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Mariana, learns of a Cartel that is coming in to the city which is claimed by The Sinners. She has two rules don't mess with her family, and don't fall in love. Both siblings get into trouble and it is up to Mariana to get them out of it. What she doesn't expect is to fall in love on the way to saving her siblings.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter one

“Get out of my office!” That fool how dare he question my decision. He thinks that just because I am a woman, I don’t know how to do my job? How pathetic, I am where I am because I know how to do the job better than most men. Doesn’t he know who I am? “Felicia, go through with the raid, and make sure the newbie learns my rules!”

I can’t believe that moron thought I didn't know how to do what I do best; run my people in the safest way possible. This is my kingdom, I worked my way to the top, killed dangerous people to get where I am. I think he needs a few lessons on how to treat a lady. When will these people learn that I do things the way I want, not the other way around? I will not tolerate the disrespect. He either gets on board quick, or he gets off board whatever comes first.

Felicia and Javier are my right hand troops. They have been since I stepped to thrown and claimed my empire. I changed a lot of things here from the last ring leader. I will not tolerate people undermining me, and thinking they know what is best better than I do. I have to stay cold in order for people to respect me, or they will walk all over me. If people walk all over me than my empire falls, and while I’m still breathing that will not happen.

Before I lead The Sinners, they were dealing in sex trafficking, kidnapping, rape, and drugs. They did a lot of things worse than what we deal in now. I’m proud of what I rebuilt and I will protect my empire. With the things I've seen in my life, some might think I'd be mentally ill, but it's part of my job to turn a blind eye and keep moving forward. The lives lost in this industry do not affect me the same it may affect others. At the end of the day I sleep just fine at night.

Any threat my family may receive is to be reported to me. I handle the situation my way. Depending on the threat that was given to them determines how I handle it. I always say everyone gets a fair shake. You get what you give, and if you go break my number one rule, I sentence you to death. Don't fuck with my family. My family has no ties to my gang, I made sure of that, they stay out of this as much as possible.

My mission is to get ahold of the Mexican cartel. Word on the street is they are dealing in sex trafficking. In my city we have strict rules for other cartels and gangs. Anyone who comes to my city and takes people to be sex slaves, will be dealt with accordingly. I will not subject women, children, and even men to that kind of horror. I have done a lot of not so nice things in my life but, I chose this life. I can handle the collateral damage, not everyone deals with tough things well. People not connected to mafias, gangs, or cartels should get a choice in what happens to their life. I chose to live the way I do; I don’t expect others to make life altering decisions for people who didn’t choose the life we did. Nobody deserves to be brought into anything dealing with gang affiliations unless they choose to come to this life.

“Felicia, get me all the intel you can on our new target, the numbers we are looking at. I have a feeling this one is going to be a big bust for us.” Felecia nodded her head, “Copy boss. Any chance that you think the cartel is taking people from our city?” With a sigh, “I don’t think, I know. The Cartel’s leader Jesus has always been known too not like authority and disregard territories. All I know for sure is that he’s been seen here in Carson City. I will not tolerate him thinking he can take our home.” Felicia looks at me with a quirky look that makes me realize she knows more than she’s telling me. “Felicia quick word about the look I’m getting. Is there any chance that you may know more about this than you are telling me? I thought we had an understanding, we’re in this together. I’d expect any information you have be brought to my attention.” She hesitated for a second, “Mari, I didn’t want to say anything until I was sure about the accusations. I found evidence that your brother is mixed into Jesus’s cartel. Why I don’t know, but every where I dig for information gets more interesting. It looks like he joined them a couple weeks ago. He hands aren't dirty yet, but I think Jesus wants him to prove himself to them soon.”

I can’t believe it, Justin finally kicked on me and switched sides. I knew this was always a possibility but never did I think we would get to this point. He always disagreed with my life choices; told me I was in over my head. I proved him wrong along with all the other mother fuckers who doubted me. “Get me the evidence immediately, might just have to make an appearance at dear old Jesus’ door.”

If Justin is in this to get back at me, fine, I’ll handle all this the way it needs to be done. If they coerced him to go in to theirs, I’ll end all of them in the snap of my fingers. This is why I don’t trust many people. I try to keep my family out of this as much as possible, and then this asshole goes and gets affiliated with the cartel a city over. I'm going to get to the bottom of this one way or the other. Jesus just better pray that Justin joined willingly, and not for


“Kid’s c’mon it’s time to eat!” Mom always made sure we got at least one meal in a week with everyone sitting around the dinner table. Most times it was on a Sunday because that’s the only day everyone in our house didn’t have anything going on. My family is all that I trust.

This was going to be the first time I open up to my family about the things I’ve witnessed walking to and from my school. I was Fifteen and it felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I was about to be the family disappointment. Being the first kid and having two other siblings, I was supposed to be the role model.

My siblings and I walked down the stairs of our four-bedroom house and sat at the table. I took in a breath, palms sweaty as all hell. I was nervous with what I was about to say. Once everyone sat around the table, I looked at everyone and all eyes were on me. “Mariana, what is going on with you? It Looks like you just saw a ghost. Is everything okay with you?” Mom could always tell when something is wrong with me. I was an open book with them. “I need to tell you guys something, and before anyone speaks please let me finish.” My mom and dad knew something was wrong, because their face when ghost white, almost like they knew what I was about to tell everyone.

“I was walking home from school one day, when I noticed a group of kids were following me. They had these weird tattoos that I didn’t know what they meant. I went against all my instinct and stopped because my anxiety was through the roof. That’s when they made their move. They started attacking me, but made sure to stay away from my face, that’s why you guys never knew. One guy tried to rape me. That’s when a kid a couple of years older than me stepped in and stopped everything from happening. I think he saved my life and I can’t thank him because I don’t know who he is.” everyone sat silently waiting to see if I was done, but I couldn’t bear to face anyone. I was already a crying mess, so I got up from the table after asking if I could be excused.

Nobody prepares you for trauma, you learn how to deal with it after. I locked myself in my bedroom hoping everyone would get the hint. But of course, Justin didn’t. I was his big sister and he wanted to see if I was okay. He knocked on my door and told me he was going to come every hour if I didn’t let him in. He was my only back in all of it and he never left, until I joined The Sinners.

That’s when he stopped talking to me, told me I was in over my head. Little did he know one day I would take over the whole empire and become the leader.”

Sitting back in my chair I come up with a plan to not hurt anyone unless deemed necessary during our meeting. I want to come to the bottom of all of this, Jesus broke rule number one; don’t fuck with my family. Justin never seen eye to eye with my decision joining The Sinners, he never understood I never wanted to live in fear again. I needed to become stronger and braver in life. The past leader was crooked but he gave me a second chance at life. People now fear me and don’t usually come into crossfire with me.

I take out my phone and call my mother she’ll probably have the information I need regarding Justin and his situation. The phone rings a couple times before I hear my mother’s sweet voice, “ Hi Mariana, what do I owe the pleasure of this phone call?” “Mom I have a question and I need you to answer honestly, something isn’t adding up. I called because you always know what is going on with your children, even when we don’t say anything and I’m beginning to think you have super powers.” Mom let out her screeching laughter, “Oh honey, I’m your mother, it’s mother’s instinct to know things about your child without them telling you.” “Okay mom, what is Justin’s ties to the Jesus’ cartel?”

Mom’s line went quiet. I could hear the sharp inhale of breath like I found something out I wasn’t supposed to. Mom stays quiet for five minutes, I start to hear silent sobs coming from the other end of the phone; that’s when I knew something was up that I know something that I shouldn’t. I asked again, “Mom, what aren’t you guys telling me?” Mom’s sobs grew louder and the only thing she said is, “I can’t tell you on the phone. I need you to come home to have supper.” She hung the phone up and that’s when I knew something wasn’t right.

I quickly dialed Felicia, “Hey Felicia, I need you to set up the meeting with Jesus tomorrow at four. I have a feeling we are going to need to come prepared to set plans into motion. Come up with a couple plans we will discuss which one we'll use later. I’m going to have dinner with my family to get this resolved.” With that I hung up and got my coat on. It’s time to go and find out who’s getting hurt for fucking with my family.

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