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By Isha All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance


"Your beautiful." "No I'm not." "Yes you are." "No I'm ugly and fat." I choke out wiping away tears. "Not in my eyes, your like a fairytale, a dream come true." My eyes soften and I let out a sob. "W-why would you say this?" I cry out, no one ever notices me even when they do they don't say anything as sweet as this. Why is the schools most popular and hottest guy telling me this. "Because I love you." Those three words break my heart, into a tiny million pieces.

Chapter 1

Walking down these halls is a nightmare, everyone staring at you in disgust, pity, or hate.

Which I hate, so yes I admit I’m not the prettiest and I’m fat, but I can’t help that.

So why does everyone have something against me, why can’t they just leave me alone?

I’ve never done anything to them, but like they always say, I’m just a waste of space.

No one’s perfect, everyone has something wrong in their lives, even those who seem like their perfect on the outside.

Why can’t they hate on them or better yet hate on nobody at all?

I slowly trudge my way to my locker, turning the dial and putting the combination in, I take out the books I need and stuff them into my backpack.

Turning around I catch a certain someone’s eyes, Chance, the school’s most hot and most popular guy.

He’s standing around with his regular group of friends. Alec the school’s playboy, Lance the schools sweetheart, Skyler the school’s athlete, Noah the school’s golden boy, and of course Chance the school’s supposed bad boy.

Lance and Noah are cute with their boyish looks and charm while the rest are manly and devilishly sexy. But none of them compare to Chance he’s definitely the best looking.

No one has a chance with him though, he won’t go out with anyone, claiming his heart has already been taken.

I wonder who this mystery girl is, and why won’t he ask her out, is he ashamed of who she is?

I feel sad for whoever it is and wish them the best, they need it.

Sighing I fast walk towards the library, not wanting to get into anybody’s way.

Turning the corner I’m almost there until someone comes running full speed and bumps into me.

The air gets blown out of me and I land on my stomach, which cushions me from my fall.

I hear laughter and groaning, I flip over slowly and see everyone pointing at me their hands over their mouths, laughing.

“Look she fell and her fat cushioned her fall.”

“Did you see her ass, it’s so fat and huge, it’s such a turn off.”

My face turns bright red and I get up, pulling down my shirt and pulling up my jeans.

I run, well try to run away leaving my bag on the ground not caring about it.

Knowing I can’t leave school, otherwise my parents will ground me, I head to my original destination.

Not without catching Chances eyes though. His eyes held pity, guilt, and pain. The things I hate the most, I don’t need anybody’s sympathy, if you want to do something then just leave me alone.

If anyone is seen talking to me unless there laughing or saying something nasty, there social level goes down the drain, they become an outsider, like me.

No one notices you unless you mess up, unlike me, I’m a “popular outsider” everyone notices me all the time, I wish they didn’t it would make my life so much easier.

Once I get inside I head to the classics side and pick out a random book, letting reading take me away. It’s my stress reliever, my paradise, my drug.

I look at the cover and laugh, the book I took out was Swan Lake by Mark Helprin, my all time favorite book.

Yes I share the same name with the main character and no that’s not the reason this is one of my favorites. It’s because ballet intrigues me.

The way the music takes you way the dancers move so beautifully it always takes your breath away. The story behind each ballet is, amazing it makes me cry.

Each year I always go see The Nutcracker and Swan Lake, it’s magnificent and beautiful.

I’ve always wanted to take ballet but me being overweight got in the way and my mother thinks I should do something better with my life.

My mom used to share the same love for ballet with me, her favorite was also Swan Lake, thus she named me Odette.

She even wanted me to take up ballet, encouraging it.

But then her and dad divorced, causing her to stop going to ballets and ending her love for them. That’s where her and dad met, at the ballet Swan Lake to be precise.

Ever since the divorce mom’s been busier and she designs more clothes. Bringing home models who call me names, she doesn’t do anything. She’s a bystander to my bullying.

I always lock myself in my room, of course I still love my mother she did give birth to me, it’s just that she lives my life for me.

She wants me to be a model for her clothing lines, claiming it’s the best.

I hate modeling and anyway she says first I have to lose all my weight she cannot have any fat teens as model, or no one will buy her clothes.

When she said that I locked myself in my room for weeks, only coming out for school, and food making sure my mom wasn’t home and I would cry myself to sleep.

Am I that fat that my mom thinks I’m worthless, what mother says that to her daughter, her only daughter at that?

I open the book and sigh, resting my head on the shelf, turning to page one. I start reading and a ghost of a smile appears on my lips, the book taking me away.

A little while later my eyes fluttered closed and the book falls out of hands, my body falling unconscious.


“Odette, Odette, wake up!” I’m being shaken violently, and someone quietly shouting in my ear. I jolt awake, my eyes meeting the dull grey eyes of the librarian.

“It’s time for drama sweetie.” She says, immediately my mood brightens, it may not seem like it, but drama is my favorite class.

I quickly get up and put Swan Lake away, hoping nobody will check out the book, oh what am I kidding of course nobody will.

I thank her and rush out the library, slapping my forehead I scold myself for leaving my bag in the middle of the hallway.

I head to the deserted hall but I can’t find it, looks like someone took it. Sighing I regret not picking it up, maybe someone put in the lost and found, I’ll stop by later and check.

I jog over to the theater, fortunately I don’t need anything important in my bag for drama. I walk in and see that the teacher isn’t here yet, thankfully. I sit down in my seat and feel like somebody’s watching me.

I look around and see everyone talking to one another, I turn around in my seat, and see Chance look at me suspiciously, what a surprise.

What’s wrong with this guy I mean seriously he’s been staring at me all day long. Is he like a rapist, or serial killer, am I his next victim?

Is that why he hasn’t been dating, and he’s been saying that he has his eyes on someone else, is that someone me?

Who am I kidding of course not, he probably feels sorry for me, I turn back around and ignore his eyes on my back, which is making me rather uncomfortable.

Mrs. Cooper walks in looking excited, which makes me excited. She starts talking and I instantly perk up. “Ok guys, some of you might have heard that the students are picking out the play this year, and that is true.”

Instantly I hear squeals of Romeo and Juliet, but that’s always the play in every single book and besides we did that play last year.

“Now quiet down kids, there are a few guidelines, it must be a classic play, and it cannot I repeat cannot be Romeo and Juliet.”

I hear groans and I squeal internally, and thank her silently, knowing most people would pick the infamous Romeo and Juliet.

Someone passes out a piece of paper and I take one quickly, wanting to be the first.

“Ok write your play on this piece of paper, and this will be the nominations, on the announcements today you will hear me call out the top three and you will vote which one.”

“Good luck and may the best play win.” She cheers, clapping her hands together. I write out Swan Lake in cursive, needing to this play to win, even though I won’t be one of the main actors, I still want this play to be portrayed.

I feel someone looking over my shoulder and looking at my paper, but I don’t cover it up that’s ok they can look, they probably don’t know any classics and the more people who put this down the better the chance there will be for it being in the top three.

I stand up and fold the paper in half, walking over to Mrs. Cooper who has a bag, I drop it in giddy. She smiles at me and I return it, walking back to my seat.

After everyone put their piece of paper in the bag, we watched a play, Romeo and Juliet, sighing I watch it not even paying attention, knowing the plot by heart.




One agonizing hour later the bell rang and it was time for lunch, I went to gather my stuff but realize that it’s not there.

Sighing, which is something I’ve been doing a lot, I wait for everyone to leave and walk towards the lunch room. I see my friends sitting at a booth and walk over. These friends are my fellow outsiders.

I sit down and smile wearily at everyone. They smile at me sadly, we start a conversation.

Again I catch Chances eyes and see him looking at me worriedly, he looks at me then the café.

All my friends know why I don’t eat lunch I haven’t been since the past year and each time Chance gives me worryingly looks, and each time I ignore them.

I feel honored knowing that he thinks about my well being, but to get skinny I’ll just skip a meal and it’s only lunch.

Once lunch is over I go to science and then English, not planning on skipping any more classes.

Because of my little nap I missed two classes.


It’s finally Math the last class of the day and we’re currently reviewing algebra problems, which is my worst subject ever.

“Ok class can anybody tell me the value of x.” Asks Mr. Roberts.

No one raises their hand except Kiana, she’s a math whiz.

“Not just Kiana knows the answer.” He says sighing. His eyes roam around the room and I gulp, he’ll pick his victim.

His eyes land on me. Uh-oh. “Ah Odette why don’t you tell me the answer?” He smiles, his small, evil, beady eyes glinting.

I don’t even know the answer, I open my mouth to shout out a random number, when the bell rings signaling the end of the day.

I’m saved by the bell, literally.

We don’t move because the announcements come on immediately.

I close my mouth and fidget in my seat ready for the announcements.

I blank out on the unimportant stuff and start getting impatient.

The announcements are almost ending, did they not have enough time to count all the papers?

Just as I was about to give up hope, Mrs. Copper starts speaking.

“And the three nominees are, The Nutcracker, A Midsummer’s Night Dream, and Swan Lake.” She says excitedly.

I squeal, happy that Swan Lake was in the top three, A Midsummer’s Night Dream was one of my favorites too, but we all know which one I’m picking out.

“Ok guys take a scrap piece of paper and write down which play you want to do and hand it to me once you leave.” Says Mr. Roberts.

I take out my bag which I mysteriously found left in my locker and rip a piece of paper from my notes.

I sprawl out Swan Lake and grab my bag, handing the piece of paper to Mr. Roberts.

I had a feeling Swan Lake was going to win.

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