuckle and take the booklet she pulls from her breast pocket and pen, write my name and number on it and hand it back to her. She smiles down at me, “Chante Clearwater, your name suits you. I’ll be back with your drink and beginners card,” she says with a wink and walks away.

As I sit and wait, the people who pass me can’t help but look at me. Some take second and third looks then whisper to their friends. The waitress soon returns with my drink and hands me a card, “I’ll be back in a few and two other waiters are assigned to you as well, the ones who work this section, enjoy your drink, Miss Chante.”

“Thank you I nod and accept my drink,” the music is playing loud with dancers on poles and in cages. My drink goes down quickly but lucky for me, I can hold my alcohol. A male waiter comes over with the same drink and I look at him with a raised brow, “I didn’t order this.”

He nods with a smirk, pointing to a man not too far from me he says, “It was ordered by that man over there.” I look over and he waves at me. I smile back and see him walk over and suddenly I feel a chill go up my spine.

He stops in front of me and I can’t help by marvel at how handsome he is, sharp green eyes, tall, deliciously mouth-watering. Stretching out his hand to me he introduces, “I’m Simon Dominic.” Grabbing his hand, “I’m Chante Clearwater, thank you for the drink.”

He was dressed oddly plain wearing a plain black shirt, dark blue jeans, white hunters and a white baseball jacket, “Do you mind it if I join you?” he asked and I shook my head, “I don’t mind.” I answered and scooted over.

He sat down and looked at from head to toe. His eyes narrow on me as a smirk forms but doesn’t say anything and leans back. After a moment of awkward silence he asks, “Are you waiting for anyone?”

I shake my head, looking at him behind me, he seemed so lazy and relaxed drinking his whatever he is having, “No, my parents begged my cousin to bring me along with her friends and the bouncer took too long to let us in because of my height and then they dodged me through the crowd.”

Simon’s face twisted as he sat up, “What the fuck were they thinking?” he growled out. I was momentarily surprised but chuckled and waved it off, “Don’t bother getting angry at them. I didn’t want to come and I’m actually glad they left me behind, I probably wouldn’t have you sitting beside me if I was with them,” I teased.

Simon sat back in the seat with a smirk on his face, tilting his head to the left he asked, “How sure are you?” I looked away and shrugged, “I wouldn’t know.”

“Want to do a round of shots?” He suggested and I nodded, “What are they serving?” I ask and glare at him as he scoots over to place his drink on the table and look at me with a smile. He called a waiter over, “Bring us a round of baileys shots, the same as the ones I had earlier on and another or of mine and the lady’s drink please.”

After the waiter left I looked over at Simon who had a smile on his face looking over the crowd dancing on the floor, “How many drinks have you had already?” I ask him out of curiosity.

Shrugging he looks at me with a smirk and dances as sits, “I’ve been drunk since this morning, I can’t remember.”

My eyes widen in surprise, “You don’t seem drunk at all.” Simon laughs a deep belly laugh and wipes away the tears at the corners of his eyes, “I get that a lot but the secret is, I know how to drink better than others.”

I roll my eyes and can’t help but dance too. My phone suddenly rings in my bag that Simon hands over. I rush to take it out and see that it’s my mother, answering it, “Hello?”

“Chante?! Jamie says you disappeared on them, where are you?” My mother asks sounding worried. I groan as I look at the people dancing, “Doesn’t she have my number? Why’d she phone you instead of me? She was the one who disappeared in the first place.”

“Should I send your brother to fetch you?” she asked but I shook my head. “Na it’s okay, I’ll phone when I want to go home.”

After I ended the call, the drinks and shots were here. Simon looked over at me curiously and asked, “Why aren’t you going home?”

I look at him shocked, “You heard what we spoke about over the noise?”

He shook his head amused, “I’ve been reading your lips since I came here, I’m surprised you can hear me.”

I shook my head with a chuckle, “If you weren’t here, I would have probably gone home.”

Simon smiled arrogantly, “You’re interesting,” he suddenly said. I watched him as he reached over and handed me the first shot, we each had three and started taking them one after the other.

“How old are you?” he asked.

“I’m twenty-three, you?” I answered and he looked at me surprised, leaning over he planted his lips against mine shocking me. My mouth was open since we were talking and his tongue suddenly invaded my mouth.

He pulled back and all I could see with the string of silver connecting our tongues together. I felt a blush creep up me and take over. Simon lunged back laughing and I couldn’t help but look away embarrassed.

I took my last shot and glared at Simon who was still laughing. His phone rang inside his pocket making him frown. Looking down at it he answered, “Yo?”

“You all here?” he said as he looked at me apologetically.

“Naw, I’m actually on my way out, I received a call not too long ago from my brother to head home,” I heard him lie. He looked at me with a smirk and winked.

“Yeah, I’ll see you all tomorrow,” he says and ends the call. Calling the waiter over he says, “Add her bill to mine and I’ll transfer the money tomorrow.”

“I don’t need you paying my bill for me,” I tell him.

“Chante don’t be like this, let’s drink finish and head out,” he says and downs his drink in one go after his last shot.

“Why would I leave with you?” I ask him and slowly sip from my drink. He gives me these adorable puppy eyes, “Let’s spend the rest of the evening together, I don’t want to hang out with my friends anymore and I am hungry.”

“You’ll be sick if you eat,” I inform him and he nods, “I know, but really if we don’t leave soon Chante, they’ll find us and might steal you away from me,” he says scanning the club agitated. He groaned, “I still wanted to dance with you but those fuckers arrived early.”

“Where are we going to eat?” I ask him and his head snaps to me, “Anywhere is fine no? We’ll stop at the third place on our way out of here.”

That is really an odd way of picking what to eat. I nod and finish my drink. Simon helps me down taking my hand in his with my handbag in his other hand. He squeezes my hand firmly as he pushes through the crowd and makes it to the back entrance.

I look at him confused as we pass the bouncer who looks down at me with a frown and he speedily stalks pass many cars, I almost trip but he catches me in his arms and scoops me up with a grin resting his left hand on my butt squeezing it.

Frowning, I hit his shoulder, “Watch where you put your hands.” I say and feel embarrassed as my red dress slips further up over my thighs. “I can’t help it, you’re so little yet you have this amazing body, big breast and a big butt.”

My eyes widen in fear, “Y-you’re n-not going to r-rape me are you?” Simon stops walking and looks down at me lost. Shaking his head he says, “I only do consensual sex.”

We stop by a car and he unlocks it. Placing me down, he opens the passenger side door and helps me into his car. Making sure I’m secure with the seatbelt, he closes the door and gets in. We drive off and the car is silent. Looking out the window I can’t help but feel bad, “S-sorry,” I mumble under my breath.

I hear him sigh, “Don’t sweat it. I’m amazed that you even came with me, I doubt it’s because you trust me or the fact that you need a ride home.”

“But it was a mean thing to say,” I tell him but he shakes his head.

“It was very appropriate, at least you weren’t all over me like how other women are,” he said making me curious.

Looking at him, “You haven’t told me how old you are Simon,” I say and he smirks, “I’m twenty-seven.”

“It took you long enough to answer me,” I say and pull my legs onto the seat and make myself comfortable.

“Chante?” Simon suddenly calls. I look over and see that he is looking ahead at the road, “Yeah?”

“Get your fucking shoes off my seat,” he says sending chills down my spine. “Sorry,” I mumble and take off my silver heels and drop them to the floor placing my feet back on the seat.

We stop at a drive-in and he orders burgers, fries and chicken wraps with soda. As we continue driving he asks, “It’s after ten, wanna go to my place up ahead, the beach or should I take you directly home?”

I look over at him and ask, “Why do you want to take me to your place?” He looks over at me, “Honestly speaking, I’m both hungry and I want to get laid, but if you don’t want to, we can just eat and I’ll drop you off at home.”

I look at him sceptically, “How can you be fine with just taking me home?” He turns and beams at me, “I could always try to get under your dress another time.”

I stare at him with wide eyes and continue nibbling on the curly fries. After a moment I say, “You won’t have my virginity unless we get married.”

“Why are you a virgin?” he asks me in complete shock.

“Well, it’s not like I’ve been approached and fell in love,” I answer him under my breath.

“Heh? But you’re so beautiful,” he comments as he takes fries from the box in between my thighs.

“As pretty as I am, it seems bothersome to even date me. Everyone just pities me and there isn’t a little person around this city that I can befriend. My friends or well they are mostly acquaintances pretend to not know me when they are around other people, just like my cousin.” I say bitterly.

“I can take all of your firsts if you want,” he says to me. His eyes widen and he asks, “Did I perhaps take your first kiss back at the club?”

I don’t answer him and I know that he knew the answer to his own question. Simon suddenly chuckles with a shake of his head.

“Don’t mock me!” I say as I feel the need to cry arise. He shakes his head, “I’m not mocking you but just know that I’m no longer taking you home, we’ll have fun tonight.”

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