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Chapter 11

Present time...

“Come on, I want to go to one more store.” I groaned and reluctantly follow Tatiana to Victoria Secret. We were currently at the mall shopping and just having a girl’s day out. We already had a pedicure, manicure, a massage and we hit a few stores and got some new clothes and I was just about ready to go home.

“Tati, I’m hungry and just about tired and ready to go.” She gives me a smirk before strutting around the ales taking up a red, lacy underwear set on her way. She picks up a few more before handing them to me, “Go try them on.”

I give her a look, “I’m not trying these on.”

She rolls her eyes at me before pushing me in the direction of the dressing room and throwing the underwear at me. “I wanna see your sexy ass in those underwear. Now go.” I scowl at her before turning around to try on the stupid, sexy, lacy beauties that would look so much better on her. I quickly take off my clothes and try on the red, lace ones I saw her grab first.

I walked out of the dressing room and looked in the mirror across from the seats that Tatiana now sat on. “Yes! You are getting this one. No questions asked.” It was a complete lace set, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. I could see my dark, puckered nipples through the thin bra. Although it was a daring set, the red looked great against my smooth, brown skin.

“Okay, go try on the next one.” I laughed at Tatiana’s enthusiasm. I’ve never met a woman who was excited to see me model in underwear before. Then again, Tatiana was a different kind of special.

Once back into the dressing room, I quickly changed out of the red, daring set and tried on the black, strappy one. It was simple, and the straps were mainly in the bra, but I didn’t mind. I felt comfortable and sexy. Tatiana whistled out loud when I walked out. I blushed and fanned her off.

“Damn girl,” she says with her eyes wide. I laughed and spun around, looking at my ass in the mirror. I was never confident enough to do these kind of stuff, let alone pose in such revealing underwear in front of someone. I was hesitant at first, but now I was actually really excited to try on the last one.

I sashayed my way back to the dressing room, and Tatiana being Tatiana, just had to make it out to be one hell of a big deal. “Go friend! Show these hoes what you working with!” By the time I made it back, I was breathless from laughing so hard.

I sobered up and changed, putting on the last set that was there. It was a white, bustier and a barely there thong. The minute I tried it on, I instantly fell in love with it. It was just as revealing as the red set and I was almost scared to walk out the door wearing it. “I don’t think I can come out, Tati!” I called out to her. I hear her kiss her teeth and I shake my head.

“Lani, come on. I wanna see it.” I swallow back my nerves and walked out with my head down. When I heard silence, I looked up and locked eyes with Tatiana’s mischievous looking one’s. I bite my lip staring at myself in the mirror.

Honestly? All three sets made me feel more sexy than I ever felt in a long time, but this one had me thinking that I was the sexiest woman alive. And that shit scared me for some reason.

“Alonzo is gonna get a heart attack when he see’s you in this.” My head whips around so fast I’m surprised I didn’t get a whiplash. “No, he’s not going to see me in this. Ever.” I said firmly. Tatiana sighs and gets up, walking over to me. “Just give him a little more time,” she replied in a soft voice. More time to what? Embarrass me further than he already has?

Ever since Alonzo made his little confession and we shared that kiss, he’s been avoiding me like the plague again, and that was a week ago. I’m tired of chasing so many mixed signals. First he wants me, and now he doesn’t and its making me question if this love is really worth fighting for when it feels one-sided.

I was too embarrassed to tell Tatiana what exactly happened, but she figured it out on her own that things didn’t go as planned with the surprise dinner I cooked for him. I didn’t need to be chasing a guy who clearly doesn’t seem to be sure about what or who he wanted. The whole thing had my conscience in a loop with the word hoe screaming at me.

I love him, but he needs to decide what it is that he wanted. I’m done doing all the chasing.

“You know, the sole reason we came out was to get my mind off the guy.” I shoot her a glare to get my point across. She rolls her eyes at me, giving me a so what? look.

“Yeah, but the topic was gonna be brought up anyway. I don’t think you should give up on him. I mean, if he said he didn’t love her then I’m sure he meant it,” she says with a shrug.

I raised an eyebrow, “Says the person who doesn’t know him.”

She puts her hands on my shoulders staring deeply into my eyes, “You love him, right? Then why not stick it out for him? What if there was something more going on that you don’t know about? You said so.”

I sighed, “Yeah, but can’t he just...” I blink back the tears that I felt coming along, “I just want him to stop giving me so many mixed signals. Its confusing as hell.”

She smiled and gave my bum a pat, “Go change so we can eat. Its time we took this plan to another level.”

“I’m done playing this game,” I said with finality.

She sends a smirk my way, “We’ll see about that.”


“What’s taking them so long? I’ve been sitting here for fifteen minutes.” Tatiana and I have been talking non-stop to pass the time since we ordered our food. I didn’t mind since I didn’t really know much about her, but my stomach has been growling since I sat here.

“Maybe their hands are full. The place is pretty crowded.” I said looking around. And it was true. You couldn’t expect anything less at the mall on a Saturday.

“I don’t care. I’m hungry and I can’t wait any longer. I’m gonna go up there and see what’s up.” She gets up with this fierce look in her eyes, taking the ticket for our food, marching up to the front like a woman on a mission. She obviously doesn’t play around when it comes to her food.

I take my newly bought phone out and started to play Candy Crush to pass the time. While playing, I had a strange feeling that I was being watched, and I hesitantly look up from my game and lock eyes with a man sitting around a table close to mine with his friends. He was handsome to say the least.

Dark, mocha skin, plump, pink lips that was a bit unusual for a dark guy, a low cut with deep waves and a very noticeable shiny, expensive, Rolex watch on his wrist that told me this guy had money. How much? I didn’t know and I didn’t care. The fact that he continued to stare even when he was caught, unnerved me and I quickly looked away.

The feeling of his eyes on me didn’t go away and I tried not to lose concentration on my game, but it was better said than done when it felt like he was burning a hole through the side of my face. I hated when people did that.

A looming presence over me had me looking up again, thinking that it was Tatiana with our food, but it was the man that kept staring at me from across the food court.

“Can I help you?”

I’m not usually this mean to people I meet, but I’m hungry as hell right now and the fact that he was creeping me the fuck out with his staring didn’t have me in the kindest moods. He gestures to the seat that was once occupied by Tatiana and I simply stare back at him.

He chuckles and sits anyway, “I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you are and I had to come speak.” I heard an accent, but I couldn’t pin point where exactly he was from.

“Yeah, I noticed,” I said rolling my eyes.

He grins and I’m sure it was the million dollar smile because the dimples made an appearance. Damn him for being a fine creep...

He licks his lips, “What’s your name, ma?”

I fold my hands leaning back in my chair, “Not interested.” He laughs, showing off his pearly, white teeth and the bottom grill in his mouth. “Aight, I see how you wanna play it,” he says nodding his head. I look away from his deep, brown eyes scanning the damn food court for Tatiana.

“What’s it gonna take for me to get yo digits?” He leans forward placing his hands on the table. This handsome, tall, chocolate, specimen of a man wanted my number, and although the old me would have been moved and busted the numbers already for him, this new and improved Kalani was a sucker for the deep, azure eyes attached to the brooding fool waiting at home.

“Nothing because your not getting them.”

“Is that right? My name’s Deandre by the way.”

I shrugged, “That’s nice.” I didn’t ask for your name buddy.

Its quiet for a while and I reluctantly look back at him to see that he was staring like a creep again. “You really need to stop staring at me.” He gives me a lazy smirk, “Can’t help it if I see something worth looking at ma.” Despite not wanting to, I felt myself blushing at the compliment. Who wouldn’t when you had a fine man looking at you like you were the only woman in the room?

“Where are you from?” I asked him.

“Atlanta.” That explains the accent...

“You from around here?” I nodded and sighed in relief when I saw Tatiana coming this way with our food with a mean mug on her face. I laughed quietly under my breath shaking my head. I just know that something went down with her without even having to ask her. It was written all over her face. Besides, it wouldn’t be Tatiana without something happening.

“I’m gonna fucking kill these people,” she places the food on the table continuing with her rant failing to realize that we had an unwanted guest. “They had our food all along and had the balls to tell me that they forgot about it? These bitches got me fucked up.”

It was then that she noticed the handsome stranger sitting in her seat and her eyes looked just about ready to pop out of her head. They both stare at each other for a long while and I sat there, watching another stare down take place.

“Deandre? What the fuck are you doing here?”

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