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The last thing Sapphire expected after having a disastrous few months, was to fall in love. A love which came unexpectedly but it left a mark which lasted a lifetime. ***** A walk in the dark led to Sapphire being attacked and ultimately being saved by Rafael. A devilishly handsome guy who was the talk of the town. But for all the wrong reasons. Rafael and his friends were out of prison after doing time for a murder. Sapphire’s saviour was a murderer. The one who unexpectedly came and turned her entire world upside down. Through him she found love in many ways, for him, for herself and for life itself. For Rafael there was no one like Sapphire, she lit a fire within him and caused turmoil to his world. The daughter of the sheriff falling for the cruel murderer was something no one saw coming. But there was more to what happened. ------- "Sometimes you fly in love and other times you fall. We've just witnessed the fall but it doesn’t mean we can’t give ourselves the chance to fly"

Romance / Drama
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Hello everyone,

Thank you for choosing to read Lethal, it really means a lot. I hope you enjoy the story.

Just a heads up, the first 3 chapters after the prologue are LONG BUT they are written that way to get the story started so please hang on.

The chapters after that are not as long, I've tried to make them shorter for you guys.

Once again thank you so much for reading Lethal. Let me know what you think.

Enjoy reading!

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