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Chapter 14

I wake up feeling drowsy and like my head weighed a ton. The soft bed did nothing to ease the feeling that my head is being hammered in. I groan while slowly sitting up, taking in the luxurious room and deducted that I was no longer on the plane. Where am I?

My eyes travel over the huge plasma TV mounted on the wall to the large, white louvered windows that spills the sun rays into the room. My eyes widen and I get up out of the bed as quick as my pounding head would allow me, heading straight for the large terrace by the bed. When I open the door, I’m instantly captivated by the beautiful view of a beach. The sun rays casts a breathtaking glow over the bluest waters I’ve ever seen of the tropical beach and I wonder briefly if I was on some island.

I tear my gaze away from the beautiful view to take in my surroundings. The terrace was furnished with double hummocks and sunbeds with colorful flowers of all kinds placed all around. There’s a huge swimming pool just outside the just begging me to take a dip. I walk back into the bedroom wondering where Alonzo could be and head out to what looks to be the living room area.

The large living room gives me a perfect view of the stunning beach and I instantly started thinking of where I could possibly be to have such a beautiful view. The wooden floor was a chorus of browns that snug together that made me feel like I was at home. The rough-cut, wooden walls were bare, except for the small paintings of an island I couldn’t quite place. There was a mahogany desk filled with flowers and small picture frames that said ‘Welcome’ that noticeably made the room brighter.

I walk through an archway that led to the kitchen, and gasped at the beauty of it all. The stormy grey tiled island, dark brown cabinets and modern appliances was a big contrast to the living room and bedroom.

Where in the world did Alonzo take me? Somewhere in the Caribbean maybe?

A knock on the door startles me, and I timidly walk out the kitchen staring at the front door. Like hell I’m going to open the door when I don’t know where I am and who's out there. The person knocks again, but this time they made their intentions clear, “Room service!” There’s a unmistakable accent and I furrow my brows, walking over to open the door.

A tall brunette beams at me with a trolley filled with what I’ll assume is food in front of her. She motions for me to open the door wider for her to come in, and I do. I watch as she pushes the trolley inside, her smile never leaving her face and the random thought of her cheeks hurting pops into my head.

“You can leave it right there,” I said when I see her rolling it deeper into the room. She stops and turns to me with a bow carrying a ring of flowers I didn’t notice she had. She walks over to me placing it over my head with another bow, “Welcome.” The mysterious brunette turns to leave but I call her back just before she does.

“Could you tell me where exactly am I?”

The woman brows furrows as she gives me a look of confusion before answering, “Your in Bora Bora, ma’am.”


After eating the delicious food earlier and taking a much needed shower, I decided to explore a little. As beautiful as the little house/hut seems to be, I didn’t want to be cooped up in there the whole day when Alonzo was no where to be found. Speaking of the devil, he seemed to think of everything because despite me not bringing any clothes with me, I was surprised to find clothes in the wooden closet that were in my size. Sometimes the audacity of the man scares me.

Our designated room is right on the beach so the minute I walked out, I was taking a stroll on the beautiful beach of Bora Bora. I shake my head chuckling a little under my breath. I can’t believe this man brought me to Bora Bora. It’s one of the places I always told him I wanted to go and he remembered.

I sigh taking my shoes off, feeling the white sands caress my toes. I close my eyes and look up into the bright sun shining down on me, feeling contented. This moment would be so much better with Alonzo with me. Holding his hand while staring into those bright, baby blues. His smile would bewitch me, taking me in it’s hold, and drown me in an abyss that was all him.

Closing my eyes, walking on a beach full of people maybe wasn’t the brightest idea, because the next thing I know, I’m sitting on my ass on the sand.

“Are you okay?”

I look up, and was met by curious dark eyes staring back at me. His dark hair blows in the wind and his muscular body tells me this guy spends most, if not all his time working out and getting that perfect tan. He smiles, his perfect, white teeth twinkling down at me. “Here, take my hand,” his deep voice is as smooth as silk and I blink up at him transfixed.

Another Adonis...Jesus.

I take the stranger’s outstretched hand and he pulls me up with ease. He rubs the back of his neck and I watch distracted as the muscles in his biceps flex. “Sorry about that. I wasn’t looking where I was going,” he says with a sheepish look on his face.

“N-No it’s fine. It was my fault.” I said nervously.

He grins, holding out his hand again, “I’m Max.” I smile shaking his hand, “Kalani.” He was about to say something, but we both turn when we hear someone calling his name. “I have to go, but it was nice meeting you Kalani.” He runs off to the direction his name was being called and I stare at the muscles in his back.

A looming shadow behind me breaks me out of my trance and I turn around to be met by stormy sapphires looking back at me. I smile up at Alonzo hoping we could actually enjoy the beach together, but when he didn’t smile back, the thought quickly left my mind. That’s when I noticed the tick in his jaw. Is he angry at me?

“Let’s go. We need to talk.” He turns without another word down the way I came, and I struggle to keep up with his long legs. “Is everything okay?” The worry in my voice must have been obvious because he stops and turns around to face me, the storm in his eyes softening. “I’ll explain everything when we get back to our room.” I nod, deciding to leave the conversation at that.

When we make it back to our little hut, I’m immediately in Alonzo’s warm embrace and surrounded by his intoxicating smell. I let him hug me for a moment or two before pulling away. His bipolar behavior was seriously giving me a headache. I didn’t know what to think or what to do when it came to him anymore.

“Alonzo, I need to know what’s going on. This run around with you has been nothing but stressful.” I said a bit exasperated, “Why did you bring me here? What was so important that you had to bring me out of the country?”

He sighs, sitting on the couch and I take in his hunched form, devilish hair with dark circles under his eyes. What had him so stressed?

“Kalani, I brought you here because I need your help.”

I walk over to the couch and stand in front of him with my hands on my hips. “You couldn’t tell me this in Texas?” I raise an eyebrow at him and he looks up at me with a dark look in his eyes. “Too many ears around for such confidential talk. I needed to get us out of the country where I knew we wouldn’t be watched, at least, not for a while.”

I look at him confusedly with my mind running a mile a minute. Okay, things are starting to sound a bit more scary now that he put it that way.

“Why?” I asked.

His dark gaze leaves mine and I watch his jaw tick again, “Your sister has been stealing from my company for a while now with the help of someone. This anonymous person gave her the money to buy her way in, and ever since then things just went down hill from there. I don’t have enough evidence to get her in prison and even if I did, I don’t know who is helping her.”

All the breath seems to leave my lungs at what I just heard. Georgia’s been stealing from Alonzo this whole time? But why is he playing lovey-dovey with her and still wants to go through with the marriage after knowing this? That doesn’t add up.

“But I don’t understand why your still going through with the marriage and how I can help you?” Why did he think that I would be able to find out more about his company and Georgia? Doesn’t he know that we can’t stand each other? I can’t even suppress the anger I have for that woman anytime we’re in the same room, so how did he expect me to find shit?

“I hired a private investigator but she saw that coming and dodged. I started dating her in hopes of getting closer to her to find the evidence I needed, but things didn’t play out like I planned,” his voice sounded strained and tense, like what he was about to say pained him. “I had to make our relationship believable so I played the part of a fool in love for a few months without a solid break. When she started throwing hints about marriage, I knew I had to play my part if I didn’t want her suspecting anything so I proposed.”

I blink down at Alonzo absolutely lost for words. All this time I thought that he was undecided about what he wanted. That he genuinely cared for the she-devil even though he feels that pulsing energy that seems to surround us whenever we’re in contact with each other. To say I’m relived would be a huge ass understatement.

“So the wedding is fake? Your not really going to marry her?” I didn’t care that I sounded desperate to hear his reply. All I want to know is that this isn’t real and I won’t have to feel the burning pressure of breaking off a marriage. Thinking about it now, that plan was dead as soon as it started.


Those damn alluring, azure eyes lock on mine in its intensity and my heart swells with relief. To finally get the reassurance I need to move on, to let go and to start fresh is just what I need. Suddenly, my head doesn’t seem to feel like its being hammered-in anymore.

Before I could question him more on the subject, his large hands reaches out and grabs me, pulling me down on his lap. A gasp leaves my lips and I clutch onto his shoulders as he turns me to straddle his lap. I stare into his feeling like the weight of the world was finally off my shoulders. His ever impassive face that I’ve somewhat come used to doesn’t give anything away, and the sudden urge to know if everything we shared these past months was real, was making me build up a sweat.

“Did you mean everything you said to me before? Was it all real?” I ask a little scared to know the answer, but his next words leaves me breathless and my heart feeling ready to explode.

“Lani its you. Its always been you.”

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