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A young teenage girl that is 16 called Aria tries to impress her parents by doing a task then she becomes a real devil and Meets a prisoner that’s a human boy aged 17.

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Devil’s diaries May

May 26th 2020

Dear diary,
Today is the worst day ever even though it was cloudy and it was raining it still was a bad day.
My Mother and Father are forcing me to suck a real life persons blood and then add them into our realm! Because they want to add them into their army against the ANNOYING angels.They’ve been at it for years. Usually I had blood in a can because I was too young. Hopefully I can prove to them that I’m a real devil if. I don’t I could be disowned and to be killed.

My life will not get better ...

May 27th 1901

Today I must do my first task as a real devil. .This is it. My mind is racing faster and faster. I feel a dark, cold breeze surrounding me and enclosing my thoughts.I can’t breathe.As I gasped for air my Mother came in she said to do my task at midnight as nobody would be awake.Why me?

May 28th 1901

I have finished my task but now I must wait for my Mother to tell me how I did.If I get it right I will be a real devil and rule with them if I fail well... Anyways my heart is pounding and I can’t feel my legs It feels like the world is swallowing
me and I can’t get out. I shall tell you my results later...
I PASSED!Thank the stars. Now I will RULE the realm until we get what is rightfully ours!

May 29th 1901

It’s my first day of tasks now I must start them my list is...
-Start enslaving people
-Make fun of the angels(My favourite)
-Find the rest of the peasant devils
-Make the supper
-Make sure the prisoners haven’t escaped

That’s it for today

May 30th 1901

My Mother and Father said I can have a day off because I did all my first tasks.Every devil gets a day off. I’m just drinking my blood juice eating cookies.Wow I just realised how beautiful the stars are. I’m going to look for constellations...

Found 5 in total really cool but I shan’t be doing this otherwise I must be lectured on how I must not do it which is really boring it takes an hour so no thank you I better get to making the food for supper so farewell.

May 31st 1901
I have finished all of my tasks now I can look at the constellations but first I must lock my door.Done! Now let’s see how many.Hopefully more than I did last time.

8 in total this time! Why do I love this?My frown is going up oh dear I’m sick!I will look at a mirror.Oh no I screamed wait oh yes the walls are sound proof.
I must leave goodbye.

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