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Chapter 13

I blink a couple times to make sure that I was actually seeing Alonzo standing in the parking lot of Papa Peli’s. My eyes rake over his form in his blue suite and as usual, he looks deliciously handsome. This was the man that could make me forget everything with just one look, but the one he was giving me right now was the one he made when he was angry.

What is he doing here?

He motions with his fingers for me to walk over to him and I do so slowly, never breaking our eye contact. I bite my lip when his masculine smell along with his expensive perfume seems to dull my other senses. God, this man should be illegal.

“Get in the car,” he says with his eyes piercing into mine with a look I couldn’t understand. I blink up at him twice to make sure I heard him right. The look on his face confirmed that I did. “I can’t,” I said, pointing at the Papa Peli’s building as if he couldn’t see it, “I have work and I already took my lun--”

He rolls his eyes cutting me off, “I spoke with your manager and told them you no longer work here. I’ll have someone come later to get your things. Now, get in the car.”

My eyes widen at what he just said. Did he just say that he told my manager I quit on my behalf? And they believed him? “You did what?!” I shouted in anger, not caring that the other people in the parking lot are staring. How was I going to save enough money to move out now? Maybe if I rushed back inside and pleaded with them they’ll take me back?

“Kalani,” he said with a sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose. He had the audacity to look as if I was the one being irrational. “I’ll explain everything, just get in the fucking car.” I take in his furrowed brows, dark circles under his sapphire eyes, to his plump lips set in a firm line. He looked tired and frustrated, but that didn’t give him the right to throw a couple dollars and get his way.

“No,” I said with my blood boiling to the part where I wanted to hit him so hard Mrs. Valentine felt it. He stares into my eyes for a while, as if he was searching for something and then he did something I wasn’t expecting him to do.

I gasped as he hoisted me up over his shoulder, “Put me down!”

I kicked and screamed at the top of my lungs for him to let me go, but he just continued to walk as if this was normal. My knee jabbed him in the stomach in my crazy haze for him to put me down and he lets out a grunt, but kept it pushing.

“I swear to God Alonzo, if you don’t put me dow--”


I gasp in horror as I felt the sting of his hand on my butt cheek. Did he just...spank me? That too in public?! My cheeks burn in embarrassment as I notice some of the people littering the parking lot laugh at my expense. It didn’t help that some perverted guy was cheering Alonzo on.

Once we reached his black Audi R8, he puts me down and unlocks the door, “Get in,” his deep voice was hoarse, as if he was in pain and I narrow my eyes at him but got in. I didn’t miss the triumphant smirk on his face as I did. He closes the door and walks over to the driver seat, quickly getting in and pulling off. I look out the window silently seething in my seat.

How dare he take me away from my job and pretend that everything is okay? Then spank me in public like he had the right to? He got me fucked up.

“Who was he?” I roll my eyes not bothering to give him an answer.

His voice grows hard as he speaks again, “Kalani, don’t let me pull this car over and spank the answer out of you.” My head snaps to his so fast, I’m surprised I didn’t pull a muscle. He wouldn’t do that, would he? I search his face to see if he’s lying, but he has his all too familiar blank mask on. What game was he playing at asking me this?

“Why do you care?” I ask. I knew deep inside he felt the way I did, but he was holding back. He didn’t love Georgia, he said so himself, so why was he fighting me and moving on with someone he knew deep within himself he wouldn’t be happy with?

“Who is he to you?” He asks, ignoring my question. I wasn’t use to this kind of aloofness from him. The passive behavior, the hot and cold signs, the vague remarks about his feelings--It was all too much.

What does it matter who Deandre is to me? Doesn’t he know that I only want him? Doesn’t he see that my mind, body and soul crave him to the point where I would do anything just to see a smile on his face? I roll my eyes internally thinking about how oblivious the sexy brute sitting next to me is.

I’ve tried to let these feelings go, but I find myself wanting him more each day. No matter how much my conscience scream at me that it’s wrong, I can’t stop my mind from going into the what if’s. What if I had overcame my insecurities about our relationship and forgave him about what had happened seven years ago, would we have worked out? What if I didn’t leave Texas and stayed for college here? Would I have been the one to wear that shiny engagement ring on my step-sister’s finger?

I turn to look back out the window not wanting to dwell on the topic anymore, “He’s a friend,” I said, finally giving him the answer that he wanted.

I see him nod in my peripheral vison and we stayed quiet for the rest of the ride.


When I saw us pulling up to the airport, I couldn’t keep up my childish front of giving him the silent treatment. “Why are we here?” He ignores me, stepping out the car and I follow suit. A man dressed in all back walk up to us and greets Alonzo. They shake hands and the man ask us to follow him.

He leads us through the back of the building through the Staff Only door and we walk alongside the runway for the planes. We come up to this large building with multiple security details standing right out the door. What the hell is going on?

They follow us inside the building and I realize that we’re in a private hanger when I see this huge, sleek black jet with gold streaks with the name Valentine written on the side proudly.

I look up to Alonzo wide eyed. As much as I wanted to be mad at the Adonis, I couldn’t stop myself from being a little excited. I grab his hand cheesin’ hella hard, “Where are we going?” He laughs at my enthusiasm and winks at me not saying a thing.

I find myself pouting and I watch his gaze drops to my lips. I suck in a breath as he pulls me to his chest and tilts my head back and my skin burns in anticipation of his plump lips on mine. The last time I felt his lips was the day I cooked for him, and that little snippet had me craving for more.

He brushes his lips against mine and I close my eyes waiting to feel the fireworks exploding in my stomach. He licks my bottom lip and I whimper, “Alonzo, please.” I hated begging him, even for a kiss, but dammnit, I wanted him to kiss me like he was a man starved instead of the teasing.

“Mr. Valentine, we’re ready for you.”

I groan out loud and blushed when Alonzo chuckles. He nods at the man who so rudely interrupted and turns to me, giving me a sexy as sin smile. I stare at his smile transfixed. Why does he have to be so irresistible? I shouldn’t be here with him right now. I should be putting my foot down on the stunt he pulled, but here I am, being a desperate hoe for a kiss.

Alonzo stares at me for a minute with such an intensity, I find myself feeling shy. He grins and leans down, planting a light kiss on my lips. “Come on, love. We have plenty of time on the jet,” he said, taking my hands in his.

I follow him to the steps feeling like a million bucks, but then the attendant said something that soured my whole mood, “Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Valentine. Right this way.” It was like a slap to the face. The image of him and Gia married with big smiles on their faces was on a constant repeat in my head and it was making me sick.

I let go of Alonzo’s hand as if he burned me and hurriedly walk behind the blonde haired woman. I didn’t want to have a reminder of what I didn’t have. Alonzo’s confusing as hell signals was making my head hurt to the point where I wanted to just let this whole thing go, but I couldn’t. He was so hot and cold, it was like trying to read through a brick wall.

“Kalani,” Alonzo calls out to me, holding unto my forearm, stopping me from moving any further. “I’ll explain everything in due time, just trust me.”

I stare in to his beautiful eyes seeing the sincerity in them, but the thought of him and Gia together just makes me so angry. Was he running away form her? Did he really see a future with us together? Did he even feel the same?

“Stop.” Alonzo gently takes hold of my chin and tilts it back, making me look up into his eyes, “You need to stop overthinking everything. Things are a mess right now and I know I have a lot of explaining to do and that’s why I took you away. I didn’t want anyone influencing your decision.”

What was that supposed to mean?

He saw the look on my face and chuckled, “In due time, love.” The pilots voice rings throughout the jet, telling us to take our seats. I sighed disappointed when I didn’t hear him mention our destination.

Guess I’ll just have to find out when I get there.

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