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Chapter 10

“Alonzo,” I called, trying to get his attention. We were currently sitting outside around a little fire at the graduation party that he asked me to come to. Although I wasn’t a fan of the whole party scene, this was much needed after the long ceremony I had to sit through at his school.

“Hey, everything okay?” I look up into my boyfriend’s eyes and I knew I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t take him away when he looks to be having a good time even though I wanted to leave so badly. Although meeting his friends wasn’t so bad, I couldn’t shake away the feeling that something bad was going to happen.

“Yeah, everything’s fine,” I could tell that my response didn’t seem to reassure him much, so I forced a smile, “I was just trying to tell you that I was gonna run to the bathroom.” He stares at me sceptically for a minute. Could he see that I didn’t want to be here?

It’s not like I don’t want him to feel like he can’t enjoy his self, because that’s not the case. I just have this feeling that tonight was going to be a memorable one, and not for the good reasons. Meeting Georgia and Latoya at our favourite spot tainted the idea of it being a peaceful place to eat and hang out again.

Speaking of the devils, things haven’t been the same to say the least ever since they found out about Alonzo and I. The fact that I had a boyfriend and they never suspected it, shocked them to their core. Let’s not forget that Alonzo is way out of my league.

My daily dose of tormentors seem to just disappear. The usual snarky comments in the mornings, the slam in the locker, the lame taunts and jokes, the harassments at classes...they all seem to reduce to mush when Alonzo came into the picture and I don’t like it one bit.

The predictability of their actions and words were off, and as much as I loved my false sense of freedom from the devils, I wasn’t going to get comfortable. Change sometimes was good, but it didn’t mean that I had to live with the thought of the friends I thought were suppose to be there for me, turning their backs on me and joining in on creating my misery.

And everything that involved me brought misery to me and the people around me, and the feeling that one was going to hit tonight didn’t lessen my inner turmoil, but I didn’t want to think about that though. This is Alonzo’s last night to enjoy himself with his friends, maybe I’m just being paranoid.

Come on Lani, I’m sure you can stick it out a little longer...

Warm hands on my cheeks pull me away from my thoughts, “You know, if you want to leave we can, love.” I quickly shake my head at that. I can’t do that. I’ll just ride out the feeling and actually relax myself and get to know his friends a bit more. “No, I want to stay,” Lie, “I’ll be right back.”

I get up from the little camp like fire, and make my way inside the packed house to the bathroom he told me was close by. The minute I step foot inside, the loud music immediately assaults my ears and I can feel the sweat beads running down my neck. People are practically glued together dancing and I wonder if they don’t feel the heat pulsing in the house, because just being in here for a minute had me seating bullets.

I make it to the bathroom and quickly do my business and wash my hands. I look into the mirror to see that my attempt at doing light makeup seems okay, except for the light sheen of sweat on my forehead. I tear off a piece of napkin and clean up my face a bit and hurriedly make my way outside back to Alonzo.

When I make it back to our seats I don’t see him and my stupid heart starts beating a little faster. “Wow, that was quick.” I turn to the voice that said that and saw that it was one of Alonzo’s friends that he introduced me to earlier. I think his name is Tyrone.

“I’ve never seen a girl come back that fast from the bathroom.”

I give him a forced smile and look around the backyard to see if I can find Alonzo. My anxiety must have been obvious, because Tyrone points to the far corner where less people seemed to be, “There he is,” he says with a laugh.

I give him a sheepish smile and sat down, “I’m sorry, I just--”

“Nah, that’s fine. I get it, but you don’t have to be afraid of me. I’m not gonna bite you.” I laugh despite my nervousness and I take a good look at him. The light of the fire allows me to see him more clearly and I notice that his eyes are this pretty, light green colour that goes beautifully with his lengthy, black hair.

“So Kalani, how did you and my buddy meet?”

I smiled when I thought back on it, “We met at a party actually.”

He nods and continues to ask a few questions, which surprisingly, I didn’t mind. He didn’t seem intrusive or nosy, he was genuinely curious and he made me feel comfortable which I liked. I laugh at another one of his jokes and I could tell that he was definitely the one who seems to always joke around.

“So, which college are you going to?” I ask him. He puts his drink down by his chair and leans back in his seat, crossing his legs like some important boss lady, and I had to stifle another laugh at how ridiculous he looked. “I’m going to New York College.” I nod at him and take a sip of my soda.

“Which college are you going off to?”

I shake my head with a small giggle. I was definitely feeling relaxed. “I’m not going to college until next year.” He opens his mouth to say something, but someone beats him to it, “Your Kalnalee, Lonzo’s girlfriend, right?”

I look up to the dark haired beauty standing over me with a fake smile. I mentally prepare myself for the shit I know was going to go down with this chick. She was either a mentally challenged ex who couldn’t get over him, or she was possibly a girl he messed around with before he met me.

The wrong pronunciation of my name, the fake smile and the way she spat the word girlfriend could give anyone the wrong impression.

“What do you want Kayla?” Tyrone seems bothered by her presence and I instantly knew that this chick was going to cause trouble. “Damn Ty, calm down,” she turned her burning gaze to me, “Can’t I get to know the girl?”

I swallowed back my nerves and gave her a forced smile, “Its Kalani, not Kalnalee.” She pouted, giving me an apologetic look when I could see right through her act, knowing she was anything but. “So, Kalnalee,” I lift my eyes to the heavens praying this chick would just walk the fuck away, “I’m surprised you and Alonzo are even together. From what I know, he doesn’t really do fat and black.”

I gasp at her words and I see Tyrone’s jaw hit the floor. “Kayla, that’s enough. Leave now.” The bitch Kayla takes a seat like she was asked to sit and I fought the tears that threaten to spill. I look over to the spot I last saw Alonzo, only to see that he was gone.

“Cat got your tongue?” She laughed and I had the overwhelming urge to throw my drink at her.

Kayla leans forward in her seat, “The truth hurts because that’s exactly what it is, the truth. You think in that brain of yours that Alonzo likes you? He’s going off to college and your gong to be here while he finds someone who really cares about him, and not some black bitch looking for a prize.”

“What the fuck is your problem, Kayla?” Tyrone’s cool, fun demeanor is one of anger as he stands to face off with the witch. I’m not strong enough to put a bitch in her place, and I’m grateful that he took the initiative to stand up for me when he barely knows me. The tears that I’ve been trying to hold back comes full force and I hurriedly wipe them.

“I think she needs to know that she’s--”

“No one cares,” Tyrone says cutting her off, rolling those pretty eyes, “He fucked you and dumped you because you were a bitter bitch. Get over it.”

There was a crowd forming and I internally groaned at the attention. Kayla purses her lips and I could tell that she was seething from the light that the fire was providing close by. “Well there’s a lot you don’t know about little miss whore here that your standing up for.”


“What are you talking about?” Tyrone says looking confused. She sends me a devilish smirk before looking around seeing that we had an audience, “Her sister told me how much she sleeps with the guys at her school for money and how much she bullies the other kids. She also told me that she’s only with Alonzo for his money,” her voice rose in volume with each word, making sure that everyone who was present heard her.

“That’s not true!” I shouted with tears in my eyes. Everyone’s eyes were now on me from my outburst, but strangely, I didn’t shy away from the attention.

“It is true. Your sister is here and she told us everything.” I shook my head. There’s no way that Gia’s here. I made sure to keep anything revolving Alonzo a secret after she saw him. She couldn’t have known about the party unless she knew someone from Alonzo’s school and they told her about it.

Tyrone looks from me to Kayla and then back again. He narrows his eyes on her, “What do you mean she told us?”

Kayla rolls her eyes, “Alonzo and I.”

The minute she said that I was out of my seat. My lungs felt like they didn’t know to function anymore. My breaths were coming out laboured and my mind was racing with a million thoughts. I could hear Tyrone calling for me, but all my mind seem to be saying was find Alonzo, find Alonzo, find Alonzo...

I rush into the house pushing away sweaty bodies and horny teenagers, not stopping to apologise. I was a mad girl on a mission to stop what I couldn’t allow to happen to me again. I couldn’t allow Gia to take away the one thing that brought a smile to my face when ever I thought about him.

I felt someone pull me back from my frantic search, and my eyes instantly lock on Tyrone’s green ones. “Wait, Kalani, calm down. We’re going to find him okay? McNeil said he last saw him upstairs.” My mind instantly thought about the worse.

How did that bitch even know I was going to be here?

Tyrone holds unto my arm tightly as he pulls me through the thick crowd to get to the stairs. The second we make it, I pull my hand away from Tyrone’s grasp and I was taking them two at a time, ignoring my burning calves.

I open each door I see with Tyrone hot on my tail. “I’m sure its nothing, Kalani. I know Alonzo, and I know he loves you from just the way he talks about you. Kayla is just jealous she didn’t get to sink her claws into him.”

I just gave him a barely there smile. I know my ‘sister’ and the damage she could cause. Those lies she told about me was just one step closer to her goal of ripping away something I had that she wanted.

“Who is she anyway?”

Tyrone rolls his eyes, “We all grew up together, and she developed feelings for Alonzo along the way, but he wasn’t feeling the same. She got jealous every time he had a girlfriend and the fact that your sister planted those things in her head just gave her another reason to dislike you.”

If I wasn’t dark skinned, I’m sure my cheeks would be scarlet from shame, “Everything she said wasn’t true. I would never do that to Alonzo, I love him.”

“I know.” He gives me a grin.

We turn down a dark hall way and I swallow my nerves. I open the last door that was completely basked in darkness, and what I saw broke my heart into a million pieces.

There, standing in red and black lingerie, is my whore of a sister tonguing my boyfriend. Alonzo rips his mouth away from her. My horrified gasp alerted them and Alonzo pushes her off so hard, she falls to the floor with a loud humph. I run pass Tyrone not bothering to see the look on his face. My blurry vision didn’t stop me from running like my ass was on fire.

Alonzo thundering footsteps were behind me as he called out my name, but I wasn’t going to stop. Just the image of her lips on his was making my insecurities get the best of me.

The only clear thought that I seem to recognize is the one thing I didn’t want to.

Georgia finally won.

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